January 4, 2016 – A mix (Photos, Weather, Climate,… (+ ! Estonia & Latvia mystery RADIATION SPIKE))

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  ~ William Casey, CIA Director (1981-1987), in Staff Meeting Records, 1981.

285 north just south of Salida, with the Collegiate Peaks of the Arkansas Valley ahead.

285 north just south of Salida, with the Collegiate Peaks of the Arkansas Valley ahead. January 2016.

In this blog post:  A disorganized smorgasbord of jumping-around-from-topic-to-topic mix of photos (Crestone, Sand Dunes, Belgium over Christmas), some recent climate data, a couple videos, grumbles and ponderings. + A New Year’s day KUNDA, Estonia radiation spike followed by a peculiar uptick downwind in RIGA, Latvia (scroll down to end of post for some preliminary observations).  [Added Jan. 5, 2016:  More radiation data graphs have been added in the next blog post, “Mystery Spike & Uptick in Baltics Part of Widespread Radiological Disturbances, Traces Back with the Jet Stream to the Fukushima Disaster Site…“]

— Written (mostly) on a chilly winter night to the tune of Kryptonite and “…Geen land waarop wij zweren.  Wij gaan deserteren. We stoppen de historische waanzin, jij en ik, hand in hand. We vluchten voor vlaggen, en lopen over naar niemandsland…” —

*** DISCLAIMER:  Regardless of content, the medium remains the message.  Full Disclaimer.  ***

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”   ~Albert Einstein

Belgian Army soldiers in fatigues toting machine guns patrolling the Brussels Central Train Station, December 2015.

DISGUSTING:   Belgian Army soldiers in fatigues and toting machine guns, patrolling the Brussels Central Train Station, December 2015.  Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven – All Rights Reserved.

It’s a “just a wee bit...” troubling to continue seeing Europe following in the footsteps of the since-long utterly money-corrupted war-mongering United States, Inc., with very little questioning or protest going on.   I guess it comes with the territory of holding the headquarters of NATO…   If pushing a country towards accepting less liberty, more surveillance, and militarization of daily life is the terrorists’ objective, then they are getting incredibly predictable effectiveness…      (Well, to a point… It’s still Belgium after all:  After fireworks were cancelled in some places, when midnite rolled around, Belgians actually set off more fireworks than ever before in a big “fuck you to the terrorists’)   But… who actually were/are these terrorists?  The ones we’re told they are… are conveniently all killed every time…

The Paris Attacks have been likened to “Europe’s 9/11”, and that comparison is probably most accurate when you consider who might have ultimately been behind those attacks and its subsequent cover-up…  (See also, Sept. 2011’s ‘Looking Back at the 9/11/2001 State-Terrorist Attacks: the official story is BULLSHIT’; and 2012’s “9/11 Truth + Conscious Co-Creation Paradigm = Cognitive Dissonance“.)   For more on that, I recommend the investigations found on The Corbett Report., one of the few independent investigative journalists out there.   Fascinating stuff he digs up.

I mentioned a couple blips about the weirdness surrounding the Paris Attacks and subsequent militarization of Brussels towards the end of my previous mix too (See Dec. 23, 2015, “Paris Attacks Part of a Gladio-style False Flag Strategy of Tension ??? (And other bits and pieces. A mix.)“).

Anyways…  Belgium remains a very safe place, full of music events, awesome art and incredible inner cities.   Brussels:


Always good to be back in the Rocky Mountains, though.    So peaceful…   I live at the foot of these majestic mountains.   Some, though not so much snow yet, on the Sangre de Cristo Range:


Couple photos from the other day at the 16th Karmapa Stupa (between the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Crestone, in South-Central Colorado’s San Luis Valley:


“In other news…”

Latest (Jan 2, 2016) Ocean Surface Temperature Anomaly map from Unysis, showing the El Nino warming of the equatorial Pacific, the fading “warm blob” of the North-Eastern Pacific, and various other regions with warmer than average temperatures.   If you look closely you may also be able to find some blue areas that show the cooler than average regions:


Also clearly visible is the warmth of the US East Coast and in The North Sea.  Speaking of, parts of Western Europe just had their warmest December on record, which in Belgium even surpassed the warmest March on record.   While I was in Belgium for Christmas, besides daphodils and various other spring flowers, on a walk I met a hedgehog that had apparently come out of hibernation:


;-) Love hedgehogs.

But all the talk of the unusual warm weeks being “at least partially” linked to “catastrophic man-made global warming” is bound to give the last laugh to more scientific voices once more.

Although the “global cooling” I still expect (to start in the next half decade) is surely not going to be funny…

Back to ‘just weather’:   According to Joe Bastardi at The Weatherbell, some major cold winter weather is on its way: http://www.weatherbell.com/saturday-summary-january-2-2016/  See also Jan 3, 2016, “Sierra Expecting 10 Feet of Snow in Next 10 Days”.

