Hillary Clinton’s Email (March 12, 2011) Re. Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe: “STAY INDOORS, WEAR MASK, SHOWER IMMEDIATELY AFTER COMING HOME,…”

See also http://nuclear-news.net/2016/02/02/fukushima-iodine-131-risk-hidden-from-us-same-as-flint-michigan/ and additional links in comments (some of which provide additional info).

Here’s some recently released-in-part emails that Hillary Clinton received, which warned her about the dangers approaching the US:


PDF. SOURCE: https://cryptome.org/2016/02/hrc-fukushima.pdf

As the even more damning documents found in Plume Gate and the NRC FOIA documents (5 Years Later.) show beyond the shadow of a doubt:  The pro-nuke Obama administration knew véry well that the Fukushima nuclear disaster was on such a scale that it warranted issuing health warning for much of the US.

Those warnings could have included:

Stay indoors.  Wear a mask.  Wear a hat. Keep doors and windows closed.  Run air purification filters indoors.  Cover vegetable gardens / soils used for growing food.  Shower immediately after walking outside, especially in case of precipitation.  Do not use rainwater for drinking water.  And then the specific data of the core of the cloud should have been shared, with advisories for hot spot zones where taking Potassium Iodine (KI, to prevent what will now likely turn into thousands of extra future thyroid cancers) should have been recommended.  And so forth.

!-> IN FACT, France, much further downwind and less affected, did issue some such warnings, as I relayed one month after it all began (April 13, 2011), “Above or Below “levels of concern”: USA vs. France”

But what did the US goverment do?

While plume models showed the US getting hit, it wasn’t yet known to most of the public what the corresponding concentrations of various radionuclides were, and if it posed any health risk.  That would depend on “the source term”: how much gets released from the accident site.


Relative & logarithmic legend.  Significance depends of ‘source term’.

The US government knew the source term was enormous. 


Based on the best data and on-the-ground intel available, they ran dispersion models. 

That’s just for 96 hours.  Nearly five years later, the releases have yet to come to an end…

And yet, these eloquent well-dressed taxpayer-paid cancer-sowing military-industrial-complex-serving  bastards, told everyone that there was “nothing to be concerned about“, which to this day they have continued to repeat.  Nuclear-industry frontman & Liar-in-Chief Barrack Obama on March 17, 2011:

“[…] I know that many Americans are also worried about the potential risks to the United States.  So I want to be very clear:  We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the United States, whether it’s the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific.  Let me repeat that:  We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific.  That is the judgment of our Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many other experts. […]”

— US President Barack Obama, March 17, 2017

The guy is an unbelievably skilled liar.  You can’t tell from just listening to this that at that time he already knew that the situation had deteriorated beyond any nuclear catastrophe ever before.   The Plume Gate documents show this beyond the shadow of a doubt.


They told the public explicitly NOT to take KI pills.  They conceiled what they knew (Again, see the Plume Gate docs), they even pushed the permitting process to build the first new nuclear power plants in the US in over 30 years, and rather than expand, the EPA actually scaled back the radiation monitoring.  While leaking continued, all monitoring returned to a dismal ‘routine levels’ before summer 2011.  They even brought an end to monitoring for Tritium in rainwater (in 2012).

Anyhow, the Plume Gate docs are more damning, but these declassified Hillary Clinton emails do illustrate what was known by certain individual political higher-ups.  They took the health risk to themselves very seriously, all while they kept the public in the dark about that.

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22 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s Email (March 12, 2011) Re. Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe: “STAY INDOORS, WEAR MASK, SHOWER IMMEDIATELY AFTER COMING HOME,…”

  1. MVB says:

    Also covered by Kevin Blanch @

  2. hadia says:

    It´s so f…. sad that it´s as though that f….. FUKUSHIMA doesn´t exist!
    Kevin B. really should be payed highest respect. maybe his language is a little f…..g funny, but he is as seriou and informing he could be.

    So how does Obama look into his mirror-face? He is a liar. Obama keeps telling lies on FUKUSHIMA radiation. Invite him to reactor 4 at FUKU and advise him to take a shower together with Hillary Clinton.

    In a time of global military conflict, Obama keeps on supporting the nuclear lobby! SHAMEFUL. Don´t get me wrong:The problem is that with Obama you have a president who´ s decimating population . Not amusing or?
    Thank you Michael, thank you for the Kevin B. video.
    We have to f…. stand up against the f…. nuclear lobby and it´s our duty to inform the f….. uninformed sheeple on our globe. I believe we could signal to the world that they should be afraid!
    “THEY” =the payed nuclear lobbyists- are still increasingly unready to respond to our biggest issue of the world. STOP and BAN NUCLEAR!

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  4. MVB says:

    SOURCE for emails: US Dept. of State: @ https://foia.state.gov/Learn/New.aspx

    Secretary Clinton Emails
    January 29 2016

    ​In December 2014, former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton provided the Department with emails that were sent or received by her while she was Secretary of State.
    The Department is conducting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) review of all emails provided by former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Starting in June 2015, a new set of emails from this collection will be released on this site at the end of each month. These monthly releases will continue until the entire collection of records is reviewed for public release, and all releasable records will be available on this site.

    In May 2015, the Department released a set of 296 of these documents which previously had been provided in February 2015 to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. All 296 documents originally released in May’s production were re-produced within the September, October, and November 2015 productions.

    All documents posted today are fully searchable. The documents posted will not have the subject line, to line, and from line on the search result page on the date of the actual posting. We will be adding this data in February 2016 and expect to be done by the end of the month. These metadata fields have been added for the December 31 and January 8 postings.

    The Department expects to have all remaining documents posted in February 2016.

    May Release
    June Release
    July Release
    August Release
    September Release
    October Release
    ​November Release
    ​December Release
    ​January 7 (2016) Release
    ​January 29 (2016) Release

    Analysis of the email stop at Nukepro’s link above.

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