Dark Morning in Belgium

dscn0823Crestone, Colorado, USA – March 22, 2016

> Photo: The Crestone Ziggurat was built by Najeeb Halaby, father of Queen Noor of Jordan. This structure is round and curves to the left as you ascend it, making it ‘more feminine in its construction’.  There is a specific spiritual practice of releasing, receiving, and activation in working with a Ziggurat.  (Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven)

For more photos from this peaceful amazing region, see (April 1, 2014) More Southern Colorado Photos.

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وَعِبَادُ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الَّذِينَ يَمْشُونَ عَلَى الْأَرْضِ هَوْنًا وَإِذَا خَاطَبَهُمُ الْجَاهِلُونَ قَالُوا سَلَامًا

The true servants of the Most Merciful are those who behave gently and with humility on earth, and whenever the foolish quarrel with them, they reply with [words of] peace.” (al-Furqan 25: 63)

The Belgian nuclear power plants of Tihange and Doel have been evacuated, leaving only essential personnel for the safe operation of the plants on site, with extra security.  This is reportedly not due to some leak or accident, but as part of the emergency procedures that accompany the nationwide highest terror threat, alert level 4.


(Also mentioned on ENEnews @ http://enenews.com/breaking-belgian-nuclear-power-plants-evacuated-after-terror-attacks-multiple-reactor-sites-cleared-amid-heightened-fears-another-attack-military-armed-police-scene-capital-city-lockdown-afte ), with the hype-emphasis on maximum volume:


Added: !-> Radiation data from around the Belgian Nuclear sites of Doel and Tihange has been included further down this blogpost, possibly useful as a future reference.  (If the nuclear situation were to change for the worse, please drop me a line, as I’m unable to follow developments non-stop in real time.  Thanks)

The alert level comes in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist bombing attack in the Brussels subway and two at the Brussels International Airport (the one I always use to fly in and out of Belgium). ;-/   The attacks left at least 30 dead and 230 wounded

Updates can be found through various mainstream and alternative news outlets.


News:  Personally, I listen to Belgian radio (in Dutch) @ http://www.radioviainternet.be/  and watch (VRT) television news @ http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws.) For nuclear news, see these sources.   A look at radiation monitors, further below; Monitors can be checked @ https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/radioactivity/current-radiation-levels-monitors/all/

Now allow me to raise the more intriguing question again (see also comments):


The very predictable outcome of such a cowardly act continues: namely heightening religious tensions (actively encouraged by Twitter, who lets antagonistic racist shit like “#StopIslam” go viral) and furthering the militarization of Europe (about 1,000 soldiers are now on active duty in the capital).   The official narrative is that “Islamic State” (IS) took credit for the bloodbath.

IS (formerly ISIL or ISIS) remains a bit of an enigma, though, with possible ties to covert geopolitical schemes with various shadowy players involved being alleged, ranging from Israel’s Mossad, to Saudi Arabia, and NATO-member Turkey.  While the UK’s Guardian just last month gave George Soros space to spew, “Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis“, just a few months earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed via Russian intelligence data that ISIS is funded by 40 countries, including a number of G-20 members (mainly  via black market oil trade).   So, not exactly obvious what is really going on here.

So, who’s ultimately behind this, and with what motive precisely, isn’t clear yet (certainly not to me), but the official government and mainstream media narratives ought to be deeply scrutinized and questioned, I think.  It will be interesting to see if the Corbett Report digs up any interesting details about what just unfolded…

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Regional Radiation Data:  DOEL & TIHANGE, + a selection of other info

Radiation levels in the region are mostly normal (check via Online Radiation Monitors), and although there are just a couple data gaps near Doel (see below), in general looks as normal as usual.  I suspect that all is likely fine on that front, and the NPP evacuations are indeed just part of the highest terror alert ‘standard procedures’, as reported.  There appears to be no reason to hype this out of proportion, but a scenario much worse than this is within the possibilities, and the consequences for Europe would be catastrophic. (See also additional links, further below, on the microcracked reactor vessals…)  It’s about time they beef up security at these “dirty bombs waiting to go off” locations.

!-> Various abnormalities over the years, however, including recently (Finland, Norway, Ukraine,…) have been documented on this blog and can be found throughout my Nuclear Blog Post Archive.

