Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? Fukushima? EURDEP/Nullschool DATA + (Some Nuclear Occult Links)

Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – Friday April 22, 2016

This is long post, packed with radiation data graphs from all over Europe to add broader context to the early March 2016 Cs-137 Helsinki spikes, which lead to me think that the Cs-137 spike may have been explained away as a purely local event IN ERROR.  Possibly even intentionally so, to distract from something much more serious.   (And then after all that data and pondering, I’ll “ruin it all” by dipping into very non-conventional-scientific “occult waters”…  hehe.)

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NOTICE:  This an amateur “one academic-credentials-less laptop-wielding mountain-man-show” volunteer service only.  Even if it appears differently, I do not claim to know the truth.  I offer the following public (and often officially unvalidated) data, as well as personal reflections, to further society towards greater understanding of facts, as well as to promote transparency and honesty.


Home.  ;-)   Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All allegations, interpretations and speculations are my own.  Even though they may be spot-on correct, they could also be delusional and/or in error somehow.  If you are in a position of relevant institutional power, I merely request that you assess the provided in earnest and do everything in your power to respond to the apparent “disturbance in the force” appropriately: skillfully, compassionately and ethically.

– Go HERE for my full disclaimer and ‘do not share’ policy.

Key Background:  In the beginning of March 2016, I posted:

This blogpost elaborates on those.  It often takes awhile before radioisotope-specific data to become available, so I patiently waited to give the peculiar data of early March 2016 a new look.   If you haven’t yet, I recommend you read these two blogposts listed above (and much more if you feel like it, as found in my chronological Nuclear Blog Posts Archive) before proceeding, as those provide the context for this post.

This overview is just a sampling of data that made me go, “Hm…”.

See…, for anyone who doesn’t ‘monitor the monitors”, this all might seem isolated and easy to dismiss with a “local Helsinki finding”, but the fact remains: since summer 2015, data gaps and record-breaking radiation spikes all over the Northern Hemisphere have become increasingly common.   Something’s up.  I still feel that way.  I still think this deserves far greater investigation.

With all I’ve looked at, I can’t rule out… well, can’t rule out much yet at all, unfortunately…:  Nor that there has been some covered-up recent nuclear meltdown somewhere (the completely media-ignored and far more significant detection of Ruthenium-103 in Norway in January 2016 was perhaps “a hint”, I’d say [data on that repeated and expanded upon also in this post]), nor can I rule out (in relation to the Cs-137 and gamma spikes in early March 2016) some far more significant nuclear waste leak (the lack of detections of other radioisotopes besides Cs-137 @ Helsinki point in that direction), neither that Fukushima’s 2011-2012 massive radioactive plumes reached the upper atmosphere are just now making their way down to ground-monitor-levels…  Or, most likely, in my opinion, a combination of “all of the above”…     Anyhow…  Just check it out.   Please comment if you have something potentially helpful to contribute.

DISCLAIMER:  Much of the data I display has not even been ‘validated’ by the authorities that supplied the data.  I’m a volunteer amateur, not an official expert.  Check with the experts for a possibly different viewpoint.   Read my full DISCLAIMER.

You can verify all data provided yourself via the data exchange platform of the European Commission (EURDEP –> Advanced Map –> Disclaimer –> then toy around with the settings).  That one and other online radiation monitors are all listed @ Online Radiation Monitors.  (I also have a page to help with radioactivity-related scientific units and conversions.)

