Gallup Poll: For First Time, Majority in U.S. Oppose Nuclear Energy

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After years of pro-nuclear propaganda being shoved into every concern about climate change, and the most pro-nuclear US president in decades, since the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe began in on the edge of the Pacific ocean some 5 years ago, the trend has reversed.


Obama and Hillary lying to protect the nuclearists did not suffice. Even the disinformation tour-de-force bullshit film like Pandora’s Promise was unable to stop people from realizing that continuing with nuclear energy would be a terrible mistake.

Renewables (solar, wind, todal, geothermal, etc.) are getting much more efficient, much more affordable, and when taking the whole process in consideration, from mining to waste disposal, nuclear energy is about the stupidest thing you can do, and especially the most disrespectful towards future generations, whom will continue to need to safeguard the various radioactive wastes, some for what in human terms is ‘forever’.

Good to see that that is beginning to sink in.

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