Jiddu Krishnamurti : Breaking the Pattern of Conditioning

“[…] And we have been asking, examining, observing – not analysing – why the human mind has lived with this despair, this depression. Why human beings have not, during all these millennia, changed radically. That is the problem. That is what we have been talking over together. Talking over together, not listening to the speaker and say ‘Well, he is theoretical, nonsensical, oriental,’ and all the rest of that nonsense. Thought is neither oriental nor occidental. I think this is the basic fact. You may in the West think along a particular line, scientific, industrial and so on; and in the East it may be different, but essentially it is thought, thinking, which is common to all of us. It is the lot of man to think. And thinking is not yours or mine, it is common.

And this thought born of knowledge, experience, memory, this thought has created the industrial world, built extraordinary bridges, beautiful bridges, great scientific inventions, surgery, medicine; and also thought has created wars. Thought has created all the architecture, beautiful and ugly, all the great paintings, the statues, and music. Thought has also created all those things that are in the cathedrals, in the temples, in the mosques. And thought has divided the religious world into Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and so on. These are all facts. It is not the speaker’s invention. These are obvious, observable facts.

And we have lived that way – tribally, which has become glorified nationality. And is it possible for this brain, which has been moulded in a particular pattern, and has existed in a particular way: suffering, demanding, obeying, not obeying, conforming and revolting against conformity – this has been the pattern.

And any serious person must enquire whether it is possible to break down this pattern and live totally differently, without war, without antagonism, without anxiety, fear, sorrow. And if you are willing, and capable naturally, to think together we can find out for ourselves whether it is possible or not. […]”

Text @ http://www.jkrishnamurti.org/krishnamurti-teachings/print.php?tid=1390&chid=1087

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