Starting out with some Cs-137 data sampling locations:


Starting with Finland…  (some data shared before will be repeated) There was the Cs-137 spike @ Helsinki that got tons of media attention, also covered in aforementioned blogposts:

Helsinki_Cs137_Spike_EarlyMarch2016While the explanation (a nuclear waste leak in the building, which the monitoring agency shares with a waste processing company), albeit bizarre, sounded convincing, it only did so because some “details” were not explained, nor even mentioned.  For instance, there wasn’t just “a very-local spike of Cs-137” at the monitor in Helsinki, it also just happened to be the case, not mentioned in any media outlet outside this blog that I know of, that  (See post, March 15, 2016) the highest Cs-137 was also measured (since May 2011 ! ) @ Ivalo, in Far-Northern Finland that same week…  Very likely way too far away to have been caused by the same leak in that Helsinki building:

ivalo_11The Berylium-7 uptick preceding it (coinciding with the sample time the Cs-137 spike occured in Helsinki) suggests the Cs-137 might have been delivered from much higher up in the atmosphere.  Further down in this blog post, I share wind maps that add weight to this possibilty.

Here’s the past year of Cs-137 @ Helsinki ( 4 x 3months per line, shown in 2 blocks) to put the spike in a larger time context first (before I expand it to a larger geographical context):

In spring and early summer, the minor upticks are almost certainly related to the Chernobyl forest fires, which re-released Cs-137 and various other radioisotopes as part of the smoke from the burning area:

Helsinki_A Helsinki_B -> That spike just prior to October 11, 2015, the highest in years for that monitor, (mentioned in (Nov. 8, 2015) “Another Round of Looking into Recent Radiological Disturbaces, and other reports linked from there) was never explained by any authorities.  That one included detections of Ac-227, Mn-54, and a few other rare detections, including Cesium-134, which suggests relatively recent fission.   The very strange detection ánd concentration of Cobalt-60 (same magnitude as the Cs-134!) was strikingly reminiscent to some significance-hushed data about the ongoing Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe in Japan.  !!!-> Why I make that connection is explained in (Jan. 26, 2016), “Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?“;

Excerpt of zoom-in on October 2015 data:

Helsinki_Oct2015_weirdnessHelsinki Cs-137 year data continued:

Helsinki_C Helsinki_D

-> upticks in January 2016, a quiet month with daily testing, then the infamous spike, after which testing has been just weekly…  Decontamination has clearly not been completely succesful yet.

Finland, next monitor over to the east (so NOT downwind at the time of the Helsinki spike!), also on the Finland’s southern coast, @ KOTKA, here showing the past half year:

Kotka-Suomi_End2015_Cs137_Be7Kotka-Suomi_last3mo_Cs137_Be7–> During two sampling periods covering much of Jan. 15 – Jan. 25, 2016, we see  slightly elevated measurements of Cs-137.  This is the exact same period that Ruthenium-103 was detected just outside Oslo in Southern Norway, an extremely significant indicator of recent fission, previously only detected shortly after the Fukushima-Daiichi accident began.  The second time we see an uptick of Cs-137 is around March 13, 2016, just a week after the spike observed in Helsinki.  And then, as if all monitoring sites were just a contaminated by the “garage leak”, they quit monitoring for a couple weeks…

Obviously I subscribe to a different logic than the radiation monitoring authorities, ’cause… if I were in the region, such as right across the Strait of Finland, to the south of Finland, in Estonia… I would do additional tests to see if there’s any evidence that it wasn’t just a local leak.   @ Harku, Estonia, for instance , showing (below) both Cs-137 alongside Be-7, for the past 3 months:

HarkuEstonia_Cs137_Be7_Jan_April2016-> Don’t you think that’s strange?  There’s a Cesium-137 spike in Helsinki, the highest measurement since Chernobyl in 1986, and the Estonian radiation monitoring agency simply quits reporting data completely… on March 6, 2016… (so far, as accessed on April 20, 2016), and interestingly Be-7 showed a slight uptick right then before the data freeze.

And it’s not like the gamma record wasn’t showing some “encouragement to test” either…


In past I’ve documented (example: I-131 upticks correlating with Be-7 upticks, included in (June 9, 2015) Radiological Emergency – Northern Hemisphere – RED ALERT !), an uptick in Be-7  is also often followed by an uptick in radioCesium, possibly because both come from higher up in the atmosphere, Be-7 by cosmogenic origin, and Cs-137 as descending long-term nuclear micro-dust fallout.

