Highest Radiation Spike On Record @ Bayonne, France

Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – Feb. 16, 2016


The record begins in June 2012.  You see a very stable record just above 0.060 µSv/hr, with here and there some data gaps:


Upticks rarely rise above 0.080 µSv/hr, even in summer:


In December 2012 a spike from zero to 4.8 Sievert (if this were for real, exposure to that would cause death within 2 hours).  This, to me looks like an INSTRUMENT ERROR.  Discounting this event, the spike (at end of this complete record, see further down) was the highest.

The monitor was turned off, and with the exception of a bit of data in mid-January 2013, it didn’t come back online until early February 2013, when the record continues normally…:


…including the data gaps official radiation monitoring networks are notorious for…

But spikes rarely rise above 0.080 µSv/hr.  This relative stability (albeit with spikes likely hidden by all the data gaps) goes on for two and a half years (30 months), until the end of August 2015…


!-> And then something began to shift, as seen on monitors all over Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.  Some of this radiation strangeness has been documented on this blog (like nowhere else that I know of), with records being set in many places, as well as including extremely odd very specific radioisotope detections.

For this specific monitor @ Bayonne, France, the highest spike thus far (excluding the monitor error in Dec. 2012), just occured today (end bottom graph). The second highest was in August (2015), the 3rd highest in October (2015).


See previous dozens of posts for more.


“It’s just a hypothesis.”

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