Me: Spike! EURDEP: What Spike?

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

― George Orwell, in the novel, ‘1984’

A new development in EURDEP land:  the dissappearance of previously public data.   The “new and improved” –cleared of anything that could rouse suspicion that something’s going awfully wrong somewhere at some nuclear facility– record for Kundu, Estonia:


Feels better, doesn’t it?

“Kinda weird” that non-validated data has to be disappeared, no?  I though we weren’t supposed to take it seriously anyhow?  (See their disclaimer, screenshot at the beginning of the Halstern data post).  Jeez… turns out:  They erased the entire record, as if that monitor just came online this week!

The previous time I looked at this monitor, however, it showed data so peculiar…


… só oddly coinciding with widespread upticks, spikes in Bismuth-214, and even Cesium-137… as well as quite pronounced disturbances on various other monitors…



… that it compelled me to dig into the situation a bit more, which resulted in a short but intense of data crunching spell, as evidenced by this recent spate of blog posts on the matter:

Check ’em out.  Apparently we’re not supposed to notice something…


By the way, in case you wonder, the maroon dot there, to the south in Vilnius, Lithuania, is (what to me looks like) just a calibration.  The data gaps that followed, however… might very well be hiding what would otherwise have shown as major spikes:


 — May the misguided nuclear era come to a peaceful end.

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A list of other nuclear-related posts can be found in chronological order in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

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Added:  Jan. 17, 2016:

OhEstonia.gifEstonia is not a place I get much traffic from to begin with, BUT… Just for the record:  Blog traffic from Europe showed, on Jan. 3-5, that there were an unusual 18 views from Estonia right as the spike started (and I had not written about it). Perhaps people with Geiger Counters who detected something unusual themselves (?), or those who heared rumors (?), wanting to check radiation monitors for more info (?)…   And then – poof – traffic from Estonia dropped to zero and has remained there.   And then the odd Estonian data was vanished to boot…

Orwellian times indeed

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