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Photos Northern SLV (Southern Colorado, Jan. 30, 2016)

 ” Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ”  — Rabindranath Tagore As the day’s last light plays with the clouds, building over the ridges,…  … Continue reading

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MUST WATCH: Nuclear Controversies (full length documentary) 核電爭議 (附中文字幕)

Not well-known, but this documentary goes to the heart of the matter: Millions of people ought to see this.

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Bits and Pieces of Recent Radiation Data, incl. Cs-137/Th-232/Be-7 Uptick in Finland, Spikes & Data Gaps on EURDEP & Radnet

Beautiful sunny day, the calm before the storm… Jan 30, 2016 I’ll start with the part I deleted, yet had received a comment on (for that comment, see previous post): RadioIsotope-specific data from Kotka, Finland: I looked at some EURDEP … Continue reading

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Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

 ♫ “…Big in Japan    ooh…  the eastern sea’s so blue…” ♫ Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) — Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 3:33 pm [Disregard the above “blog post soundtrack”, this post was actually written while listening to Goa Trance mixes ;-)] … Continue reading

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A Mix: Music Videos, Radiation Data, Ponderings: Cs-137 increases in Winter? / Cobalt-60 as a Fukushima Tracer: CONFIRMED , Some Finnish DATA / + (!!!) Complete Cs137/Cs134/I131/Co60/K40/Be7 Record for Radiation Monitor @ CERN, Switzerland

Greetings!    Another mix of a blogpost… An important one, if I may say so… On the media surface of things, it sure resembles something awefully TOTALITARIAN sometimes… This “United States of America” (the only country whose constitution I’ve actually read…), … Continue reading

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(I’m) ‘NUCLEAR’ (I’m wild…), by Mike Oldfield

From the Kojima video game,  Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3‘s trailer’s theme song, ‘Nuclear’, by English musician and composer Mike Oldfield (of Tubular Bells fame).  In the music video, below, the song is put to archival footage … Continue reading

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“You can’t see it, You can’t smell it either”, By Rankin Taxi & Dub Ainu Band, 2011

Japanese Reggae artists MC Rankin and Dub Ainu Band delivered this cautionary message about radioactive material in the 2011 music video, “You Can’t See It, and You Can’t Smell It Either.” ( 誰にも見えない、匂いもない 2011- ) Rankin Taxi: DUB AINU … Continue reading

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