SLV- Couple Photos (Feb. 14, 2016)

Crestone, Colorado – Feb. 14, 2016


Photos were all taken in the past week.

I need to learn more about barns…  ‘Cause I’m still more inclined to think of these (between Moffat and Saguache):


Wandering around along Medano Creek in the Great Sand Dunes National Park at the end of a balmy day:







This afternoon (Feb. 14), from “The Stupa of Enlightenment”, I took a double-take on some clouds and wondered if I was imagining their colors:


With the brightness reduced and the color saturation heightened, it looks like my camera shares the same imagination:


Like a psychedelic space ship, the cloud headed towards Mount Blanca to the south:


Sky towards the south-west (colors heightend the same as in above 2 images):


If I were to add wind-maps and analyze different wind layers, and such, that would be redundant, right?    Well, fair enough, but I’m still going to serve you a 500hPa snapshot from good ol’ Nullschool.  I’m sure you can figure out my,39.26,512:loc=-105.161,37.287.gif

‘Cause if I were to give you the jet stream itself (@ 250 hPa), I might want to get my Geiger Counter back out of the box and see if there’s “a signal in the noise”…  Although I marked Fukushima on this wind map, as you can see, the jet stream blows in from over China and then Russia and then Europe (and round and round, as this planet turns out to be…), so – again- detections “downwind” could have a yet-to-be-discovered/disclosed origine as well:,35.95,512:loc=-105.251,37.142.gif

Regardless the cause(s) / source locations, given the current wind patterns, and if my hypothesis has any merit (that upper tropospheric air is loaded with artificial radionuclides from Fukushima-Daiichi’s still-spewing catastrophe site, of which relative traces reach ground-level radiation monitors when those fast-moving upper air layers slow down enough…), then parts of Europe and Russia in particular would be the more likely current fallout zones:,66.65,512.gif

Just for the hell of it, I check a monitor (via EURDEP) about 500 km WNW of Moscow, Falyonki / Falenki , Russia, which like so many Russian monitors gives just daily averages, a pathetic practice that hides brief spikes.  Nothing going on at the moment, it seems, but last week saw a véry significant uptick at that location, particularly given these are daily averages:


Hm… May need to revisit this… Any news of a major leak / accident in Russia?  If so, drop me a comment if you know more about this, please.  tx.

Didn’t mean to ruin a perfectly picturesque blog post….  “Sorry.”    ;-)

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3 Responses to SLV- Couple Photos (Feb. 14, 2016)

  1. Gisèle De Bergh says:

    Hi Michael, it’s getting worse by the day, for crazy colours, check out the ‘innocent’ picture posts from people on ‘” – they congratulate eachother for their snaps of magical skies ! Thanks a lot for all your posts

  2. hadia says:

    Hallo, Michael, some pretty interesting and beautiful pictures of the skies – (ehm, if the beauty only would not come from these shitty “materials” in the skies)…

    We have very similiar sky conditions over Germany (as Gisèle posted from Belgium) – sometimes even worse.

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