European Ozone Hole & Iridescent Clouds Coincide with Radiation Data Gaps and Ongoing Disturbances?

Feb. 9, 2016 — Soundtrack: The Logical Song, by Supertramp

Check this out:  an Ozone hole formed over western Europe at the onset of Feb. 2015:


It has been observed a week ago, Feb 2-3, 2016, and since then passed along to me, that very beautifully colorful skies over various parts of Europe were not the only thing that coincided with this ozone hole: Apparently there were widespread ‘data gaps’ on EURDEP gamma monitors, many of which are only noticeable if you look closely at 24-hour periods (examples below).

Iridescent skies over Ireland:


Before I consider another possibility, first a little dabble in expert land:  According to Optics Picture of the Day (@ ), from which I plucked 3 images (1 shown above, 2 further below) to illustrate the issue further, there’s nothing more to it than this:


Feb. 1, 2016 – A rare Ozone Hole over Western Europe.  Data: NASA Ozone Watch @

[…] The episode of rare polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) over Ireland and UK started on 31st January and has so far lasted three days. […]


PSCs come in several types.  Only Type II (nacreous) are the bright and strongly iridescent ones.    Nacreous clouds are tiny ice crystals and are fairly benign. 

Type I PSCs are another matter!   They are very small droplets of nitric and sulphur acids. Strange as it seems, these clouds are completely natural. But they act on chemicals that we emit into the air.

The acid droplets destroy the stratospheric ozone layer that protects us from harmful solar ultra-violet rays.  They catalyse unreactive forms of man-made chlorine into active free radicals (for example ClO, chlorine monoxide). The radicals destroy many ozone molecules in a series of chain reactions. Type I clouds also remove gaseous nitric acid from the stratosphere which would otherwise combine with ClO to form less reactive forms of chlorine.

The Type I clouds have produced an ozone hole over UK/Ireland […]

Color me skeptical.

Not sure how acid we put in the air is “completel natural”, but that aside…  I can’t help but go, ‘Hm’…  then why isn’t there a massive ozone hole over China, for instance?   Or… why would it form to a large degree over the relatively clean air of the Atlantic, where the air, both higher up as at the surface for the UK at this time, is blowing in from?    Type I “acid droplets of nitric and sulphur acids” caused this?  For sure?  Based on which observations excactly?  I get the theory, but there’s other theories too.  And I can’t find any data that show unusual concentrations of these acids in the stratosphere. Is this just a wild guess presented as scientific fact?

What I do see is that… it was rather windy that high up. Here showing 70 hPa on Feb 1, 2016 (my scribles added),82.07,273.gif

And I do also recall seing exactly that kind of clouds in the midst of hot summer days, leaving me slightly skeptical about this truly being “POLAR” stratospheric clouds… (Polar… all the way into Costa Rica in Summer?, see same blogpost:) ->  I took this photo, below, in Southern Colorado in the midst of a warm ‘Indian Summer’, as shared in  Iridescent Clouds (Southern Colorado, Sept 28, 2015)


Here’s a few more from this early Feb. 2016, this on from Scotland:


There might be more to this….    I’ll continue to narrative after some data

Starting with some EURDEP gamma data (at ground level monitors – See my page Online Radiation Monitors) screenshots, these from the UK:

A zoom-in on 24-hour data shows data gaps amidst disturbances:


These disturbances have been reaching record-high levels in recent weeks,

Exeter gamma spikes

As I have also documented in some recent blogpost, such as:

–> which showed that the late January 2016 uptick of Rn-220-EEC, at the end of a data gap reached to nearly 1.6 Bq/m^3, the highest value since spring 2012, and as high as what was measured there in April 2011.






[…]   @ Zwerndorf, Austria, I found this massive (+1.2 µSv/hr) uptick within the same 24-hour period, albeit with its peak at the beginning of Jan. 25, 2016.  As seen in some other locations, it shows what I call, ‘a typical fallout pattern‘:


!-> EDUCATE YOURSELF:   If you think that a 1.2 µSv/hr uptick is somehow insignificant, I suggest you look at the post-Chernobyl data that show that planes that flew directly through the thick of the radioactive cloud measured just 0.8 µ Sv/hr over Finland in that disastrous spring 1986.

