Helsinki Cesium-137 Mystery solved, But Greater Mystery of widespread Radiation upticks Remains…

Wedn. March 9, 2016 – New Moon – Colorado Rocky Mountains, 8,200 Ft elevation

This blogpost was severly edited several times to the point of “beyond recognition” throughout March 9, as new evidence/news made me change my mind regarding the Helsinki Cs-137 detection probably being part of widespread upticks.  (I make those changes because I don’t like incorrect information to linger around; and also added a lot more data to add to documenting the bigger mystery that has been going on for about a half year now: widespread radiation upticks, spikes, amidst data gaps, as has been particularly apparent on various European monitors.

In short: I’m offering additions to the previous post (March 7, 2016), Peculiar Radiation Spikes in Europe (@early March 2016) Suggest “Mystery Radiological Emergency” is ONGOING + Largest Cesium-137 detection since 1986 @ Helsinki, Finland (!).

First the good news: An interesting twist on the Helsinki Cs-137 detection.   One comment from near Jyväskylä, Finland alerted me that the source of the Chernobyl-era-HIGH Cs-137 detection in Helsinki, Finland during a March 3-4 sampling period, was figured out, and turned out to be just a leak “in the same building” the monitor is at:


I was initially véry skeptical of this, given the widespread spikes throughout Europe.  The comment, however, was shortly after backed up with confirming links:


I guess it’s possible.  Just prior to that the same officials in Finland, however, they had put it rather differently (my emphasis):

“Although it is unlikely that the cesium 137 would have originated outside Finland, we cannot rule this possibility out altogether yet. We also know that it was not generated by a nuclear test or a reactor,” adds Ikäheimonen.


The data was submitted to EURDEP (finally, the 3-day data relay delay was lifted):


Now, the reason I show the EURDEP data here, is not because of the Cs-137 data, but because I spotted something that made me go, “Hm…”:  the LLD (Lower than Lowest Detectable, otherwise knows as “MDC” or “MDA”, Minimum Detectable Concentration/Amount) of several other isotopes was strikingly higher than usual, which is only weird as the sampling period was not shorter…    This was the case for I-131, Cs-134 and Ru-103, part of the short list of the very manmade radioisotopes that would signify a recent nuclear fission incident…  Note to LLD’s:

Helsinki_1mo_March9_2016_Cs134_Ru103The LLD/MDC for Co-60 (which I consider a Fukushima “tracer radiosiotope of sorts…”, however, was within its normal variance, and the measurment for Be-7 was, while slightly elevated, basically ‘normal’ as well:


Just observing.  And wondering…    Why would the MDC for I-131, Cs–134 & Ru-103 be strikingly higher all of a sudden?  We all know by now that’s how you can make “inconvenient detections” disappear.   Not saying that’s what’s going on here, though.  There very well might be a physics or statistical processing reason for this.  But it’s one thing to claim that there was “only Cs-137” in the radioactive cloud, it adds just a tiny bit of suspicion when the ‘detection levels’ of other radioisotopes, which could indicate whether or not it came from a recently-active reactor or not, are higher than they usually are, eventhough the sampling period is precisely the same.   A little odd.   Maybe even suspicious, but I’m not sure I want to go that far, as I’ve never seen the Finnish authorities stray from integrity.*

*Haha, yeah, that would be a first for a nuclear-powered/armed country, wouldn’t it?   Every time I’ve seen them say that, “X will investigate”, I’ve never actually been able to find any results of such a pressumed “investigation”.  What’s up with that, eh?

Anyways, while the Cs-137 spike surely got lots of attention, the Ruthenium-103 detection in Norway didn’t make any newsheadlines (outside this blog), that I know of….   As far as I know, no nordic country has sent up their equivalent of “volunteer witches on brooms, equiped with top notch radiation measuring equipment” to “go up to altitude 2,000 meters over the Northern Atlantic to take detailed measurements and samples” to go figure out where the Ruthenium-103 that was detected in Norway in January 2016 actually came from

So, alright, they are apparently capable of figuring out where it came from if they’re in the same building…  Other times the statement that “STUK will investigate”… came with primalily silence.  That happened twice last year:

To add:  It’s all a bit reminiscent of the media outlet RT (fkw ‘Russia Today’), who said they “will investigate” the claims made by Ukrainian hackers that the Zaporizhia NPP suffered a major accident, but then…  RT dropped that line from their article, and failed to correct the translation errors I pointed out to them...  Mainstream media never even carried the story that there truly was a major accident, even as perfectly-downwind radiation monitors in Latvia showed clear evidence of a radioactive cloud.

Most of the time, from what I’ve seen over the years, this talk of ‘investigating’, is usually all just talk.

I have yet to see ONE FOR-REAL investigation being carried out.  Be it radioisotope analysis of Saiga antellope falling dead by the tens of thousands, or radioisotope analysis for very specific isotopes of very specific tissues in regards to whale beachings, in strikingly odd coincidence with radiation spikes at times.. I guess I have been looking into this for too long… and I’ve grown “slightly cynical”.

Regardless, still odd to see peculiar spikes all over Europe at the same time. As people who’ve been watching the monitors know, for the past half year measurements have been highly unusual in lots of places, with record-long data gaps amidst record-high spikes.  The relatively brief events fit into shifting patterns that appears to fit into a much-longer-term phenomenon.  See my Nuclear Blog Post Archive for documentations.

