Complete Radon (220/222) Record for Sveti Kriz, Croatia

Coatia_RnMonitor.leftOneLocation: Sveti Kriz, Croatia.  Data accessed via EURDEP Public “Advanced” Map, most data not per se validated.  See also my DISCLAIMER.

No annotations.  You can figure it out.

Pay particular attention to the blue graph.

  • Black graph: Radon-222
  • Blue graph: Radon-220

This is the compete record from its beginning in late November 2009 until today, Feb. 5, 2016; (most recent data at the end):


Significant disturbances (w/ Rn-220) are apparent by the end of 2010 here as well:


No much to be seen right after the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe began, but a record peak value in mid-July 2011 is apparent:7_Radon_Sveti.Kriz_CROATIA8_Radon_Sveti.Kriz_CROATIA9_Radon_Sveti.Kriz_CROATIA

Major Radon-220 upticks February, March, into the onset of April 2012:


THe ZNPP fiasco shows here in major data gaps in the first half of December 2014, very interestingly: for Rn-220 only!:


–> The late January 2016 uptick of Rn-220-EEC, at the end of a data gap reached to nearly 1.6 Bq/m^3, the highest value since spring 2012, and as high as what was measured there in April 2011.

Extra information that could possibly help in “resolving this mystery”…


Just passing along some “parts of the puzzle”…  Just look at the previous post for a clue of where the jet stream wind was coming from…

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On a side-note: Great points etc. aside, YouTube anti-nuclear crusader-artist Kevin Blanch, in his second Feb 5, 2016 video, seems to suggest (right?) that I too might be engaging in somehow dangerous activity or something.

Nope, just calling Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration out for the cowardous nuclear puppets they have PROVEN THEMSELVES to be.   Their arrogant hypocrisy is not my doing.  I’m entitled to my opinion… and being “that fool/nutter/…” pointing at the obvious.  Everyone’s free to ignore what I think about whatever.   I have no illusions about how on top of their game the nuclear industry is.

In that light, I think I am merely providing entertainment.  They got it covered.  If need be, like when I was ON IT documenting the Zaporizhia radioactive cloud, they just cut my blog traffic anyhow.  So: no worries.

Freedom of Speech has never been safer.

It’s possible no one can hear me, but that’s another matter.  “;-)”

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