This Region is Só Beautiful…

Sometimes I feel almost bad that I post all that radiation data… that I spent nights upon nights, or taking entire weekends sitting still in front of this stupid screen… sometimes till dawn researching some silly detail about Fukushima or something else not exactly ‘fun’ to be busy with.  Yet… compelled… It feels important.  Sometimes it seems significant.   And yet often it leads nowhere.   The detections of Cobalt-60 in the mix in Finland certainly seem significant.  The detections of Cesium-134 and Zirconium-97 in Germany were strange…  The upticks of radioactive Lead-210 in the Arctic in winter are pointing at something…  (Click ‘Home’ and scroll down for past posts.)   The spikes in Radon-220, the rare detections of Thorium-232,… Every now and then some Iodine-131 that doesn’t quite get a satisfactory explanation,…  All that time looking at swirling wind maps, all too often passing right over or very close to Fukushima-Daiichi…  Data, data, data,…   It’s slightly insane-making…  Ruthenium-103 in Norway?  And zero media inqueries?   What is going on?  Is there really no investigative press anymore that takes the possibility serious of either (1) there was another, or several, major nuclear accident(s) since 2011 and it is being entirely covered up by the IAEA and cohorts, or (2) one or more of the molten-down coriums underground at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe site has turned into an underground still-fissioning quasi-breeder reactor.  (1) or (2)?   Both seem pretty significant.  Which one is it?    The latter is beyond disturbing as far as the potential consequences for carbon-based life forms in the Pacific Ocean, and by extension this entire planet.  At least if you think in centuries and millenia. Caring for future generations, you know?   There may be things pointing at ‘the situation’, but I sense the real ecological catastrophe has barely even begun.   But then again… I don’t know…  And it’s just so beautiful here…

Some photos I took today:

Swung by the Tribal Rug store in Salida and had a great conversation with the owner.  One rug, folded up, drew me somehow and I asked if I could look at it.  “YOu like the antique ones?”  I had no idea what that pile was.  Turned out to be an antique Navajo (Dineh) rug from the 1890s, in incredible condition…


Went for a stroll by the Arkansas river downtown Salida…


…before finishing my errands and heading back home…


The Northern San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado…

Man, such an awesome wilderness region…   Magical.  An enchanted paradise of biodiversity… A gem that I hope will be better protected than it is….

Saw a couple of Red-Tailed Hawks:


Some Elk again:


Couple small groups of Pronghorn Antelope:


Lots of deer:


I love it here…


If it wasn’t for these incredibly high-vibrational luminous energies here, I would burn out from looking at all that dark dire stuff, I think…

Lots of the snow has melted away in this “heat wave” of late…


Cactus people re-emerging from the snows…


Almost fluorescent lichen…



It’s a beautiful world alright


Took these next ones by holding my little camera still for 1 second without a tripod standing on top of my car, moonlit (it was WAY darker than this suggests); turned out alright:


Taken “in the dark”…   Almost Full Moon again…


Often, I fall asleep smiling to the sound of coyotes and owls… and wake up to a magical wonderland again and again….    I feel véry grateful most of the time…

And yet something is burning into my soul… heartwrenchingly sad and serious…

It’s been almost 5 years now…

I haven’t been able to shake it yet…

— — — — — — — — —


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4 Responses to This Region is Só Beautiful…

  1. bo says:

    Hi Michaël. Thank you.

  2. hadia says:

    Michael, these pictures are very beautiful, especially the elks, (I didn´t even know that there were some in America) are touching my heart. These gigantic animals, Icannot imagine that they wouldn´t be there on our lovely earth.
    You are also lucky to live in such a nice area of USA. But in my view also Belgium got a fascinating coastline and I like the always blowing winds and the wonderful chansons.”Les loups, les loups, les loups sont entreé dans FUKU…”lalala

    Compared to these public media YOU are always doing such a great job on research, FUKU etc that you really should take a break from now and then, Michael. That is the moment when you feel that LOVE is one within yourself and together with nature. These are some wonderful lonely moments, when one can disconnect from the brutal shabby truth taking place on our globe and from the dirty lies of the nuclear lobby and greedy corporations.

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