Allegedly Apparent Blog now on Twitter

@AllegedlyApparent‘ didn’t fit, so I called the channel @AptlyAlleged.  A first test tweet was sent into the twether (or whatever one would call the twitter equivalent of ether):


Not that it matters much, but it bring in a handful viewers to my previous post,

Why?  I don’t know if this is a good thing, but I suppose when a blog post can sit around for many hours after posting without even 1 view, perhaps it’s okay to leave a comment at ENEnews (somewhere amongst all the commentors who obviously find it more important to call eachother names rather than take the challenges at hand seriously), and get my own Twitter account as well, making it easier for more active tweeters to pass something along, etc.

Maybe I’ll end up using it for quick data posts that I don’t want to put into a blog post.

A la,”Calibration effect, or unusual radiation upticks, or perhaps both?  3 months data from Aydin Kusadasi, Turkey.” with a pic:


Stuff like that?  Perhaps.

Not sure yet how I’ll use it yet.  But it’s there now.  Cheers.

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