Even further south… and completely not downwind from Helsinki at that time, no matter which wind layer you look at:   Czech Republic

If you look for Cs-134 1-month data on EURDEP, you almost always get just 1 monitor, @ HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ – PILETICE in Czech Republic.   Every now and then the one @ ÚSTÍ NAD LABEM – HABROVICE shows detections of Cs-134 too.  That latter one is shown here, below, showing 9 months of data for both Cs-137 and Cs-134 (3 months pasted together per line, with the graph shifting to just Cs-137 when no Cs-134 was detected, or that data was redacted:

UstiNadLabemHabrovice_CzechRepublic_Cs134_137_Jul.Oct2015_1-> We see here a signifcant uptick of Cs-137 in early October when the major disturbances began, coinciding with the minor spiking seen in Helsinki (shown above) as well.  Things shifted into ‘weird’ territory in that following month.  I’m bringing this up, because it is possible that some detections, peeking through the data gaps,  are related.   I noticed the weirdness back then and wrote these blog posts:



-> Strangely, after Oct. 25, 2015, a week period marked with major spikes and data gaps all over Europe, detections (or reporting…) of Cs-134 simply stops -(“poof! done with that until further orders…”)-.  Cs-137 returns to “nuclear era background levels”…

To refresh my memory, the exact timing of when that “merely a leak in some nuclear waste stored in the same garage” shared with the official Finnish radiation monitoring agency (STUK) occured… was in the sampling period, March 5-6, 2016 (as shown in the top graph)

See, then the Helsinki news broke.  If all the various official oversight agencies had integrity, or at the very least shared appropriate curiosity, they would all do additional tests to help get to the bottom of it.  Right?  Or at the very least stick to their schedules of regular testing.    Instead of extra testing… again, here, all the way south in Czech Republic, as well: a gaping hole in the record:


UstiNadLabemHabrovice_CzechRepublic_Cs134_137_Jan2016_Apr2016_3-> I find that “a little odd”…

And why would Nicosia, Cyprus‘ radioisotope-specific monitor (with what looks like an erroneous y-axis somehow) be turned off as well, all the way down south in the eastern Mediterranean?

Nicosia_Cs137_2mo Was troubling data redacted?   Were there massive spikes all over Europe perhaps, that if we were allowed to see them, the whole “leak in our Helsinki garage” story would fall apart?  Just wondering.  The timing of all these data gaps is just a bit suspicious.

This rather disgusting behavior of oversight agencies appears to be standard, though.  After the Ru-103 detection in Norway, they too, right as it would make sense to do MORE testing, they skipped a couple tests…: SOLA, Norway on the southern Norwegian coast:

SOla_Norway_3month_early 2016

And then, of course, there’s the Gamma radiation record.  Taking a second look at the data in (March 19, 2016) A Look at a EURDEP Oddity in Lithuania shows that all thát weirdness… also happened around the same time.

To repeat some excerpts from that post, one gamma radiation monitor, closest to Lithuania’s very unpopular but planned ‘Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant’ lit up.  Interestingly (also NOT DOWNWIND from Helsinki at that time, @ March 7, 2016 there’s a sudden shift in the otherwise very tranquil data:   the measurements, eventhough the dose rate remains relatively tiny, show upticks nearing double normal background, with increasing data gaps shortly after, followed by a very long data gap by March 10, 2016:


When data flow returns a week later, the monitor is showing astronomical readings just above 1,400 µSv/hr, then drops to zero and remains in what looks like a malfunction mode:


To echo what I said back then: “Was there a significant radioactive cloud and a hot particle messed up proper measurement?”

Many more monitors showed correlating disturbances as well:


How about this odd graph from Bulgaria…   If this, below, is related, then it would place the origin of the Finnish detections far outside the Baltic region…:







After a very long data gap, there was a gamma spike at Hallandsvadero, Sweden right then, same early week of March 2016 again as well:


All of this leaves me wondering if the “Helsinki garage leak” story was concocted to cover up, and especially to distract from something far more serious.

