Quick Mix: Data Gap followed by Spike on Cyprus; + Magnitude Unknown of Leak at Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant in Gujarat, India; ETC.

Colorado Rockies (USA) – March 15, 2016

DISCLAIMER“But what do I know?  I’m not an institution-affiliated expert”


  • Adding to a long list of strange detections and widespread data gaps this past half year, …the radioisotope-specific Nicosia monitor on the isle of Cyprus, all the way south in the Mediterranean Sea has redacted (“data-gapped”) its latest (Cs-137 / I-131, etc.)  findings:


!-> While a nearby gamma monitor (@ Limassol, Cyprus)  shows the same data gap, it is followed by its highest spike in at least the past few years (the peak value was not validated):



If it were a massive release, some monitors along its downwind path might pick something up.  Problem in this case is that the wind first blew out to sea on the 10th and then the higher-winds merge with the southern end of the jet stream quickly, not even able to affect monitors in Hong Kong or far-Southern Japan.   Most would either fly over the US at high jet stream speed or, more likely, over Mexico.  In Europe it might only be able to affect the most southern monitors, if that, which is why I was looking around in that fine region of this world.

What could be a long post full of Nullschool screenshots, etc. is thus cut short:  Even if the release was large, Kakrapar’s location (north of Mumbai), current wind patterns, and lack of monitors along its likely down-wind path, make confirming the allegation that this might be a large leak not possible for me right now.  (So I have no idea if there’s any relation to aforementioned data; just passing it along for others to dig into further.)  If you spot something, please drop me a note.  (This is a one-person volunteer amateur blog, operating by Mifi (cell phone signal turned wifi) from what some might call a very beautiful “middle of nowhere…”)

Added later in the day:



  • By the way, catch that mainstream update?   Have no doubt:  Hillary will win, like I said long before these primaries narrowed down (in Dec. 2015).  If need be, they’ll rig the hell out of it.  Enjoy the freak show of sorts…  To the sound of Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’, Here’s Hillary…

Psychopath Hillary… 

If you’re one of the deluded, might want to ‘get a clue’ about some of the players of the organized crime cartels that have taken hold of the frameworks that once upon a dreamy time aspired to uphold principles that could eventually lead to a true democracy…

!->  (Feb. 3, 2016Hillary Clinton’s Email (March 12, 2011) Re. Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe: “STAY INDOORS, WEAR MASK, SHOWER IMMEDIATELY AFTER COMING HOME,…”

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Down with Big Brother.

Down with Big Brother.

Down with Big Brother.

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6 Responses to Quick Mix: Data Gap followed by Spike on Cyprus; + Magnitude Unknown of Leak at Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant in Gujarat, India; ETC.

  1. hadia says:

    To me – and that´s just my individual personal thinking- it looks as if the dirty nuclear lobbyists and the ones behind them, additionally to Fukushima, tried to first finish all NPP´s on our globe – and then they would look how many still were too many of us. Then if we did not comply with their dictates and politics, we would be “depopulated” with new measures. THEY will send us into thousands of years of darkness.

    • MVB says:

      I’m not clear on what the true motivation behind pushing nuclear was, way back when Atoms for Peace was launched and the technology was shared, even pushed (as in the case of Japan) on purpose. What that purpose ultimately is/was, intrigues me, as it makes little sense for it to be just producing electricity. If you take the whole process (from mining to waste disposal) in consideration, it’s extremely ineffecient. Just for making more nuclear bombs seems a bizarre reason too… The idea, floating around on the fringes, that it’s “for depopulation”, or to “reverse terraform” this planet to make it less suitable for humans and more suitable for another species (the aliens that would thus be behind pushing this technology), unfortunately I can’t offhand dismiss these ideas. Various nuclear applications may have their place, and medical isotopes, for instance, can be created in tiny reactors that fit in a university’s basement, but the giant reactors build all over the place (mostly northern hemisphere – See https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/list-of-nuclear-power-plants-worldwide/ ) … they’re DESIGNED to be able to have the kind of meltdowns that we’ve now seen multiple times. They know very well what the dangers are and that they wouldn’t be able to contain it if it were to go awfully wrong. Yet they built ’em anyway, and even now that they have no leg to stand on with their “It’s safe” propaganda bullshit, they’re continuing to build more… It is truly ‘weird’ to observe this process. Not sure if ‘depopulation’ is the ultimate goal (over the centuries), but it sure makes me wonder as well…

      Although it could just be “merely” greed-driven criminal negligence too…

      • hadia says:

        I would like to repeat myself: thank you Michael (MVB) for your always wise replies. One really can learn a lot. Like little mosaic stones I am able to get a complete picture/overview from your opinions/links/videos/datas/ etc. in order to reflect or learn more.You have become a stalwart supporter of the environmental truth revealers and that is why “THEY” (including the bad aliens,hh) have fear of well educated guys like you!
        Like you, I am also wondering which important nuclear plans and projects they were hiding behind their nuclear agenda.I have always refused to comply with “public nuclear data”, because I never could find any statistical correlation, though I am a non nuclear scientist. My inner “belly-feeling” always leads me to check and understand “independent data”. Imo your mails/blog-replies, especially all the data collecting you have done, always reflect a wide knowledge. Furthermore, I have to admit that your English is just far out (you are a Belgian citizen? or born in USA?). Please, accept my apology for being so curious. But it is just wonderful to read your very well spoken/written English.

        • MVB says:

          Aw. Thanks, hadia.

          I was born and raised in Belgium, near Leuven. My first language is Dutch. In highschool I learned French (which I sucked at), English (ok) and German (which I also sucked at), + some Latin and Greek. In general I was pretty bad at the foreign languages, (which were not optional; it just came with the science track I had chosen), but since I moved to the US in 1995, I’ve pretty much become fluent in English.

          I have yet to learn the language of this area, though. That would be Ute, but the mostly-European-decend folks that came long before me made no effort to adapt (understatement), so learning Ute is currently not even available in this area. You can listen to a little bit of it @ https://youtu.be/lWLdijamdcQ?t=2m7s

          • hadia says:

            Oh, thank you for the interesting background link of Colorado, Michael. It must be a very beautiful part of the USA and I think it is always important to stick to cultural backgrounds- wherever one is actually living on our planet. But Leuven is also nice place.
            So you are also a language freak! I also learned French (which I also sucked at), British and US English, which as a young student I loved to learn so badly , and Latin my favorite language, of course, chosen at high school and Gymnasium. Later I picked up Russian classes, some Farsi and also learned some Sorani, which is a very beautiful language (great phonetic and intonation). The Kurdish tribes mostly speak Sorani, they got wonderful music and interesting poetry. Contrary to many western school kids,
            Kurdish children love music instruments at early age. Many of them learn to play the violin.Merci also for the utube link. One cannot learn enough during this lifetime. Stay save.

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