Unprecedented Radiation Spikes in Eastern TURKEY (Jan. 2016)

Jan. 17, 2016

This is part of what has become a series of blog posts looking into widespread recent radiation upticks. See previous blog posts for much more. I’ll look at some peculiar Turkish data: 6 months of data from Maldin near Syria, and the complete record for Van Caldiran near Iran.

VanCaldiran)Mardin)Turkey_onMAPAbove image: Marked on map: the locations of that gamma radiation monitors @ VAN CALDIRAN, Eastern TURKEY near the border with Iran, as well as @ MARDIN, also in Turkey, but closer to the border with Syria.

For Mardin, I look at just the past half year, just to show that the very pronounced uptick higher up in the mountains at Van Caldiran also affected some lower elevation monitors, albeit not as pronounced and with somewhat different timing.  Note the data gaps also found around spike and other data gap times elsewhere in Europe.


{most recent data at end of this 6-month composite:}


And here, below, is the complete record, as found on the *mostly unvalidated data* Public Access “Advanced Map” of EURDEP (See Online Radiation Monitors)”.  The first part is with ‘Polyline’ off, the second part is wíth ‘Polyline’ (in the graphing settings).


[oops, my mistake… Must have gotten sleepy last nite. NOTICE: this time the most recent data is at the top:]


->Apart from a shorter and less intense uptick period in the second half of January 2015, seen further below, this most recent spate of upticks is unprecedented.

What’s going on?2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33


I don’t know what the data gaps may be hiding, but as far as available data goes, it is instantly clear from at all these years of data that the upticks of the past few months are highly unusual.  I’m trying to figure out WHERE the massive radiation upticks of the past few months may be coming from.  Is a major nuclear meltdown being covered up?  WHERE is this happening?    Or is Fukushima spiraling thát badly further out of control?

Anyone know what’s going on, please leave me a clue.  Thanks.

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A list of other nuclear-related posts can be found in chronological order in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

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8 Responses to Unprecedented Radiation Spikes in Eastern TURKEY (Jan. 2016)

  1. hadia says:

    Merci, Michael, if we hadn´t you, many Europeans would not “have the track”. Please, kindly note that I have mentioned 100 times and more – (in different blogs) that the sky over germany is literally burning like hell!!! Not only the red color is visible at sunset (around sun itself), but also at many northern, eastern spots at the same time! So let me ask you, where will this governmental blindness worldwide end?

    • MVB says:

      I don’t know, Hadia, and I don’t know about the sunset colors either. There have been some volcanic eruptions worldwide, which may be a factor in at least that aspect too. But given the Cs-137, etc., the radiation upticks obviously have a significant manmade component.

      I consider myself rather blind as well, and am always learning, learning to see better, discern better. Politicians are just people… confused, messed up personal lives, too busy… I don’t have a clear picture of what is going on (and one could say that my focus borders on the “obsessed”), so I doubt folks in governments do. The ones in places of investigative power and military intel are all too often in cahoots with the nuclear industry (IAEA, the secrecy the CTBTO has to abide by, the corrupt US EPA, etc.). Those folks may not be “blind”, but have a vested financial or strategic interest to cover up the mess they’re making. The change will likely have to come from within those people and organizations, perhaps when it finally sinks in that if they don’t change course quickly, and get their act together to deal with the nuclear waste situation and decommissioning challenges, etc., that their own children/grandchildren will suffer the consequences and we may end up living on a planet devoid of a lot of species we love.

      Except when I entertain the “out-there ideas” that they’re actually may be as insane as to do this *on purpose* (either because they’re aliens and they’re doing their version of “terraforming”, or have some misguided belief about eugenic effects, or for population reduction), I think they actually belief their own lies.

      It’s a pretty daunting dark challenge when you ponder into it. I don’t think that the folks pushing this technology (Obama, Putin, Erdogan, Modi, Jambon, Cameron, you name ’em – all psychos), really operate from a place of love and respect for Humanity. It’s that simple. Will they wake up? I don’t know… I don’t know…

  2. Andy says:

    Michael, you say you want to know where all of this is coming from. Since I can’t possibly know whether or not you have any previous acquaintance with Climate Viewer 3D, or Jim Lee, whatsoever, I would simply like to gift you with the following video tutorial which he just recently published to the web. I suggest your seeing it in its entirety, but for starters, if you’re looking for NPPs, for instance, you can jump to 8:40. You seem like the perfect guy to have a field day with this thing. It’s been massively upgraded with just about every kind of bell & whistle some budding genius like yourself could possibly dream of. It does wind maps too. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & please keep up the great work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwFmez0ef6A&feature=youtu.be

  3. diemos says:

    It’s interesting that there are just as many downticks as upticks during the period when the detector behavior changes.

    Real effects from radioisotopes should only increase the radiation rate. That they go both up and down indicates that there’s a problem with the detector.

    • MVB says:

      seems rather unlikely given how the timing it “behaved” so strangely coincides with upticks and disturbances elsewhere, but, yeah, true, a problem with the detector cannot be ruled out completely.

