New Radiation Spike in Latvia Amidst Widespread Data Gaps (EURDEP/Nullschool)

Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA)  – Feb 20, 2016 – Gorgeous weather.

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Nuclear tab –> Online Radiation Monitors

Though most of the data, including all of that for the Latvian monitors shown below, is officially left ‘unvalidated’, I surmise the monitor is actually working fine.  See EURDEP’s Disclaimer for a different opinion.  1 WEEK DATA for Salaspils, Latvia:




I do not know if these Latvian monitors are of a different design, or what, but a couple of them turned out quite helpful before.

For instance:  Whatever caused the  early January 2016 spike (leading to a possible malfunction?) at a monitor in Kunda, Estonia, which later “mysteriously” turned into a long data gap (entire record deleted from public view), might have left an uptick downwind in Latvia.    More impressive was the instance I was able to confirm that the rumors of a radioactive cloud were apparently not baseless.  Quite clearly a major radioactive cloud had escaped from the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) in Eastern Ukraine in late November – early December 2014, and blown into the Baltics, where a monitor was struck directly by ground-touching fallout.  It turned out that accident left upticks as far away as Iceland.   Anyhow, back to the present:

Many of the data gaps are only visible if looking at 1-day or 2-day data.  Here’s that more detailed picture for the past 6 days, pasted together:


Again, this extreme spike does not look anything like a calibration, in my opinion.  A look at other monitors shows widespread data gaps, giving me the impression radioactive fallout is reaching ground level, and the data processing software is simply rigged in such a way as to try to hide as much as possible of that.

Here’s a zoom-in on the Latvian area, with all shown monitors’ data, below




Some other places, 2-day data:


 — Note on graphs below:  — SWITCH TO WEEK DATA

A look across Europe is next, with a fairly random selection of some monitors, starting with Salaspils, Latvia’s WEEK data, and then a bunch of others, also all showing week data (as in the above 2-day data, the y-axis may vary):




Exeter, UK, which had the highest spikes in its record this past month just had its most unsettled week:


Yet, the radioisotope-specific monitor in Helsinki hasn’t detected anything unusual since the Cesium-spikes in January (which were near-record and coincided with the detection of Ruthenium-103 in Norway, suggesting this wasn’t just “old dust”, but more likely connected to a nuclear accident, or Fukushima flare-up, we’re yet to get word about); here showing 3 MONTHS Cs-137:



Feb 20, 2016  9am UTC:

Starting out at 500 hPa and with Salaspils marked, I see it lies in a relative slow-down zone, downwinds from the UK, where the jet stream arrived from over the Atlantic:,51.13,1024

The borders and rivers are more visible at lower altitude, here’s 700 hPa for Feb. 20 @ 9am UTC:,59.74,512

When checking EURDEP’s gamma for 2 days @ ‘Standard Deviation’ setting, you can see the correlations:


A more pronounced slow-down zone is that Russian part of the Baltic sea and Northern Poland, as well as Northern Adriatic sea and the area inbetween…

Poland has Alpha and Beta Monitors, which shows one with elevated values exactly in that area:


Gamma radiation, the least telling of all 3 main fallout radiation types (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), does not show anything particularly unusual in the past MONTH, although spikes and glitch dots are likely hidden due to averages over 24-hour periods:


Nevertheless, the Alpha and Beta record shows significant upticks this past 2 weeks, and especially the past 2 days:


This is however, not acutely new, nor record-breaking.  These high levels began in summer 2015, as you can verify in my post with that monitor’s record going back to 2007 @   ALPHA & BETA Radiation Data Graphed for Mikolajki, Poland (EURDEP, 2007-2015) + other radiation observations…

In any case, it does suggest that the Alpha/Beta component of this latest radioactive cloud is far greater that the gamma emitters.

Pointing out that the jet stream passed over Fukushima would be redundant, right?,76.32,258

Let’s look at a couple more monitors in Poland:

2 days:


1 week:Olsztin_PL_week.gif

2 days:


1 week:


Anyways…   There’s a lot more to be pointed out, but I’ll leave it at this for today…  As has been the case for what is now a couple months: Something’s up.

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Disclaimer, etc.

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