The monitor at Bischofeshofen, on the other hand, “got creative with that spike” (courtesy data processing software the IAEA was involved in writing…? Hm…) and -wooptidoo- forced the values of the beginning and end of it to zero, and left a gaping data hole for all of us to think happy thoughts of:



And here’s some more of my documentations:


…and these last ones are already added my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive, where many earlier ones, documenting the upticks of autumn 2015 into winter can be found as well.

[…Continued… re. the very recent data gaps coinciding with interestingly colored skies]:

CamborneBingleyBoulmerNow, of course, and I know: CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION.  

BUt what if gamma-emitting radioactive clouds higher up are playing a role in the ozone depletion higher up, and causing the rigged EURDEP systems to go into data-hiding mode?

Some searching lead to interesting results…  Like this one:

Another excerpt from the same article:

“A large, although unreported, amount of tritium escaped during the explosion of Reactor 3 and the fire at the spent-fuel pool of Reactor 4, which contained new MOX fuel rods. Most of this tritium was generated through neutron bombardment by overheated plutonium after the water-cooling system failure. A subsequent neutron-exchange between tritium and plutonium is the probable cause for a fusion explosion that ripped Reactor 3. Over the past year, ever-greater volumes of tritium in wastewater and runoff from Fukushima have been reported by TEPCO, indicating long-term adverse consequences for the Arctic region.

[Insert:  The US EPA quit monitoring for Tritium in rainwater in 2012 (!), most likely because they knew very well what was coming.  Other traces of this disgusting global cover-up in my post, April 10, 2015, “Fingerprints of an ongoing Cover-Up? EPA data makes Fukushima look over 1000% less serious than Chernobyl…” ]

While numerical estimates of isotope releases are uncertain due to the ongoing official cover-up by the governments of Japan and the U.S. along with the IAEA, the nuclear chemistry of radionucleotides is indisputable. The Fukushima catastrophe in all likelihood released and continues to disperse sufficient amounts of heat-generating and chemically reactive nuclear isotopes to account for the Arctic environmental crisis.

What does the crisis in the thinly populated Arctic mean in terms of public health on a global level? The protective layer of ozone in the atmosphere protects humans and other life forms from constant daytime exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which is a major cause of cancer to the skin and other organs. For species unused to strong sunlight, related health disorders appeared just one year after the Fukushima disaster. Reports from biologists and anecdotal evidence are indicating a serious decline in the salmon run and skin lesions in seals and polar bears.[…]”

-> Much more @

For examples of the latter, see:

  • Etc.

See also the sources listed in the Rense article:

(I did not check all these. Just passing the links along)

I’m going keep this blogpost short (well, relatively.  haha), and just leave it at what I’ve stated numerous times:

Is it so unreasonable to wonder what the hell is going on?

!-> Uncover what is going on and WIN A PLUSH SAIGA ANTELOPE! <-!

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —


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6 Responses to European Ozone Hole & Iridescent Clouds Coincide with Radiation Data Gaps and Ongoing Disturbances?

  1. hadia says:

    Michael, since your “science” and informations deal with things that are “real”, such as radioactivity measurments etc. describing the estimating distribution of for instance, plumes, nuklides and so on, I must say that I have forgotten about the main stream media!
    I faithfully stick to your posts and links, which are really very helpful.Your conceptualization is very useful because it gives us a possibility to estimate whether what we see/read is likely or not.

    • MVB says:

      Please question everything, including my blog posts. If you spot something that is just ‘off’, do tell. I do – truly – not know what is actually going on.

      My sense is that *something* highly unusual is in motion and at the higher secret levels of so-called government ‘they’ know and won’t say, as they’re implicated. But, do realize: I’m not 100% *independent*: I get most of my news from various sources, including offical monitors, alternative monitors, my own data, and both mainstream and so-called alternative news sources.

      I’m glad to hear at least some of my blog posts are considered helpful, but -please – don’t EVER believe my viewpoint on blind faith. Doing that with mainstream media for way too long is what has gotten us this far down this mess, remember?

      Anyhow… But, thank you.

  2. hadia says:

    Thank you for your reply, Michael.
    Of course, nobody is free enough to be objective, I know.
    I am not a blind follower, so I do appreciate your blog very much, as mentioned above.

    But of course I would tell you that I am not going conform with you regarding CHEMTRAILS.
    I think I got utmost information on that issue.
    Nevertheless I would never ignore your blogs, only because you have a different view for inst
    on CHEMTRAILS. We are here on our planet to LEARN more and more.Sometimes there is no one elegant, deep explanation…

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