Snow in the forecast

8,200 ft (2500 m) elevation, Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, last Friday evening of January 2016 — Some 24 hours before the onset of a snow storm that could bring up to 39 cm (15 inches) of snow to this area.  Yay!

The radiation-related parts of this post were deleted within 12 hours. Disclaimer: ‘Cause I reserve the right to do whatever I feel like doing with this blog of mine.  

!-> The main part has been added onto and has been given its own seperate post, (Jan 30, 2016) Bit and Pieces of Recent Radiation Data (EURDEP, Radnet), incl. (from partly deleted previous post) Cs-137/Th-232/Be-7 Uptick in Kotka, Finland, Data Gaps in the US Pacific Northwest, Etc.

These storms often lose their punch over the Sierras in California and the over the main ranges of the Rockies, before they get to the Sangre de Cristos.  (This is mainly a high desert for a reason…)   This forecast, however, saw some ‘upgrades’ rather than downgrades as the storm is approaching:

  • From 5 days ago:


  • From Friday evening:


And one from Saturday morning (1/30/2016), 10 am:


Barely froze last night, and already above freezing by 9:30am.

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3 Responses to Snow in the forecast

  1. diemos says:

    Be-7, Th-232 and Cs-137 are common components of dust.
    Be-7 and Th-232 are not commonly found in fallout.

    Therefore your uptick is most likely dust resuspension.

    Gross alpha activity is dominated by radon decay products in real-time monitors but becomes negligible if you let the sample sit for a day before measuring. Which is why your fresh rain water swipes light up a geiger counter but don’t if they’re allowed to sit for a day.

  2. MVB says:

    Hi diemos,

    I deleted the part of the post you commented on, but the graphed data with Be-7, Th-232 w. Cs-137 uptick at Kotka, Finland can still be viewed @

    Seems unlikely to be dust: I has been snowing lightly there that whole week, including on the day of that uptick. At the nearby Helsinki weather station you can see that the day of the uptick (Jan. 24, 2016) it snowed the most (via my METEO page): Of course, true, it could have been ‘resuspencion’ of dust, that came down with that precipitation. But with the wind blowing in from the west (snowed-under Norway/Sweden, then North Sea, then snowed-under Canada,… etc.), where do you suggest this got resuspended from ? I appreciate your encouragement of questioning my confirmation bias, yet this isn’t a hot dusty summer day, with wildfires and what not.

    On the Gross alpha, great point. The Livermore tests likely had allowed the radon progeny to have decayed away already. Tx.

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