Former KGB Agent Explains Why My Blog Is Pointless. (1985 Video)

Click through to see on YouTube for description.

Excerpt:   “[…] Exposure to true information does not matter anymore.  A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him.  Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures,… even if I take him by force to Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it …until he’s going to receive a kick in his fat bottom.  When the military boot crashes his, then he’ll understand, but not before that.  That’s the tragedy of demoralization. […]”

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18 Responses to Former KGB Agent Explains Why My Blog Is Pointless. (1985 Video)

  1. femalefaust says:

    now i must post it here. because. i hold my tongue. (i sure have an odd way of doing that, no?)

    Perhaps A Sonnet

    Especially relevant after that post
    referring to your own work as pointless
    because propaganda)

    At last I have a name for this: a feeling remiss
    for not remarking upon your brilliant blogging of late
    (despite reasons enough). Though authors perish not, lacking notice,
    howsoever it seem, it would beggar belief that such were your fate

    You doubtless, & detailed, are, I’m sure, well aware
    perhaps suspect, though think it unlikely others know that you know,
    but to color description as you sometime have I’d not care
    lest this yet-a-stranger risk sudden seeming a foe.

    For one can disparage familiars, family, kin,
    one’s own laptop, or cooking, housekeeping, & such,
    but let such indulgence draw listeners in,
    they may learn, and that quickly, that they can – not so much.

    So perhaps appreciation, by attention, perspicacity shewn,
    may render less likely again you take your blog and go home.

    a female faust
    to mvb

    formerly, “after reading the post [sic] about cobalt-60”

  2. femalefaust says:

    in other words, no, it isn’t; they have not complete effect. we exist.

  3. Tracy Gannett says:

    It is quite true. We in the west have been pumped-up and demoralized at the same time. Scared senseless by the threat of nuclear war. We see our friends and loved ones die at alarming rates from cancer and are told it could not be from the radiation. We see our friends and loved ones burned within an inch of their lives with radiation to treat cancer and are then lied to about what a great technology nuclear is.There is a normalcy bias for Japan. It is absolutely irrational because, Japan is going through the unprecedented, worst nuclear catastrophe in history. Nothing in Japan is Normal.  What we get from Japan is The Smiley Face Talk  scrip-book we are slammed over the head with constantly about how great Nuclear powered, nuclear armed developed countries are. How the  great Developed Countries The nuclear United states and its vassal state Japan are the salvation of humans.

    We get the projected happy talk of a Modern Industrialized Developed-Economy. Nothing could be further from the facts about the current state of  Japan. It is the culmination of chemical and radioactive pollution. The last gasp of a country completely destroyed by nuclear catastrophe, like belarus from Chernobyl. The scrip book never talks about down-winders. It never talks about three mile island. It never talks about the outrageous cancer rates in the us from 100 nuclear plants and their waste. Does not talk about fukushima or santa susana or the 70 or more nuclear meltdowns of the last 70 years. The happy talk is a big lie and Nothing could be further from the truth. 

    Japan is barely hanging on by a thread, if that. The Japanese government is now a permanent emergency government designed to crush dissent, and present the illusion of a society, economy, and state that are simply not there. The Japanese economy does not exist as it is presented by the japanese and western media. It is in its 4th and finally permanent recession(really depression). Abe and the ldp are worse than the current  unstable Ukrainian NeoNazi-Puppet Government.

    The Japanese continue to send radioactive food, goods, vaccines, and drugs to the west. They have opened a plutonium Mox reactor by a dangerous volcano that will over-contaminate the rest of the world soon when it explodes. This is especially so with the rash of new earthquakes in Japan. The uptick in geologic instability, In the ring-of-fire country of Japan, is  likely a product of the tohoku level 9 earthquake.

    The current Ukrainian mess is really an artifact of the Chernobyl Catastrophe, if the truth could be said by the western media or any media. It is a product of extreme instability.  The current Ukrainian government is the consequence of 30 years of massive emigration exodus of former Ukrainian Citizens. Some of the most talented. Thirty  years of graft and corruption have plagued the Ukraine.  Thirty years of devastating illness.   Thirty years of being taken advantage of by neoliberal crooks and neocon catastrophe-capitalists in the United States.

    The Unabashed desparation of the Japanese State and Society, is characterized by them allowing an extreme throw-back despot like Abe to stay in power. Abe is rumored to be ill from Fukushima himself.  Coughing blood. Prolonged hospital stays but, he projects a big smile.  And that is all that counts, right?

    The drinking water in Tokyo, Japan, a city of 20 million, is 24% more radioactive than the drinking water of Fukushima 150 miles away. Fukushima has three exploded nuclear reactors in full-blown nuclear meltdown. Unprecedented in world history. This is according to, a reliable source from a Japanese national about the radioactive State of Japan.

    The world truly never has seen anything like Fukushima before.

    The Chernobyl catastrophe, which is a fraction of Fukushimas release of ongoing raionucleides, destroyed the genome of the people of Belarus. Belarus is a country of 10 million, with 85 percent of their children suffering from heart defects now.

    Tokyo is not fit for habitation as Helen Caldicott and others have been saying for the past two years now.

    Wishful thinking gets people nowhere

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  8. Theglide says:

    Well said narrative…

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  14. PF says:

    Weird – MVB, did you reorganize your blog? Because the July postings about a couple of Eurodep anomalies, including the one I commented on (, are no longer visible. Instead, that freaky “KGB” type appears as starting point. Did you do that?

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