Too far-fetched?  Maybe.  Yet… Given my impression that the nuclear industry as a whole operates akin to a sinister & multi-layered organized crime cartel (for real – from rampant human rights abuses surrounding Uranium mining, military interventions to secure those interests, the corrupted nuclear-scientific research grants process, electric power & weapons’ production, the waste processing & disposal politics, all the way down to the non-proliferation circus (which is obviously a deceptive scam, if even ISIL-like ánd terrorism-sponsoring dictatorships like Saudi Arabia got their hands on nuclear weapons…), as well as the (by now well-established, right?) RIGGED environmental monitoring, etc.), as far as I’m concerned it cannot even be ruled out that “the Helsinki garage leak” was intentionally created precisely to distract from what might otherwise have come to light. 

Yup, I know, that’s “a feat in conspiratorial thinking”, if you will, but when I reflect upon the madness of massive nuclear fission reactors built on fault lines and such, there’s a lot of room for scenarios that also easily qualify as ‘insane’, if you know what I mean.  It’s not because it’s far-fetched that it’s not possible.  That is especially true for anything related to the nuclear industry and the larger military-industrial complex as a whole.

(Then again, what do I know, as ‘THEY’ can even knock down THREE steel-reinforced skyscrapers perfectly onto their footprint with just TWO planes; with the 3rd announced as a fait accompli before it even happened, and their elected accomplices ‘somehow’ escape arrest, and even manage to get (re-)elected…   Amazing…  But I digress…)

So… Anyhow… Here’s my thinking:  It’s not impossible that many of the disturbances seen on monitors since late September 2015 are related to a shared leaking source somewhere.  The lack of radioisotope-specific monitoring, as well as its suspiciously timed interruptions, is the main reason solving this puzzle is extremely challenging.  I probably can’t do this one by myself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  (Please provide a link in comments with your analysis if you got some better leads than what I’ve come up with so far!)   Part of the complexity is this:  there have been SEVERAL distinct radiological events, obviously not natural, within this past half-year period that make the puzzle rather chaotic.  The Helsinki Cs-137 spike is only one such event.  It could be isolated, but the timing is so strongly correlating with events both downwind as upwind that I have a hard time accepting that just because the mainstream media made it sound acceptable, that we got to full scoop on what really happened. (Why no photos of the leaking waste packages or barrels?  How did they rupture?  How long had the waste been there?  What changed for it to suddenly start leaking? How come the waste company didn’t notice it themselves?  Who had handled the waste?  Is there surveillance footage of the waste storage area from the 24 hours prior to the leak?  And so on.  NONE of that was shared with the media.)

In the above I merely made a case for that event (time-wise) fitting into a pattern that extends far outside the Helsinki neighborhood.

Another landmark event, also shown and linked to above, was the early October 2015 spike, particularly because of the detected radioisotopes were of such a strange mixture that waste, medical and resource exploitation origins can be ruled out (leaving only a leaking ACTIVE fission reactor “somewhere” as the #1 suspect…).  Same goes for the Ru-103 detection at the Norwegian monitor NO3001 @ Asterias, outside of Oslo.   The complete absence of media attention on that one is in and of itself ‘interesting’ as well. 

So… here’s 3 months of radioisotope-specific data from that monitor in the region of Akershus, outside of Oslo, Norway (with the 2nd graph switching from Be-7 to Ru-103 to Be-7, to keep the Cs-137 graph comparable and because there’s been no Ru-103 data since 2011 anyhow:

Asteraes_Norway_3mo-> There obviously was a major release from a fissioning reactor, as evidenced by the Ru-103 detection.  The Cs-137 uptick in Helsinki (and curious data gaps, etc.) 5-6 weeks later could only be related if the accident occurred véry far away, I think.  Of course the most telling “detail” about this graph is the same as in the now countless of examples documented over the years:  rights as you would expect additional testing because something off-the-charts unusual was just measured (a spike in Ruthenium-103 is certainly such an event!), and instead: a data gap follows…   I find that suspiciously ‘negligent’, to say the least.