Via EURDEP  – One data gap on the French border (with an instant of data ‘forced-down-to-zero), and data gaps in Luxembourg.  Not much else to be noted in the extended region at the moment:

Noverlee_Belgique_weekEndingMarch22_2016Troisvierges_Lux_1week_march22_2016Monitors near Doel NPP (on the outskirts of Antwerp):


  • 48-hour data (via EURDEP):


The data gaps @ Lillo 1 & 2 (along the river Schelde) are the only suspicious omissions:


All the rest I checked looked normal:



Bit further away:


  • Monitors near Tihange NPP (East of Liége, and also not that far from Aachen, Germany):




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Some of my posts on Belgian nuclear issues:

The terrorism subject has been touched upon in these few posts:

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ART extra


Art by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2010.  All Rights Reserved.

Regarding Islam…   I’ve really only looked into ‘islamic design‘, which I find amazingly beautiful.    Some of my art can be viewed via My Paintings. (All © Michaël Van Broekhoven. All Rights Reserved. Please Do Not distribute.)

In the below, “The Prophet”, I used a simple zig-zag “in and out” design, supposedly symbolizing “giving and receiving”. And then, shown below, in this weave, somehow a 14-pointed pattern had to “shine through”.  That was sort of the concept I started out with.  A 14-pointed star is not that easy either, I found. It is associated with the Full Moon and the Prophet.  

Instead of pissing off psycho-dogmatic self-identified “Muslims” with distasteful cartoons , back in 2010 I decided to use something from Islamic culture that I actually find beautiful and inspiring.  (My worldview and spiritual practices come mainly from an experiential mixture of Christian, Buddhist and indigenous traditions).  The result became the (shown, left) painting ‘The Prophet, in a weave of Giving and Receiving’

(I do not have high-resolution photo of it, as I gave it to a friend as a gift.)   

I suppose this could be considered my very own “Prophet Cartoon”, if you will.  To echo what I wrote in 2010, “One never knows with nut cases, but I sure hope this one won’t leave some Belgian embassy torched and dozens of people killed over it”:


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Disclaimer, Fair Use Statement

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May All Discord be Pacified

If you are viewing this page on any website other than allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/ it is plagiarized.  Please let me know.   All content is copyright © Michaël Van Broekhoven, administrator of the Allegedly Apparent Blog.  Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of that content owner.  For more details, see my Disclaimer, Share Policy and Fair Use Notice  If you wish to reproduce any of my content in full or in more than a paragraph or quote, please contact me first to (maybe not) obtain permission.
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19 Responses to Dark Morning in Belgium

  1. hadia says:

    Michael, I want to start my reply of today by telling you that I am feeling with Belgium and their victims and that I am saddened by the ongoing “war crimes”.
    Imo the media are telling permanent lies to us consistently about the so called ongoing terror. It is bizarre to me how faster and faster and with more vehemence the terror attacks are taking place in Europe now.
    Step by step they are placing layer over layer of a partly horror-scenario, in order to distract from the main important matter still to come.When will we all wake up and realize that the ISIS=CIA,NSA& Co.(they are illegal entities) and all the coward eminences could be behind it all?! They are already decoded by intelligent humans. also in my view the issue of he “dirty bombs” will be of utmost importance.
    By the way: did you know that about 70 wars are taking place in our world and that more than 400 – 600 different armies and militias and fighting separatist groups that are conducting these armed engagement!? I think Israel is a major player in this dirty development.

    Michael you are really matchless! While most of the Belgium citizens probably will condemn the Islamic religion and culture, you take yourself the freedom to show something beautiful of Islamic culture and religion. Thank you, it is a real fascinating “weave of giving and receiving”, as mentioned above in your post.A very nice painting/picture.
    That is the way it supposed to be: accepting each other´s peaceful cultures and religions and picking out the one or other good and wise part.
    I have the impression that Europe is burning now.(as well from nuklides as from terror acts).
    Time to go on vaccation. But the easter bunny has fled into his hole already- hmm, bad omen.
    It´s now or never! Enjoy your beautiful moments.

  2. The Electrabel brain trust has endangered its citizens far more by unnecessarily shutting down seven reactors that already have documented micro-cracks. And am I the only one that thinks it’s a bad idea to send the plant staff HOME if there’s some danger of an accident or attack?

