Hanford Nuclear, North America’s Most Dangerous Radioactive Waste Site, LEAKING

Some background to help you grasp the seriousness of Hanford’s nuclear waste situation, see my older posts:

If you take the contents of these double-shelled nuclear waste tanks and ponder it all smeared it out over its surroundings at the contamination level of the Permanent Control Zone of Chernobyl (555,000 Bq/m^3 of Cs-137),… this would terribly contaminate and render uninhabitable a surface area as large as all of Oregon, all of Washington, all of Idaho, and all of British Colombia… COMBINED.



An overview of news snippets related to this very concerning news:

!-> RT:  https://www.rt.com/usa/340234-hanford-nuclear-waste-leak-washington/    Screenshot excerpt:

rt.com:usa:340234-hanford-nuclear-waste-leak-washington!!!-> KING5 TV News (Main SOURCE):  http://www.king5.com/news/local/investigations/catastrophic-event-at-hanford-prompts-emergency-response/140990679

“[…] one former tank farm worker said the leak should be considered a major problem.

“This is catastrophic. This is probably the biggest event to ever happen in tank farm history. The double shell tanks were supposed to be the saviors of all saviors (to hold waste safely from people and the environment),” said former Hanford worker Mike Geffre.

Geffre is the worker who first discovered that the tank, known as AY-102, was failing in 2011. In a 2013 series, “Hanford’s Dirty Secrets,” the KING 5 Investigators exposed that the government contractor in charge of the tanks, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS), ignored Geffre’s findings for nearly a year. The company finally admitted the problem in 2012. […]”

“[…]  DOE said Monday said the rupture was an “anticipated” result of ongoing efforts to fully decommission the most contaminated nuclear site in the nation.

However, the new leak at the site poses several problems, King-TV reporter Susannah Frame writes:

The outer shell of AY-102 [the tank] does not have the exhaust or filtration system needed to keep the dangerous gases created by the waste in check. Workers have been ordered to wear full respiratory safety gear in the area, but the risk remains.

“The hazards to workers just went up by a factor of 10,” said Geffre.

In addition, the breakdown calls into question the viability of three other double-shell tanks at Hanford that have the exact design of AY-102.

Environmental groups also issued words of caution. Columbia Riverkeepers, an Oregon-based advocacy organization, said in a statement that the leak is “another reminder of the cost of nuclear waste, and the unexpected outcomes of handling radioactive material.”

The AY-102 tank “holds some of the most dangerous nuclear waste on Earth,” said the group’s executive director Brett VandenHeuvel. “These tanks were not designed to hold waste for decades. It’s past time to get the waste out of the unsafe tanks.” […]”

I have nothing to add, just passing along this bit of news. 

By the way… When Obama, totally in the pocket of the military industrial complex, who increased the nuclear weapons research budget, did not reduce the arsenal during his two terms, did not take the thousands of nukes off hair-trigger alert, and who was the first US president in decades to approve new nuclear power plants,… when he was running for office, he didn’t even know what Hanford was…  Easy to be “pro-nuclear” when choosing to be completely ignorant on its consequences, I suppose…  Video from back then:

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