The rest of this post is just a bit more data.   It’s like watching clouds…


Here’s a couple 3-month periods I just graphed and pasted togethre:









Also UK:  Regarding those record-high spikes seen at Exeter, UK (Included in (March 1, 2016) “A Sprinkling of Radioisotope-Specific Radiation Data (EURDEP – incl. 1 year data for a monitor Croatia, Czech Republic, Norway + more)“, about which some individuals contacted the British authorities, and one wondered if it could have something to do with a nearby incinerator…   Looks like they “took care of it” … by adjusting the monitor…:


Belgium (repeated from previous post):


PS:  My beloved “the land of surrealism” (Magritte, Delvaux,…) has a variation on spiking, by the way: the drop-to-zero dive:


On 12-hour time frames it looks like this:


Other countries do it too, though. Example of “glitch dots” (isolated high values), data gaps and artificially-forced-to-zero drops from Northern Italy (varying y-axis to fit the glitch dots):








Switzerland, with a little zoom-in insert to show you that the data gaps are often so short they aren’t visible on month-long graphs:


Examples of the suspicious data gap timing can be found through my previous documentations, including (Feb. 20, 2016),  New Radiation Spike in Latvia Amidst Widespread Data Gaps (EURDEP/Nullschool) and (Oct. 31, 2015) EURDEP: Of Data Gaps and “the Sound of One Maroon Dot…” (Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland DATA), among others. It’s part of what has lead me to conclude that the official monitoring networks are rigged to hide radiation data when it matters the most.

And it’s only by a hair, but CERN, Switzerland, just the other week, had the highest Cesium-137 measurement since March 2015.  Here showing Cs-137 (top graph) and Be-7 (bottom graph) together for 3 months:




Anyhow,  I guess I could keep going, but I suppose that would be pointless, since it was just a little bit of harmless nuclear waste in a Helsinki garage anyhow…

The garage in Helsinki has apparently not been fully de-contaminated yet:


Investigations will confirm, always, even if 3 reactors blow up and melt down on a Pacific Ocean beach: No cause for concern.  All is well.  Nothing is going on.  And all those spikes and data gaps?   “Stop asking questions.  Here, watch this:”

-> This blogpost’s used to carry the headline, “Man have wasted away in front of it, even gone mad”, which is an excerpt from this above video sent to me by a very active “nuclear troll” (‘diemos’), who recently had this to say: “The fault is not in our stars …nor in our technologies …but in ourselves.”    Deepest cop-out so far.

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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[This post was re-written and re-posted within 12 hours from the original posting on March 8, and added onto throughout the day]
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15 Responses to Helsinki Cesium-137 Mystery solved, But Greater Mystery of widespread Radiation upticks Remains…

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  2. John says:

    When people generally believe that all the regulatory agencies and other officials have the best interest of the public in mind it is easy to be mislead.

    “Man has wasted away in front of it, even gone mad”.
    I think that mirror represents the tv/msm ect…

    Our fault?
    Its like punching someone and then blaming them for it.

  3. arclight2011part2 says:

    go to sean arclight on FB for my findings over the past 2 days for my posit ..
    screenshots and isotope i found on Eurdep (before that function was disabled today) can be found there and my initial post on the subject is here
    And on my other blog the same post but a more geographical version title :) for the googlies
    With the data i had accumulated i thought an email to STUK would be in order and that i have just sent to STUK radiation monitoring manager. That email is here;
    Dear Mr Leppänen
    Due to the recent report in the Finland Times i decided to check the EURDEP mapping system to see if the report was true or not.
    I found that the report was true and decided to do due diligence and checked to see if other isotopes might be present.

    Using the Tool tip function yesterday I found that there was a similar amount of Iodine 131 to cesium 137 and other isotopes such as Cs 134, Cobalt 60, Beryllium 7, Cerium 144, Tellurium 132. That was all the isotopes present I could find.

    I then set Eurdep to maximum and found that the nearest monitor to Rhinghals MPP in Sweden had just had a high peak to some 0.8 mcSv/h (800 nSv/h Gamma) .. On checking further it became apparent that the monitor had had data deleted going back to December 2015.

    I might also point out that the monitor showed a higher level of radiation by some 15 – 20 percent (approx) after the peak that can still be seen today. I then decided to see if any activity had been seen on any other monitors that showed activity over the last week and found some corroboration in Stavanger and List in Norway (though the Eurdep map had been disconnected for Norway for some reason i accessed more accurate files from the Radnett monitoring system direct. Also gaps in the data for today on a Latvian monitor.

    Then i checked the weather reports for the previous week and found that prior to the report the wind was from the west and south and only changed to coming from the east on the day of the Finland Times article. And I might point out that they said STUK were still investigating the source of the cesium. Then the story was picked up in Cyprus and that article mentioned the wind coming from the east as a possible source of contamination and no mention of the equal quantity of Iodine 131 from either article, nor any other isotopes.

    I can supply screenshots of my findings but are aware that you would have access to the non public and more detailed EURDEP mapping system.
    Now the isotopes are not available on the public mapping system.

    As a concerned citizen, I wonder if you could clarify the situation?
    My understanding is that Rhingals NPP appears to have multiple releases, possibly over some months. The iodine 131 means that the contamination is from a working reactor and the above information i have garnered points to the longevity and direction of the contamination.

    Sorry to have bothered you but it is in the public interest and following Prof Ian Fairlies Peer reviewed paper on Child leukemia in children around NPP`s caused by large spikes of condensed release gases, that this situation be looked at in the interests of transparency and as a point of public safety.
    Please feel free to ask me for any further information on any of my findings or thoughts on the matter.
    I look forward to your response.
    Yours sincerely
    Shaun McGee

    I am shaun btw aka loads of arclight versions :)
    keep up the good work guys
    i used magicseaweed wind chart over the previous week to track the direction of the wind ..
    much love

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