Back to March 2016…

Some more Gamma data locations shared further below:


When I browse through the Gamma record’s Standard Deviation day by day, just a few days after “the Helsinki garage leak”, there’s a rather odd amount of data redaction, as well as “forced-down-to-zero” data events:

West Coast of Norway:

 NO2028 - KAUTOKEINO_3months_preMarch29_2016_gamma


Hitra_Norsk_3months_preMarch29_2016_gammaa “glitch dot” spike on the coast of Northern France:

NorthWesternCoastalFrance_PAOKRS924MA_&6_SIT_GM_LaFrance_3months_preMarch29_2016_gammaAlps of Northern Italy:

JRCstation5_NorthernItaly_Alps_3months_preMarch29_2016_gammaEven Belgium saw some minor disturbances, a data gap and data-forced-down-to-zero examples:

Pecq_Belgium_3months_preMarch29_2016_gammaNow, I could keep expanding, and fill this blog post to the brim with data from much further away as well…   (I’m not going to be able to figure out where it came from, but here’s a clue it didn’t even come from Europe:)

The closest monitor to me, Colorado Springs  (Colorado, USA), for instance, shows a data gap during the very same period as well.  How about that?  Completely different network, several thousand kilometers “upwind” (when looking at the jet stream)… What a coincidence [sarc.]…   Peculiar, no?

ColoradoSprings_endFebEarlyMarch_2016Gammas_USepaRadnetIf this data gap is hiding a major radiation spike and this spike is related to the spiking that occurred days later in Europe (which interestingly fits with my long-standing hypothesis that radioactive clouds are often being delivered to the US and Europe by the jet stream…), then the origin lies even further upwind, west of Colorado…


The wind made landfall over Oregon.  Often higher-up fallout doesn’t reach the ground until further inland, due to geographical obstacles contributing to air layers mixing more.  West of North America then, I guess…

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:02:0300Z:wind:isobaric:500hPa:orthographic=-171.13,42.12,512Where-oh-where might it have come from…?   Fukushima, Japan?   North Korea?  I don’t know…  Just noting that the jet stream blew precisely over that region prior to reaching Colorado, and that the Colorado Springs monitor was situated in a relative jet-stream-slow-down-zone during much of the data gap.

Anyways…  I might return to this some other time, but first a look at European wind patterns between March 4 and March 10:

Nullschool Wind Maps (annotations added):


  • March 4, 2016 @ 12:00 noon UTC

@ 850 hPa (just a bit above the surface, still far below jet stream level), made me wonder if any of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants might have played a role again… (as a leak there could have swirled around to hit monitors in Bulgaria, as well as gone north to reach Finland):

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:04:1200Z:wind:isobaric:850hPa:orthographic=0.02,59.89,512@ 250 hPa (jet stream level)… the Ukraine is simply included in the fan-out of the jet stream, so perhaps that’s a bigger clue.  Let’s see how the wind proceeds the next few days…


  • March 5, 2016 @ 12:00 noon UTC

@ 850 hPa (just a bit above the surface, still far below jet stream level), the wind patterns are chaotic and it’s not apparent how locations not clearly connected by surface winds could somehow have radiological disturbances around roughly the same times (circled here are spots in Finland, Northern Italy and Bulgaria).  The idea that maybe it came from the Ukraine falls apart quickly…

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:05:1200Z:wind:isobaric:850hPa:orthographic=0.02,59.89,512@ 250 hPa (jet stream level), however, there appears to some common ground in a relatively narrow band of jet stream air that arrived from across the Atlantic, fanning out across the European continent…:


[If you ever wonder why the most southern monitor in Greenland, as well as all 4 monitors in Iceland, remain turned off (apparently indefinitely), those 5 used to the most useful to help determine if a radioactive cloud came from across the Atlantic…  Anyhow…]

  • March 6, 2016 @ 12:00 noon UTC

@ 850 hPa (just a bit above the surface, still far below jet stream level):


