Highest Cs-137 Measured Since May 2011 @ Ivalo, Far-Northern Finland (March 7, 2016)

Via my page for Online Radiation Monitors -> EURDEP (Advanced Public Map)


Since all the attention Helsinki’s March 3-4, 2016 record-high Cesium-137 detection got (SEE:  (March 7, 2016), Peculiar Radiation Spikes in Europe (@early March 2016) Suggest “Mystery Radiological Emergency” is ONGOING + Largest Cesium-137 detection since 1986 @ Helsinki, Finland (!), and (March 9, 2016) “Helsinki Cesium-137 Mystery solved, But Greater Mystery of widespread Radiation upticks Remains…“, I figured I should at least mention this peculiarty in some just-released data:

Following an uptick in Be-7, a small but significant uptick in Cesium-137 was observed all the way north (location on map, above):


Could the cold low-level nuclear waste leak in STUK’s Helsinki garage (surface) set off another surface monitor a thousand kilometers to the north a few days later?    Not impossible perhaps, but I seriously doubt it.    The Ru-103 detection in Norway in January and the widespread upticks and data gaps the past half year or so (see my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive) are just too odd to simply sweep it under some garage rug, imo.

For Ivalo via EURDEP, I browsed through the months and you have to go all the way to May 2011, right after the Fukushima accident to find a measurement as high at what was just detected for this location.  Just purely coincidentally… the same week saw the highest Cs-137 since Chernobyl at Helsinki.  We all know by now that was nothing.  Just a monitoring location sharing the building with a nuclear waste processing company… (Really?  That’s almost funny…)

(Note: If you set the max value at 1.2 Bq/m^3 (as I did for the above graph), you’ll find that a few times the LLD (Lower than Lowest Detectable), or MDC (Minimum Detectable Concentration) surpasses this level, but with nothing quantifiable detected.)

In Finland, the surface air was going roughly the same direction that time.  I added arrows of where the higher-up air was coming from.  This does not per se mean that’s where the uptick in Cs-137 came from.  The uptick in Cs-137 was preceded by an uptick in Be-7, though (which is generally made by cosmogenesis in the upper atmosphere through interaction of cosmic rays with oxygen and nitrogen).    This Be-7 uptick, however, was most likely the result of reactions with solar protons from the recent solar flares.   In any case, both cases occur higher up and the detector is at ground level, suggesting air from higher up made its way down.  Which makes sense when looking at the wind:

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:07:1500Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=0.88,60.85,512:loc=28.843,68.560–> At the time of this Be-7 uptick on March 4, as well the subsequent Cs-137 uptick on March 7, there was a slow-down in the air layers higher above, as is obvious on this Nullschool map for 250 hPa (jet stream height), shown above, with the approximate location of this monitor marked:  http://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/03/07/1500Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=0.88,60.85,512/loc=28.843,68.560, which is when higher-up air can more easily descend.

Hence it is alse quite likely that the uptick in Cs-137 came from higher-up, possibly from quite far away.

Without making time-adjustments (so very rough), the same windline passes mainly over Canada, to eventually pass of far-Northern Japan, etc. – and round and round the wind blows…

http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2016:03:07:1500Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=-150.06,51.71,512The (US EPA Radnet) monitors circled in red are Juneau, Alaska, Richland, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah, for which this is the last 2 weeks’ data:


Richland_WA_March1.15_2016 SLC_UT_March1.15_2016

-> In all 3, the first spike is likely due to the solar flare, and perhaps so is the small data gap, although what missing data would show is of course “anyone’s guess…”

And to close, the closest Radnet monitor near me, Colorado Springs…  More inland the air layers get mixed better and especially at higher altitude, you have a better chance of getting a whiff of what may be in the air much higher up.

If they wouldn’t hide the data, that is…:


Yeah… what can I say…?   The nuclear industry, of which the so-called nuclear watchdogs are a part, have not much credibility left…

There’s an uptick with a massive spike on Radmon (one of the alternative allegedly independent networks), in the very south of Norway:


… and there’s a data gap (and some forced-to-zero instances) on most Norwegian monitors the same week.   In this example you can also see a very minor uptick March 13-14, coinciding with the massive spike shown above:


Just calling a spike “unvalidated”, as in this French example, doesn’t mean there wasn’t actually something in the air that caused the spike, either:


Spike in one place at the same time as data gaps elsewhere, and this time not coinciding with solar flares?  Coincidence?

k-index via http://www.solarham.net/planetk.htm


In short:  Some of the thin spikes of late may indeed have been just solar-flare related, but solar flares do not cause Cs-137 or Ru-103 upticks, so obviously there’s more going on.  And the widespread data gaps make it overly clear that the official radiation monitoring networks are rigged to hide the data when it matters most.

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