    Electrobel: “…Yeah, we think one of the reactors are melting down, but nobody will answer the phone at the plant. The single engineer and two janitors left there are trying to get things figured out. None of the other plant personnel can get back there to do anything because they are stuck on the highways clogged with fleeing citizens. We advise citizens to shelter in place and not to panic. There is no danger whatsoever of harmful releases of radionuclides (at least that you peons will ever be told about). One banana dose max…”

  3. MVB says:

    Nullschool in the morning (UTC) of March 22, 2016, shows wind blowing in from over the North Sea, with a high pressure system over the UK:


    Roughly along the wind’s path, further downwind is an anomaly @ PT0107 – PENHAS DOURADAS at a monitor in Portugal. See EURDEP for the latest @ http://eurdepweb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/EurdepMap/Disclaimer.aspx

  4. MVB says:

    NIQNAQ BLOG had this to say:
    !-> @ https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/soul-murder/

    including some interesting quotes:

    “Many states are unable to take a principled stand against terrorist organizations. These states are dishonest, insincere, they are pursuing a dual policy, like dancing in a minefield. You do not know when your foot will step on a mine, but it will inevitably happen. You warm up a snake in your bosom, and it might bite at any moment. There is no reason that the bomb did not explode in Brussels or any other European city. The explosions of car bombs in Turkey may mean nothing to you, but when the bombs start going off in your cities, you will feel it then, and it will be too late.” – Erdogan (PM Turkey), last Friday, Mar 18, 2016

  5. MVB says:

    Corbett Report hasn’t posted anything new yet, but some of their older reports may still include clues. This one from mid-November 2015: 3 Stories That Show the War of Terror Is A Fraud
    @ https://youtu.be/xC5slIPZ5nI

  6. MVB says:

    Additional viewpoints that could be illuminating, see also:

    !-> http://WilliamEngdahl.com/
    !-> http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/ (incl. Sibel Edmonds’ perspectives)

  7. hadia says:

    First , Michael, the positive point of your post: Your paintings are very beautiful and they speak for themselves/yourself. With fantasy and sensitiveness one can easily look between the “painted lines” and the inspiring thing is that we STILL!! have the freedom to interpret them as we individually like to. My favorite one is the “Praying for Fukushima”. Really touching my heart.

    The second and bad point is that we have to face our reality, which is very ugly, as far as politics are concerned.You are absolutely right with your a.m. links regarding the Belgian NPPs. But we have to consider that we are not watching a Science fiction movie, but we are very close before another general use of nuclear weapons i.e. a war of that kind wouldn´t last like a real WW.
    It would take us just within a few days to the final and ever lasting holocaust. There would be no help, no hope and no future for us poor humans! (Same of course applicable to the kaputt NPPs over the globe).
    Could you imagine how our world would look like post bellum?
    When Einstein once was asked to predict which kind of weapons were used in a WW4, he answered that under the provision that a 3rdWW would have to lead to a nuclear destruction, the WW4 would be carried out via bow and arrow!
    BAN NUCLEAR, BAN all MILITARY, who are prepared to use NUCLEAR and bring the greedy destroyers behind the evil political plans in front of a tribunal!
    Since the threat to mankind starts from within mankind it will be up on MANKIND to save ourselves.

  8. (Delete if dup, Michael – WP acting weird)
    Unreported outages: All three units of South Ukraine NPP are down.

    #3 was in a normal scheduled maintenance outage (weeks).
    #2 unexpectedly shut down on the 21st. Was shut down in Jan for maintenance, and has been shut down at least two other times for malfunctions. Latest shutdown was for ‘cooling system’ issues.
    #1 shut down on the 23rd at 9:40 A.M. for something to do with turbine regulation.

    The fact that all three are shut down at the same time is extraordinary, but issues with #2 are far more troubling. This is the one using high burn Westinghouse rods/bundles along with #1.

    Whenever SUNPP shuts down a unit (just like at ZNPP), they will vent radioactive steam out of the stacks. FYI for you since you look at EURDEP so much.

  9. MVB says:

    Reuters, March 26, 2016: Belgian nuclear guard shot, prosecutor rules out militant link

    The Blaze, March 26, 2016: Belgian Nuclear Plant Security Guard Found Murdered, Entry Badges Stolen
    @ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/03/26/entry-badges-withdrawn-security-guards-killed-at-belgian-nuclear-plant/

  10. Myra says:

    The terrorist attacks in Brussels came as a real shock! Possible attack on nuclear facilities is just a nightmare! Considering that possibility I’d rather shut down those NPPs in Belgium and EU as a whole relying on oil and gas instead, well even coal maybe….. I’d rather not bother about the cost of it…. I hate another Fukushima in here due to ISIS terrorists who seem absolutely fanatics! Am sure many Europeans would rather pay some additional tax to stay in safety….

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