Snow & ice cover currently looks like this in the Northern Hemisphere, shown below.  From the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center:


Saw two bobcats near The Sand Dunes!  MREOW   ;-) – had been awhile; made my day –, but failed to photograph them.

They dissappeared somewhere in there…:

DSCN9725Love it here…DSCN9723

Lots going on in radiation monitoring land, but “I won’t be spending the time it takes to document it all this time“, so I told myself…

Until I spotted something odd:   The EXTREME spiking of a gamma radiation monitor in Estonia.   At first impression, I suspect that to be merely an instrument error, ’cause at 350,000 microSiever/hour… and no monitors in 50 km around affected…  I mean… otherwise that would be extremely disturbing; Just look at that:

350 milliSivert/hr ?

= 350,ooo microSivert/hr ?

But a quick look at Nullschool (detailed wind data at various altitudes) made me wonder… ’cause right at that location, the higher-up wind is clearly blowing in from over Russia.  This is unlikely to be Fukushima-related…  So I looked at 500 hPa (just below jet stream level for the time the spiking began:

When precisely did this uptick begin (if it is in fact an uptick and not an instrument error)?  None of this public data is validated (and you should read my disclaimer if you haven’t yet), but the moment of spiking is right following 9:00 am UTC:

Note:   See that?  The data before the spike is a 1-hour average, rather than the usual 10-minute average.

Alright, so this is a 500 hPa wind data time snapshot for Jan. 1, 2016 @ 9:00 am UTC, with my annotations added:


Similarly to the radiation monitor evidence after the Zaporizhia nuclear accident of late November 2014, most monitors surrounding a spiking monitor show NOTHING.  It looks like a fluke: an instrument error.  If I hadn’t looked at the wind data, I would have dismissed it.

But… just downwind from that spiking monitor are the monitors near Riga in Latvia… some of which were apparently callibrated to NOT hide an event right away.  I checked them all.  All but one looked like pretty much nothing noteworthy was going on.  But that one… shows a significant uptick that began less than 12 hours after the Estonia spike… and it is near-perfectly downwind…:

LV0016 - RIGA - RUPNIECIBAS STREET (Latvia)_1week_Jan4_2016

Thát, to me, opens a possibility, “however unlikely”, that the Kunda, Estonia gamma spike is perhaps NOT “an instrument error”…

So… then WHERE exactly did this ground-touching radioactive air come from???  And wouldn’t at least something, some disturbance or data gaps, be visible on other monitors downwind?   Well: There’s a lot of monitoring points showing ‘standard deviation’ upticks on EURDEP this week…

I have not yet pinpointed a likely source.  

The nuclear power plant near Saint Petersburg recently had some issues, and is a possible culprit FOR SURE, but at this early point in looking at this I’m doubtful that a nuclear plant thát close would leave most other ground monitors unaffected.  It’s possible, though, and it would fit with many other observations that suggest that during an accident fallout first rises high before coming down, with monitors only spiking in case of precipitation.   I suspect it may have come from further away (though likely from somewhere in Russia is my hunch), if (still an IF) an air mass containing radioactive particles actually caused this peculiar spike and uptics.

(Note: A recent news piece from Estonia, Dec 22, 2015, “High activity radiation source found underground near Tallinn” is near-certain not to have anything to do with this.  But it DOES illustrate still way too lax security when it comes to dangerous nuclear waste; otherwise the reported would’nt be possible.)

Curiosity peeked, however, I may return to scrutinize more available data soon.  I hope it’s nothing.  If you know of serious leads, please leave a comment.  Thanks.

A list of other nuclear-related posts can be found in chronological order in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive (recently updated).

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Disclaimer, etc.

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7 Responses to January 4, 2016 – A mix (Photos, Weather, Climate,… (+ ! Estonia & Latvia mystery RADIATION SPIKE))

  1. bo says:

    Rabbit ears….
    Thank you michael
    Happy New Year..
    Haven’t made it to Japan yet.. still in deadline madness.. but reading…

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  4. Hey, just a heads up regarding the rouge container of cesium near Tallinn. It wasn’t native to Estonia, Republic or SSR and as far as I know not the other Baltic states either. It was somehow at some time smuggled in from another ex USSR country, buried just outside the capital city near the lake that supplies the drinking water. It was only discovered, just before Christmas, when the Estonian security services were alerted to it’s whereabouts by an undisclosed source. Then just as quickly the whole story and all the intrigue surrounding it was disappeared from the common consciousness. It’s my opinion and educated guess that this was less of a lax security incident and more of a blackmail demonstration. Frankly there is no viable way to prevent radioactive waste being smuggled into the Baltic states from other ex USSR countries in this manner, the border is a porous line in the imagination. It is interesting that this cesium arrived from outside Estonia when there is plenty of remaining Soviet radioactive waste under Estonian jurisdiction.

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