A Sprinkling of Radioisotope-Specific Radiation Data (EURDEP – incl. 1 year data for a monitor Croatia, Czech Republic, Norway + more)

March 1, 2016 – The last of the draft folder (the other 10 I deleted)

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UK NEWS:  The record mentioned in Highest Radiation in a Decade @ Exeter, U.K. (Jan. 2016 ) was broken again, by the way:


Southwestern UK, @ Exeter, saw record spikes in February 2016.  What specific decay energies is this monitor picking up on that cause this?

Added March 2, 2016:  An interesting hypothesis was sent my way:  There’s an incinerator nearby and there seems to be some correlation with the wind blowing from that incinerator towards the radiation monitor.   It may be part of the puzzle, yet to be confirmed or ruled out:


…continued with blogpost as-was:

I added a couple graphs to the Ru-103-in-context-graph, which I already shared in my (Feb. 24, 2016) blogpost, ““Superbowl 50 Half Time Show w/ Bruno Mars & Beyoncé!” + More (a mostly Fukushima-related mix)”   To these “Just 4 location graphs combined for the period 1 month prior to Feb 1, 2016, with a 2-week period highlighted in red, with the detections at some EURDEP monitors” I added some 1-year data from Norway, Croatia and Czech Republic, with a bit from Germany after that, as well.

Like I said before, when there’s an uptick of Cesium-137, or Thorium-232, or Radon-220, or Beryllium-7, and such, it gets quickly dismissed as “just dust”, as depositions of Cs-137 from Fukushima, Chernobyl, bomb tests, etc. will linger around for another half millenium, to get swept up with the wind causing these “new normal” background levels.  And I get that.  There’s validity to that.  You see such Cs-137 upticks in the Czech data below, for instance.   But there are other detections (such as the Ru-103, Cs-134 or I-131 upticks, or data gaps around times spikes are seen elsewhere, and so forth) that suggest nuclear accidents are being covered-up, and that some upticks are in fact “enhanced natural”, meaning that upticks in for instance Radon-220, Bismuth-214, Lead-210 or Lead-214, etc. are in part artificially added, as part of radioactive clouds that come from…   well… from somewhere…  somewhere the mainstream media is remaining awfully silent about.

Here’s 1 YEAR of data for 3 locations, in sets of 3 months:

  • Starting out with Batina, Croatia, showing Radon-220 (black) and Total-Gamma radiation (blue):

D_Batina_Rn220EEC_Tgamma C_Batina_Rn220EEC_Tgamma B_Batina_Rn220EEC_Tgamma A_Batina_Rn220EEC_Tgamma

–> So… Seriously:  What happened in early November 2015, where a data gap is followed by highly unsettled and record-high Radon-220 measurements?

  • Next is the Arctic record of Pb-210 (black) and Cesium-137 (blue) at Spitzbergen, Norway:

D_Spitzbergen_Pb210_Cs137 C_Spitzbergen_Pb210_Cs137 B_Spitzbergen_Pb210_Cs137 A_Spitzbergen_Pb210_Cs137

Quite the data gap record, with the longest data gap following the detection of Cs-137 in mid-December 2015.

  • And finally, Cesium-137 (black) until July 2016, when Cesium-134 became available [I was going backwards in time and the Cs-134 record ended, so I switched]; and Iodine-131 (blue), for Hradec Kralove-Piletice, Czech Republic:

D__Cs137_I131__HRADEC.KRÁLOVÉ.PILETICE_CzechRepublic C__Cs137_switch_Cs134_I131__HRADEC.KRÁLOVÉ.PILETICE_CzechRepublic B__Cs134_I131__HRADEC.KRÁLOVÉ.PILETICE_CzechRepublic A__Cs134_I131__HRADEC.KRÁLOVÉ.PILETICE_CzechRepublic-> You can see the upticks of Cs-137 from the Chernobyl fires in spring and summer 2015.   Interesting burst of I-131 in late August 2015…  And, again, what happened in early November 2015 that Cs-134 & I-131 data had to be interrupted for a week?  Curious is also that the Cs-134 record starts on what is still its record-high at the end of July, early August 2015, with two upticks above  1.2E-06 Bq/m^3 Cs-134 (coinciding with upticks in I-131 as well) in early December 2015, and again in early Feb. 2016 (just a few weeks ago).   This suggests a significant release from a still-fissioning reactor.  Just a refueling of a nearby reactor?    Twice in 2 months?  And, regardless of that possibility Which one?  Where?   Or is this all (or at least some of this) pointing at something we’re not supposed to know about?

And to put the odd detection of Ru-103 in this contex again:


  • And even all the way south in Croatia (here showing Sveti Kriz, Croatia), the data gap (which is rather obviously again hiding a spike, of which only the tail end can be seen) overlaps with that 2-week time window:


  • In Southern Germany, it coincided with a spike in Bismuth-214 and Lead-214, @ Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany:

DEW0963 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)_Jan.Feb2016

For what it’s worth… If anything…

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