A Somewhat Typical Spring… (SLV Spring 2016 Photos)

Alamosa, Colorado (USA) – April 13, 2016

The following photos were all taken in past few weeks in the Northern San Luis Valley (SLC) of Southern Colorado, most near Crestone:

It is apparently a 3-hour walk from my home to the Karmapa Stupa (kttg.org) and back…  A lovely sight arriving in the sunset light, with Mount Blanca to the south in the distant background:


“When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels,

the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world,

and the Dharma will come to the Land of the Red Man.”

– 8th century prophecy ascribed to Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), whose blessings are seen here, flapping off prayer flags:


Decoration on some electric box:


The Sand Cranes are back! ;-)    Every year, like clockwork, nearly 20,000 Sandhill Cranes descend on Colorado’s scenic San Luis Valley for a six­-week stopover to rest and refuel before continuing their northward migration. To celebrate the cranes’ return the town of Monte Vista hosts the Monte Vista Crane Festival.

I love the sound they make when flying over:


Cottonwoods along Cottonwood Creek, as seen from near Shumei International (see also photos from May 2015), with the Great Sand Dune National Park and Mount Blanca in the distance:


Much of the valley is desert-like (albeit sprinkled with wetlands and a couple hot springs), it’s not the redwoods, but I basically live in an ancient forest.  :-)   Some of these Junipers are well over half a millenium old:


Dust devils in the wind.  This tornado-like one, shown below, I found pretty enough to pull over for:


Rain, hail, and some snow… Here a brief storm cell blessing Crestone on the slopes of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range with some well-needed moisture:


Much of our rain has been just ‘virga‘, shifting from liquid to vapor on the descend, and thus not making it all the way down…:


All Photos © Michaël Van Broekhoven.  Please DO NOT Share.  See also my Disclaimer

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5 Responses to A Somewhat Typical Spring… (SLV Spring 2016 Photos)

  1. Paul says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Kim Roberts says:

    Lovely. Just discovered your blog. Hello neighbor.

    • MVB says:

      Hi there. Have seen you “downtown”, but hadn’t seen your blog yet either. Very nice. Much of my Buddhist inspiration came down from Chögyam Trungpa as well, through Dathüns at SMC.

  3. hadia says:

    Very attracting fotos, thank you Michael. I wish we humans had just 1% of the wisdom these wonderful old trees are reflecting. Stay safe.

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