One of the most interesting details in the wind patterns is that right then on March 6, when the disturbances begin to show their ugly head in the Baltics, and coinciding with the (oh-so-strangely-coincidental “Helsinki garage leak”…), @ 250 hPa (jet stream level): http://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/03/06/1200Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=0.02,59.89,512, a very pronounced slow zone in the jet stream is apparent, precisely over Southern Finland and Estonia (the latter which, as shown above, shuts its radioisotope-specific monitoring network off right then…):

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:06:1200Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=0.02,59.89,512-> Even the data gaps in Nicosia, Cyprus might find an explanation by looking into the jet stream.  And why nothing was detected in Spitzbergen (Arctic Norway) fits the hypothesis as well, as thát slow-down zone is not being fed by the jet stream directly.

By March 7 is when we start seeing the disturbances in Latvia and Lithuania…

  • March 7, 2016 @ 12:00 noon UTC

interestingly again, @ 850 hPa (just a bit above the surface, still far below jet stream level), we see little wind in that area:

earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:07:1200Z:wind:isobaric:850hPa:orthographic=0.02,59.89,512ánd it is one of the areas being fed relatively directly by the meandering jet stream

@ 250 hPa (jet stream level), we see that the slow-down over Helsinki is gone, but there’s now a slow-down over Northern Finland (corresponding with the highest detection since 2011 of Cs-137 @ Ivalo…), a major slow down over southern Sweden, which saw an odd spike.  The weirdness further south in the Baltics, as well as in Poland, Czech Republic, etc., all fits with the jet stream patterns:

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:07:1200Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=0.02,59.89,512Just skipping annotations for a few days…

  • March 8, 2016 @ 12:00 noon UTC

@ 850 hPa (just a bit above the surface, still far below jet stream level):


@ 250 hPa (jet stream level):


  • March 9, 2016 @ 12:00 noon UTC

@ 850 hPa (just a bit above the surface, still far below jet stream level):

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:09:1200Z:wind:isobaric:850hPa:orthographic=0.02,59.89,512@ 250 hPa (jet stream level):


  • March 10, 2016 @ 12:00 noon UTC

@ 850 hPa (just a bit above the surface, still far below jet stream level):


@ 250 hPa (jet stream level):

earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:10:1200Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=0.02,59.89,512-> the “glitch dot” in northern coastal France, the forced-down-to-zero and data gaps in Belgium… Again, all of it fits with *jet stream delivery of radionuclides*, none of which seems related when only looking at surface winds.


Artificial radioactive fallout continues to come down all over the northern hemisphere.  The official radiation monitoring networks, originally intended to be able to alert populations of increasing ionizing pollution threats, have been co-opted by criminal elements and made RIGGED to hide data when it matters most.   Nuclear safety and oversight agencies, from the IAEA down, whether allegedly independent (such as FANC in Belgium) or steered by governments (such as is the case for the US, Canada, Germany, Japan, etc.) cannot be trusted.  They have proven that themselves with their track record of deception, negligence and way too many convenient omissions.  Every now and then something slips through the suspected rigging algorithms, which makes abnormalities appear isolated, nearly impossible to track to a leaking source, and thus pretty much impossible to explain satisfactory.  With only heavily redacted data to see, it is ridiculously time-consuming for your average concerned citizen to get a clue that the system is rigged, let alone figure out what might actually be happening.  In short: the nuclearists are on top of their game.  We’re pretty much toast, although it could be many more decades before that sinks in for more people.

That this slow-motion ionizing pollution is part of ultimately weakening the health of affected people and various strands in complex ecosystems over the decades (and as an extension reducing the chances of a meaningful political uprising against this organized crime establishment)  is something the elites in charge of the global nuclear cartel 1) must be aware of, and 2) are unlikely to change anytime soon as clearly they don’t care about about human beings or ecology, leaving room for 3) the development (since the 1940s) of this dire situation might be intentional.

