Absurdistan Calls on Nordic Alliance in Response to *Record Radiation Spike in Northern Sweden* (EURDEP/Nullschool)

 —For Entertainment Purposes Only —

Absurdistan HQ – 8,200 ft – Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – Feb. 16, 2016 in Europe

At time of checking EURDEP & Nullschool, it was 2 am UTC

*I* , of course, could start with my standard DISCLAIMER and make every effort to pursuade you to “not take me seriously,” because “I’m just a blogger”, a laptop-wielding mountain dweller, just some amateur non-credentialed, institution-unaffiliated,…  WHATEVER.

However, I am also the King of the  imaginary Kingdom of Absurdistan (where Pink Unicorns have been known to wash ashore on the shores of Lake Dystopia) and, thus…

In that imaginary capacity, I hereby request the Republic of Ísland, and the Kingdoms  of Sverige, Norge, Eire and Alba, to send up your airforce (or whatever planes, weather balloons, drones, volunteer witches on brooms -I don’t care…- you can find), well-equiped with top notch radiation measuring equipment, and go up to altitude 2,000 meters over the Northern Atlantic to take detailed measurements and samples, just like your fine neighbors in Suomi did after April 1986 Chornobyl, USSR nuclear accident, and without further delay, FIND OUT:

  • 1) What exactly is in this latest radioactive cloud (make sure to test for Cs-137, Cs-134, I-131, Ru-103, Co-58, Co-59, Co-60, Nb-94, Nb-95, Mn-54, Ra-226, Th-231, Th-232, Am-241, Sb-124, Sb-125, Rn-220, and all kinds of Plutoniums and Uraniums, as well as Tritium, Tritiated water droplets, Sr-90, Sr-89, and whatever you can think of that may be helpful to figure out where this is coming from, and deduct the conditions it is likely arising form.
  • 2) Where EXACTLY this is coming from.

Copy that?


Do not discount “glitch dots”. In contradiction to the European Commission’s DISCLAIMER, in my non-expert and obviously easily ignorable opinion, if they’re not the obvious callibrations (have a look at the last month in Lithuania to see examples of typical callibration spikes to near 560 nSv/hr), then they are often indicative of higher-up-moving fallout.  That’s what I have arrived at through quasi-obsessive playing with EURDEP and Nullschool.

Here’s the exact timing of the hour-average that stood out:


Other monitors in the extended region do not show anything abnormal.  However, if you keep in mind the Inverse Square Law for Ionizing Radiation, then you know that such a spike, if not ‘in error’ is quite likely the result of a direct hit of a hot particle.  In most cases a particle will just fly by and not, or barely, affect a monitor’s hourly or even 10 minute average.  If it does… Well… Then there’s all the data gaps….

As mentioned before, I suspect the IAEA programmed the data-processing software to cause ‘data gaps’.  Yet here and there something seemingly random gets through.  An example of ‘one that got through’ is Keresuando, Sweden (gamma radiation graphs shown above;) here the location in a sea of all-is-normal:


On a just-as-whimsical sidenote:  BE CAREFUL. The Intelligence Services of Absurdistan deem the UN’s IAEA “a de facto terrorist organization”; more specifically: a scientific, media and political DECEPTION dissimination wing of a planetary nuclear mafia, with misguided occult underpinnings, which appears to have gotten so carried away with its own power schemes (in every meaning of the words), that it has lost touch with Dignity, the allegiance to Truth at the core of that, and the Earth we are part of.  Hence, The Kingdom of Absurdistan also requests the Republic of Österreich to storm the IAEA HQ in Vienna.  Just for kicks and giggles.  I AM holding my breath. 

Surface and near-surface winds are blowing in from over the Northern Atlantic, where the direct-hit wind line quickly connects to a much faster air stream that passed over Iceland or brushed the shores of Ireland and Scotland.


Server went down… had to go find better wifi…

Data Gaps are apparent in those locations in the same past 24 hours:


Many more examples in previous posts, including a record spike in Exeter, UK last week.

That lone French monitor on the Canadian coast:


700 hPa shows very clearly that the slow down zone the monitor is in lies in the extension / fan-out of the North Atlantic jet stream:


Going up to jet sream level (250 hPa), in image below, I added black arrows following the same wind line upwind.  Without making time adjustment, it passes over no nuclear plants until Japan, where it passes just north of Fukushima-Daiichi (I’m talking about “the wind line”, which is just to get a rough idea where it could have come from), then North Korea, then Siberia (and there is a nuclear plant there), to end up very near Sweden again, and on and on that round goes.

IF.. (and I’ll admit that I’ve become a bit biased due to certain isotope detections in the past year, including Cobalt-60 – DO check out my post about that little detail!)… IF the origin of this latest “glitch dot” were fallout higher up, that had its origins @ the Fukushima-Daiichi Catastrophe Site in Japan, then…: for that possibility I added the blue arrows.  You can see that jet-stream fan-out, between Ísland and Alba, makes for very little diffence between the blue and black arrows there:



Another slow-down zone lies over Southern France and Catalonia… and a bit perhaps over Northern Italy and surroundings…     Monitors in that area…


… show only some short data gaps in the same 24 hour period, or imposed data-delays:


Most of Italy has imposed a 24 hr data delay, again.  (If that’s a panic-prevention feature, I’d say that’s beyond misguided, but anyhow, I suppose we can assume “they mean well”…)ChartImg-6.axd

Some do show the measured:


Anyways… My new ‘Free Wifi’ spot is closing… Gotta move…

  • Before heading out, I had a look at Pb-210 in Spitzergen (island in Arctic Norway):  When all kind of vey weird radionuclides were coming down in Finland (See my Nuclear Blog Post Archive for more), the “merely enhanced natural” radioisotope of Lead-210 spiked in late winter & spring 2015, which is happening again now…  (Insert X-files tune).    1 year data:


SEE: Pb-210 in its decay chains (incl. Ra-226, etc..)

Spring’s coming.  Wind patterns will be in place for “curious detections” shortly.  Investigating countries will “ask their neighbors”, express some bafflement, and with no clue, will again “let it go”.

Repeat ad nauseum for 5 years…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

ALSO FREE:  “Fearmongering Bonus” Section:

I do not have enough wits to claim any connection with ‘certainty’, but allow me to be ‘alarmist’ for a monent… Do you…

  • Need any more dead Sperm Whales to take this situation seriously?



  • Before any data was in:  Sure… why not… It MUST have been the volcanic ash that killed 5,000 sheep in Iceland, …but it sure is “interesting” that all 4 Icelandic monitors, as well as Greenland’s most-southern monitor, went and remain off-line…

Nevermind… “Who cares?”



Amazing how far I can take one stupid “glitch dot” in some remote part of Northern Sweden, right?  It’s an art form.  Acquired taste.

 — For Entertainment Purposes Only — 

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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