Exeter, UK Spike Revisited: Nullschool Wind Map

There’s data gaps in France, right across the sea from Exeter, UK, which had that spike the other day (see previous post).  Nothing new:   I still think that the data gaps hide spikes.


So, I looked up the time of the peak of the spike:


Then I looked at the wind just below Jet stream level, close to that time window (@ 700 hPa, nullschool.net/#2016/02/11/0600Z/wind/isobaric/700hPa/orthographic=85.50,104.98,512), took a screenshot, and (without making time-adjustments) traced the wind line upwind:


The cause of that spike, and extended regional upticks and widespread data gaps, could have a local origin, or it could have its cause anywhere even further upwind, or anywhere along the line, but… Personally I find it slightly ‘uncanny’ how often I end up passing over Northern Japan most of the times I’ve done this.

The interesting thing about the hypothesis (that the wind that brough radionuclides that set off UK & French monitors, as well as caused data gaps in much of western Europe, including Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany) that those radionuclides came all the way from Fukushima-Daiichi may seem far-fetched, yet  I don’t know anymore….   If you consider that possibility, and look where the direct hit right now would be…


Zoom-in on Europe:


… And then you look at the 24-hour map for EURDEP…  Where are 24-hr data delays being imposed, right now as I write this?


And indeed… also: just east of Italy, in the slow-air zone (dark blue), upticks are apparent:


Sometimes I think, “My confirmation bias is off the scale”… but then again… WHERE is this coming from?  What is causing these unprecedented radiation spikes in the past year, and apparently ongoing?   If it were all natural, why the data gaps and country-wide data delays?   Anyhow, for what it’s worth… (if anything…)

It would be interesting to see the Cs-137/I-131/Co-60 data from Switzerland, but there has been no data since Jan. 18, 2016… ;-/    Check for their latest @ http://www.radenviro.ch/en-GB/measures/3#measures-graph 

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