——- —— —— —— —— —— ——

After-hours extra:

Cult of Deception

The level of willful ignorance and nefarious negligence is so extreme, so completely disrespectful of our environment, fellow human beings and kin, that whoever is pushing for ‘more of the same’ (Obama, Clinton, Abe, Erdogan, Modi, Putin, Hollande,… strangely ALL OF THEM) appears to subscribe to a shared belief system that is intrinsically self-deceptive.

Or to put it in pop culture terms:  The political elite acts like a Satanic cult of sorts.


And thát… that would take this blog post in to a whole other vein of investigation…

(See also (Sept. 24, 2013) “‘The Darkest Dance’ – Archetypal Dynamics of the Nuclear Era“; (Feb 29, 2016) “The Sorcery Shockwave of a Nuclear Fission Blast“, and bits and pieces throughout…

I’ll leave you with some links instead:

(Note: I do not ascribe to, nor condone the pathetic Jew-bashing some otherwise more interesting viewpoints come wrapped in on some websites.)  Excerpts & links only; click through for more:



http-:montalk.net:fukushima.htmlSome (or much?) of all that I might take with a grain of salt myself.

But I do consider that tricky vein of investigation (the occult underpinnings of the nuclear industry, and its inherent blind spots and/or ultimate malevolent nature) as essential to understand what might actually truly be happening.  Conventional explanations do not cut it.  It would not be in ANY human being’s interest, no matter how much money can be made along the way, to turn this magnificent planet into a toxic hellhole.


Didn’t mean to “ruin a perfectly scientific-sounding blogpost.”  ;-)

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —




— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

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  1. hadia says:

    ” Even if it appears differently, I do not claim to know the truth. I offer the following public (and often officially …”
    It does appear differently, Michael and you better SHOULD claim to know a lot of the truth.Truth is not always beautiful, but deep and imo your research is deeply touching our intellect and our gut-feelings.And the deeper an explanation goes, the less likely it is nice.
    We, readers/bloggers owe you a lot and you surely always have the best gentle “hints”.
    I fully agree with you that absolutely something awesome strange is going on in our environment. We seem to be fully “nuked” and our nature tries to defend itself with most beautiful (oversized) blossoms, flowers, bumble-bees etc. Organisms learn various things in various modi. Nature has created a wonderful hint to mankind – alas we do not look at these signs.
    Thank you for the relaxing trance music.Dream frequencies… I wish my lasting high frequencies would disappear, so I could spend more time listening to great music rather than reading saddening news. But: thus I am compelled to keep on reading about the nasty informations of our environment.

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      I used to have it, but sploggers (the one who would not just copy a few paragraphs, but EVERYTHING) annoyed me so much that I eventually took hundreds of posts down, and reduced the ways what I create can be shared. (So, yes, in some way I let the assholes win.) And yeah, was a few years ago, I think, when I took the reblog option away as well. (There’s no ‘facebook-share’ button either anymore, as that company has proven to have no integrity, so why pretend they matter. They don’t. They’re just a data entry portal for the total surveillance police state, so well-disguised that millions fell for it. They suck. But that’s a differnt matter.)

      Anyhow… The main reason I won’t return the reblog function, though, is that 1) I edit posts after posting, every now and then, including the begnning paragraphs, even beyond recognition; and 2) there’s an awful lot of “disinformation outlets” out there that do a lot of reblogging to attract an audience with various content not found in many places, but then insert their own total bs along the way. I don’t like being mixed in with too much stuff I want nothing to do with. I like to keep it simple and “local”, just right here on this blog.

      In my view of “the big picture”, this blog of mine is not making much of a difference anyhow. Just getting a bit more traffic won’t change that sobering reality.

      I’m just documenting little bits and pieces and asking questions. I have very little answers, and lots of uncertainty around what I have strong suspicions about. Getting TONS of traffic might actually freak me out, as well.

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  8. pure water says:

    Admirations for your work!
    If this can be of help:
    This is private initiative of someone in Sofia – Bulgaria.

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