Wake the eF up California! The Nuclear Cartel is MURDERING You!

Yes, it IS thát serious. 

Jan. 20, 2016 – Sharing a video from a livid Kevin Blanch:

Kevin Blanch: “WHY IS California protecting THE BIGGEST CRIME syndicate in HISTORY” ?!!!

For awhile, Kevin has been one of my many sources listed in my Nuclear News Links list.

I may disagree with the styles or antics, etc. of many, if not most, other activists, I may even question their ultimate allegiance at times, and to boot: I prefer a Truth & Reconciliation type of process to bring this just-beginning long-term mega-health-crisis disaster… to a place from which we, as a dignified humanity caring for each other and all our relations, have a fighting chance to tackle the massive challenges ahead, BUT…  – 4 points – MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT: 

1) I’m not a part of anyone’s “imaginary little army”.  I answer to no one but my own inner compass.  I worship Truth.   {On a sidenote, I DID receive [2]  ‘dead threats’ in the past half year.  They were vague and weird, but they did scare the hell out of me at the time, last autumn (2015).  It is why, after contemplating the situation, I first turned off, and eventually turned my blog BACK ON a few months ago, after “I though I was DONE BLOGGING.”   Perhaps delusional, but I still think “they” [?]  are merely entertained by me, but “they”, whatever that means,  may underestimate me too….

  • 2) For the record:   – & All my good friends knów this -:   If I end up dead, IT WOULDN’T BE SUICIDE.   I LOVE LIFE!    But don’t worry:  I know… thanks to ever increasing manipulative powers, blog access blocking and all, I know how marginal this blog is… ‘a joke’, almost.  It just needed to be said once.}
  • 3) I care A LOT less about activist tactics and strategy differences than that I stand by ANYONE genuinely fighting for the long-term biological quality of life of this incredibly beautiful precious planet.  If, however, I get CERTAIN that anyone’s truly a part of the ‘controlled opposition’…    Grrrr… [“Run, f*ckers, run!”]  But don’t get alarmed if you’re one of ’em, ’cause perhaps to the benefit of the bastards, given the nature of reality at the deepest percepual levels,  I consider ‘certainty’ pretty close to absurd. And ‘f*cking up’ IS human.  Finding compassion is challenging at times, but in a person-to-person situation, where all kinds of contributing factors to someone’s moral derailment get context…  COMPASSION, true relating from the heart, is boundless.

‘nough said.

Some added nuance & observations in (Jan. 18, 2016),

!!!_-> UCLA: “California Thyroid Cancer Incidence Well Above National Average”. — FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT & SOMETHING COVERED-UP the most obvious cause! 

See much more, including documentation of véry peculiar RECENT radiation upticks, in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

Hell… Goodness…  I hope we can do it peacefully…  ‘Cause my nonviolent stance is not shared by all…


…As seen on a pick-up truck in Colorado this winter…

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A list of other nuclear-related posts can be found in chronological order in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

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2 Responses to Wake the eF up California! The Nuclear Cartel is MURDERING You!

  1. Dud says:

    Hallo & Groeten Meneer MVB ! :)

    It was very disconcerting to learn that you suddenly stopped blogging about 3 months ago.
    It was even more frustrating to find that no articles remained on Internet Archive.
    Another blogger that was posting on ENEnews quit shortly thereafter, as well.

    Very alarming, at the time.

    Am greatful that you are alright, though!

    After some thought, i reasoned that perhaps that that previously noted plagiarizer (whom was that Focker???) had finally pissed you off, as you later indicated that you would only share your blogging with close friends & family.

    Quote from above: “On a sidenote, I DID receive [2] ‘dead threats’ in the past half year.”
    Am reasoning that you mean ‘death threats’. That is even more alarming!

    One thought might be to not share your location (until perhaps long after the fact), or vehicle type/color. Grow a beard if you do not already have one. Don’t grow one too long, so that nobody can confuse you for a bear or even a Sasquatch!!! :lol
    It never hurts to (as hockey players say) “keep your head on a swivel”.

    I wish you long life and good health, despite industry doing their darndest to kill us all.
    Anyway, i thank you for your honesty, your courage, & your presence here!
    Keep up the good work!! ;)

  2. MVB says:

    Hi Dud – Regarding them perceived threats (reference to ‘being killed’ was made, but… Whatever… As for my typo… ;-) I’ll leave it misspelled. I like the idea of the threats being dead. ;-) hehe) In any case, I have to say that some doubts arose soon after. I experienced ‘threats’, but I actually can’t say for sure that someone was intentionally ‘making threats’. I think it’s fine to state it, but if I were to go into the details, it would get pretty conspiratorially “out there” quickly. Spread over a week or two, it was a very odd confluence of various incidents and conversations that left me in a distraught condition. It involved characters some of whom I found out later many would describe as “total nutcase crazy” people (and out in these parts, that’s saying something…), as well as very strange senses of overwhelm, fear, paranoia,… mental states I generally do not experience, not like that. Approached by someone who claimed I was being targetted with ‘psychotronic weapons’, who described the gist of what I was experiencing quite accurately before I said anything, only added to the freaky atmosphere and an acute intense sense of “feeling threatened”. Because it wasn’t clear (who, what, why,..?) and contained some very weird elements about which I don’t even know what to think, I prefer not to make much of it. But that’s only because those feelings vanished completely shortly after. Anyways.

    THe first video was included on this topic because of that: https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/paris-attacks-part-of-a-gladio-style-false-flag-strategy-of-tension-and-other-bits-and-pieces-a-mix/

    As far as my blog disappearing whenever I feel like it: Don’t worry about it. This blog is so marginal it’s pretty much a joke as far as impact, imo. My disclaimer does say though, that I may alter or even permanently disappear content if I feel like it. It’s just a venue to express myself. Maybe it has gotten a little out of hand as far as the amount of time I put into it, but… Anyways. It’s winter. Daylight time for other things is rather limited at moment.

    Thanks for the well-wishes. Be well as well! – mvb

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