(A Mix) EURDEP: New Record at Exeter, UK. Cs-137 Helsinki (5 months), and other Radiation Observations; Microcephaly & Zika?

Colorado Rocky Mountains. – Feb. 12, 2016

I could swear that one of these days I’ll walk in one of those meetings – and maybe I’m the only one there, but whatever…  It would start out with, “Hi, my name is Michaël and I’m in recovery from blogging about nuclear stuff…

But until that day, this stubborn addiction of sorts… (of which the main detrimental side effect is that… I’m not playing in the snow when I do that) …had me pass by EURDEP’s Advanced Public map again.

So compelling all that unvalidated data full of data gaps…

Just a couple quick observations, ponderings and admittedly ‘wild speculations’:

The record gamma spike in Exeter, UK in mid-January (2016), mentioned in (Jan. 16, 2016)  Highest Radiation in a Decade @ Exeter, U.K. (Jan. 2016 ), was just broken again, and significantly so.



The long-term record can be viewed at EURDEP, or in the above-menntioned post.

And when I mentioned, the day before, (Jan. 15, 2016)HELSINKI, Finland: Data Confirms Something’s Up: Highest Cesium-137 Detections in Year, it was in reference to the spike on Oct. 11, 2015 and the significant upticks seen during the first 10 days of January 2016.

Well, there was an uptick period shortly after, with a higher spike (the second-highest in a year, it turns out) that Jan. 24, 2016.  Although no other radionuclides of interest were detected this past month.  Here, below, showing the record for 5 months for Cs-137 and Co-60 together, with parts of the data tables included (so you can see the LLDs (MDCs) fluctuate):


–> 1.83E-05 Bq/m^3 Cs-137 coincided with 2.83E-06 Bq/m^3 Co-60.  If this ratio 18.3/2.83 = or about 6.5:1  Cs137:Co60 were to have any significance for the chances of detecting Co-60… and the MDC for Co-60 generally lies around 3.6E-06, then Co-60 detection is unlikely unless Cs-137 were to spike near or just above the top of these graphs (2E-05 Bq/m^3).   Why on earth radioactive fallout would contain Cobalt-60 at levels of about 15% those of Cs-137 is rather mysterious, wouldn’t you agree?

!!!-> See also (Jan. 26, 2016),  Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

The rest of the record, showing the past 4 months, show the Cs-137 upticks, of which the one just 2 weeks ago was the second-highest in a year.



Slightly strange in winter when the old deposits of Cs-137-containing dust is covered with snow…

There’s other peculiarities to be found too.  Like that little spike in Macedonia.  It got company from a larger one:


Not much else to look at… Too early to tell where that uptick in the baltics is heading…    Latvia_1

Most of Italy switched to a different data processing or new equipment on Jan. 1, 2016, which did nothing to alleviate the data gaps…


Not all monitors made the switch:


A glance at the map gives the appearance that all is fine in Greece as well.  But maybe that has more to do with data being hidden here as well…



A look at jet stream wind @ 250 hPa…


…prompts me to have a look at the EPA Radnet monitor in Tucson, Arizona’s Beta record.  No uptick right now, but apparently there were data gaps when the year began:


and quite the upticks at the very end of January:


In the past (at least when I checked) sommetimes these upticks and data gaps in the US…  are followed, 2-6 days later, by upticks and data gaps in Europe (pretty iridescent skies and all, at times), but I haven’t put in the time it takes to see if any correlations can be found lately.

Jet stream wind patterns… also suggest some cross-overs of northern and southern hemisphere air, with even parts of Brasil getting some air from over the Northern Pacific…


Wouldn’t it  be interesting to look at potential Fukushima fallout deposition in South America?   I know it’s purely speculation again, but I’d like to see if there’s any correlation with the alleged upticks in microcephaly found in the region that last arrow points at (in the Nullschool image above).  Even if it’s just trace amounts, what if there were a relative hotspot of certain radioisotopes in north-eastern South America?

For some reason the new microcephaly cases were blamed on the Zika virus, even though the correlation is rather weak, it turned out.  Microcephaly has been much better linked to nuclear bomb fallout, hence my wondering.

From the Atomic Bomb Museum:

“[…] A Nagasaki survey of 98 pregnant women exposed at a distance of 2.0 km from ground zero and 113 pregnant women exposed at 4.0 and 5.0 km from ground zero, showed a high percentage of neonatal and infantile deaths for those exposed within a 2.0 km range, as well as signs of acute radiation illness such as loss of hair, bleeding tendency, and inner mouth lesions. Mental retardation was noted in 25% of newborn survivors.

Besides high mortality rates, retarded growth and development was also indicated. Most notable in those exposed within 1.0–5.0 km of ground zero were retarded stature, underweight, and smaller head circumference, a condition called microcephaly, one of the most pathetic aftereffects of the atomic bombings, especially when accompanied by mental retardation. […]”

I don’t know.  I just think it’s an interesting possibility: that the “link with Zica” was fabricated, and not per se merely to push new vaccines or funnel more money to Big Pharma research and the UN’s WHO, as has been alleged by James Corbett, Jon Rappaport, etc… See selected videos @ https://www.youtube.com/user/corbettreport/videos


What if they’re pushing an entirely media-staged “zika spread” to ultimately be used to explain the increases in microcephaly in some areas of the Northern Hemisphere?


They’re also already researching “how Radon and pesticides can somehow cause Thyroid Cancer”, because they’ve off-hand declared it “unlikely” that the KNOWN #1 environmental cause could explain the dramatic increase of thyroid cancer in California.

I have no information on such microcephaly increases elsewhere, though.  It is just one of those things that could be expected when you consider a triple meltdown plus a spent fuel pool with tons of plutonium-containing crap going up in smoke…

Anyways, just a thought.

Looked at Puerto Rico’s Radnet monitor, where the uptick the other day is tiny, and only visible because the record is so stable there:


That’s all I looked at.

And some news, like:




“possibility of an influence”?… How diplomatic of them…

Added later in the day…::

Some upticks of Lead-210 in the Arctic (radioactive lead, in the decay chain of Radon-222, and others: @ http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/082.210/index2.full.prod.html ):


No clarity yet on whether upticks are turning abnormal in the Baltics.  Here’s one from Southern Finland:


A zoom-in on 12 hours in Latvia does show recurrent data gaps:


More of that in the UK, ongoing:


Spotted a “glitch dot” in Hungary:


Had a look at one of the more glitch-dot-sensitive monitors in The Netherlands, where the monitor merely skipped a beat:


Wondered if the Belgian monitors in the higher-up part of the country were picking up anything that authorities rather not have us ask questions about…  Go figure: Sprinkled with data gaps:


Alé vooruit dan, niks te zien.   ‘t Zal dus allemaal wel in orde zijn dan, hé…?

Ja, mannekes, ma zó kan ik ‘t ook, zenne…

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A list of other nuclear-related posts (which needs updating again…) can be found in chronological order in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

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