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  5. a fellow researcher says:

    I have been monitoring radiation in W. WA state now for a couple years. In the initial blast we got in 2011, I suffered radiation burns on my hand and leg after the fallout made it ashore and I stupidly thought nothing of the heavy ‘burnt metal’ smell in the air that night as I drove home. I took pictures of the burns and sent them to a colleague so that nobody could contest they occurred. It took a few weeks for the burns to heal, more blistering and reddening than very bad 3rd degree stuff for sure, but burns nonetheless.

    levels as high as 1200+ CPM and in some instances, over 3600 CPM, were measured in 2012 and early 2013. I have several videos, one shows that the stuff my meter was seeing was airborne, as I had my vehicle closed up and then when the next gust came after cracking one window about 3/4 of an inch, the meter went bonkers. Of course the in vehicle measurments did not return to their low number of 17 CPM before the window was opened, meaning radionuclides were in the vehicle now too. This was done at Annapolis, WA at the V.A. home, in June of 2012.

    today the water in the inlets here in Puget Sound, all contain a signature that has risen from what was pretty low at the water of 45 CPM, now double that and more.

    foodstuffs in grocery stores all contain levels that trend in the 50+ CPM levels, particularly produce and dairy stuff. my meter is very small and it has a silent mode where I can see instantaneous detections and the digital averages, so far nobody seems to be curious about what the device does in the store when I hold it up to the food. I used to take it all of the time to the stores, now I just leave it home. Not much really safe food any longer, even ginger ale and a brand of sargento cheese that I like, both contain significant amounts. the entire food production capability of the world is thusly affected by this stuff because as you might imagine, it is rapidly taken up in the plants in the fields we get our food from.

    in any case, my most recent problem was a quick growing tumor mass on my right shoulder. I excised it personally ‘3’ times, as after each removal, it rapidly came back. I don’t trust doctors to tell me the truth about the nature of this as years ago I had lost my thyroid due to military exposure that destroyed it, and that was enough hell to go thru having to be awake while they cut it out of me, due to me stupidly drinking coffee that morning on the way to the hospital. Right now I am grateful the tumor has not come back, but it took ‘3’ removals to get rid of it…indicating I may have missed a particle embedded in the skin on the first two attempts to get it gone.

    anyway, I have done many radio shows about this, however as they are on YouTube it’s only a matter of time before they are expunged from that site. I doubt they’ll leave them alone. This situation we face now is clearly a very big cat they do not want out of the bag. I personally believe it will be an Extinction Level Event, due to the mass die off of sea birds normally seen here where I live. They’re here but in far fewer numbers. Crows however seem to be weathering the storm somehow. A dog that lived where I lived in 2011 died from tumor masses in his lower abdomen, they came on suddenly and it was clear being perpetually outdoors was a bad idea for him.

    as for the cobalt 60 issue, it was during my military service, a product of the stainless steel reactor plumbing ‘rusting’ and changing due to exposure to heavy neutron bombardment in the reactors on my ship. it had a rusty brown color when flushed overboard. here in the Puget Sound area, the naval shipyard had a history of flushing Cobalt 60 out into the inlet, late at night, this process certified to be a real event by a shipyard worker who was aware and in the know about it.

    anyway, anyone who doesn’t have a geiger counter these days is a fool. it’s a necessity. but it’s clear that these upticks are indicative that per the original 44 day cyclical nature of it moving around in the upper atmosphere, that it could be that weather patterns and odd and unpredictable weather changes are causing the stuff to fall out over land masses after they are picked up from the seas. No doubt some of Fukushima’s radiation is going straight up in the form of steam carrying the radionuclides into the air, 24/7.

    lots of good videos about air cleaning devices trapping levels of 800 CPM or more in the dust in California, and Whole Foods in N.C. in the U.S., selling radiation filled produce. Fish? Locally here they published notices on the local indian reservations who have a booming crab and geoduck and clam harvesting industry to supplement them, that ‘THE RED BLOB’ or more palatable, the red tide, has made seafood in the Hood Canal unsafe. We know it’s not that, though the algae blooms have been seen now and again. It’s radiation. There’s no way the seafood isn’t uptaking the stuff coming in thru the Straits of Juan De Fuca here.

    Female Faust has linked your data and I have been watching your posts for awhile now. I think you are doing us a great service by putting the truth out there. Do not give up.

    It’s imperative the sheeple get a clue, it may be too late to do much but they should be aware of this impact on our food supplies.

    oh, one last thing, one load of salmon I hauled in a semi last year that was originally manifested at 38,000 pounds, got so heavily ‘reworked’ for COSTCO in Los Angeles where we delivered it to, that we only hauled less than 8,000 pounds there. My guess had I measured that load, it would have been HAZMAT and hence, should have been placarded. Tumors on the flesh of that fish had to be cut off and thrown away but you can rest assured the meat itself was also still tainted.

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