Ruthenium-103 Detected in Norway (in mid-Jan. 2016)

Was toying around on EURDEP… Spotted something highly unusual that I had missed on earlier strolls through radiation-monitoring land:

!!!-> a detection of Ruthenium-103 at Østerås, just outside Oslo, Norway, during a sample-collection period January 11 – 18, 2016.  It coincides with a slight Cesium-137 uptick, but without Cs-134, I-131, Te-132, nor Co-60 at detectable concentrations at that time.  Ru-103 wasn’t detected on any of Finland or Estonia’s monitors that test for this fission product.

With a half-life of only 39.26 days, 103Ru is generally only detected right after a meltdown.

The data was ‘validated’, by the way:

Osteras_Norway_Ru103_Cs137_1month_PreJan28_2016_nothing after1.24

Also notice that no sampling happened between Dec. 29, 2015 and Jan. 4, 2016, right when significant gamma spikes occured all over the map.   No uptick in Gamma at nearby Oslo during the time the Ru-103 was detected, but the drop in gamma suggests it snowed that week (which shields ground radiation):


That week saw several days with almost no wind at jet stream level over that monitor, but the wind layers underneath get chaotic and I found it impossible (in reasonable time) to figure out where it could have come from (assuming it might have come from afar):,53.48,512:loc=10.342,59.907

If I were to follow the wind FROM the Fukushima-Daiichi Catastrophy Site, however (for that snapshot at Jan. 14, 2016 (,86.43,244)… it just goes in a big circle around the planet at that moment.  Seems less likely this time, unless it came from one of the jet-stream’s side-branchings, or something… Hm… Could be evidence of a major radioactive release having happened somewhere else?    Russia?   Ukraine again?  Something in the US?  Or does this point at Fukushima after all, in which case it implies that fissioning is ongoing…

Oslo is not anywhere near a nuclear powerplant, though, making the possibility that it’s “just a whiff” from an ordinary refueling rather unlikely.  The nearest nuclear power plant is just outside Göteborg in Southern Sweden, over 250 km to the south.


And it would make no sense for a mere refueling to also set off monitors hundreds of miles away.  For instance, that Cesium uptick was seen elsewhere too:  that week even saw the second highest Cesium-137 detections for the past year in Helsinki, Finland (See (Feb 12, 2016) (A Mix) EURDEP: New Record at Exeter, UK. Cs-137 Helsinki (5 months), and other Radiation Observations; Microcephaly & Zika?), and there have been major spikes and data gaps all over Europe and the US since the end of 2015, which come after what is now a rather long period of significant disturbances that seemed to have begun at the end of summer 2015, with the most significant disturbances in at the end of of October and especially into early November 2015.  (See my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive, a subtab of the Nuclear tab in the top banner/menu, or hit ‘Home’ and scroll down, for some documentation of all that.)

Also mentioned in the above (A Mix)… post, The Cesium-upticks were also detected on the south-western coast of Norway (@Sola), and (very rare) all the way in the Norwegian Arctic (@ Viksjøofjell, Norway):


FLASHBACK 2011:  I had a look at Ru-103 detections in Europe right after the Fukushima Catastrophe began on March 11, 2011.  There’s a lot of data gaps in the gamma record, especially in April, and as far as Ru-103 goes: the one and only detection (on EURDEP) doesn’t show until later in April, at a monitor is Warsaw, Poland.   That’s it.  Striking also is that this occured when Cesium-137 levels had already dropped down significantly:


Three monitors that test for Ru-103 came online in May 2011 in Northern Finland, but they didn’t detect anything in 2011, nor 2012.  This gives an idea of how significant such a detection is.

So, WHERE is this coming from?  Something very significant is obviously ongoing.   Spikes are setting records, while the rest of the records are sprinkled with suspicious data gaps all over the place.  In the past half year (and over the years since March 2011), there have been damn weird detections of specific isotopes (Co-60, Ru-103, Zr-97, Nb-95,…).  In my opinion, most of this points towards the situation at the Fukushima disaster site being WAY worse than officially admitted.

Looks like they’re getting ready in Japan for things to get out of hand some more…

But if not that, something very serious is happening somewhere else.  WHERE?   The folks in the know at the CTBTO & IAEA in Vienna are keeping their mouths shut.  Mainstream media is apparently remaining “silent on cue”, leaving all of us who wonder in a total WTF situation…

Meanwhile, 11 minutes into Feb 15, 2015ENEnews is apparently *under attack* again, making posting impossible:


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30 Responses to Ruthenium-103 Detected in Norway (in mid-Jan. 2016)

  1. Andy says:

    One thing I DON’T waste any more precious time wondering about is WHERE THE FUKU all of this shit is really coming from.

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