Paris Attacks Part of a Gladio-style False Flag Strategy of Tension ??? (And other bits and pieces. A mix.)

BlowtheWistleWhat can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?

― George Orwell, in the novel, ‘1984’.

[NOTE: This blog post started as ‘just a ramble without focus’, posted privately on Dec. 5, 2015, and, after adding a few little things and removing at least part of the typos, ‘made public’ on Dec. 22, 2015 (So I changed the date to reflect that, eventhough it was actually written “for me, myself and I” at the beginning of the month).   Scroll down for the Paris Attacks part: it begins shortly after below the video with the Israeli flag.   A sign of “not really caring about this blog anymore…” (it happens), this messy blog post starts with a couple music videos and a documentary, detours by radiation monitors on which nothing was visible that day, a blip of Fukushima news, at the end of this blog posts I added some background on False Flags, including the possibility of Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks, + touching on Gladio and the recent Paris Attacks.   Not well-organized.  But given the importance of the topic, I figured it may be better that I make this ramble ‘pubic’ (visible) after all, even if just to point a couple extra people to the information found in the embedded links and video reports.  I have not spent enough time researching this topic myself to offer additional commentary yet.] 

Goes well with…

Alright… nevermind all of that. 

Put on some more music…

OK.  Rolling…

US EPA Radnet…  …

… Okay, maybe not.  ;-/  No luck getting onto Radnet tonite…


How about The European Commission’s Radiation Data Excahnge platform, EURDEP?

… Okay, maybe not.  :-/  No data bleeding through the map on EURDEP tonite either…


Back to listening to music it is, I suppose…

Did you see that RT piece last week?   Funny choice of words…  Help “shut down the reactors”.  So… they mean…  the “cold shutdown,” announced by Prime Clown Minister Abe in Dec. 2011, was just one of his “just kidding” circus Diet speeches, after all?   Whatever they “REALLY” meant, still funny it slipped in there:


I was hoping to do a bit of relapsing: dig into the jet stream pattern and the ongoing patterns of deception.  The data gaps, the data being forced artificially to zero, the upticks…   Oh well…

Maybe it’s the Universe helping me out not to waste anymore time on what has been sufficiently documented already anyhow, and what can be easily figured out by anyone willing to put in the time:

Both Radnet and EURDEP are rigged to hide radiological emergencies through

1) hiding data during upticks,

2) capping data at a certain high value beyond which nothing is shown,

3) forcing data artificially to zero; and and

4) hiding data other than Gamma radiation, such as Beta and Alpha radiation.  Alpha and Beta are the more prevalent and more dangerous when dealing with radioactive fallout clouds / precipitation).

Can’t prove it yet, but I suspect complex algorithms, likely incorporating responses to specific decay energies of various radioisotopes, may be embedded in the data processing software.  The (couple dozen or more?) folks complicit in this sophisticated deception of the public may need to be arrested.  I don’t know WHO those disgusting individuals might be, but I would guess that at east a couple of them work for the IAEA.

Let’s see if anything else is on tonight…

Yahoo News (Dec. 1, 2015) flashed this in front of me:

refutesThe story, turns out, is about Trump claiming that a bunch of Muslims in New Jersey were celebrating when the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks happened.   Then-mayor of New York City, Guiliani called that ‘an exaggeration‘.  It was just some pockets here and there:


I checked the CNN account to see if they had the balls to go into the hushed “detail” and -no-surprise bummer- they didn’t either… CNN Politics, Dec. 1, 2015: “Rudy Giuliani: Some New York Muslims celebrated 9/11, but Donald Trump ‘exaggerating’”  Are they just making sure that he can walk the party line in staying clear of the hush-hush aspects of 9/11?

Are we supposed to forget those oddly celebrating folks on the New Jersey shore?  They weren’t Muslims…

The Mossad’s intel was so precise they knew exactly when and where their agents had to have the cameras rolling to “document the event”.  Among the more shocking aspects of the aftermath, these guys were eventually cleared and allowed to simply go back to Israel, where they ended up giving their side of the story on TV… Yes they were Mossad assets and yet they were sent to New Jersey to do just that.  This video includes the Israeli TV interview excerpt with some related stuff preceding tht clip:

There’s more to it, but it’s all been documented already anyhow.  (I touched on some of it in my blog post (Sept. 2, 2011), “Looking Back at the 9/11/2001 State-Terrorist Attacks: the official story is BULLSHIT“)

SInce I’m digging up the past… and perhaps related, in an uncanny feat of timing, the day before, on Sept. 10, 2001, The Washington Times wrote, “U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study,”  which included this snippet of info related to the Army study discussed in the article:  “[…]  It calls Israel’s armed forces […]  Well armed and trained. […] Known to disregard international law to accomplish mission. […]   Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.[…]”

Anyways…  I don’t know what’s going on.  Just rechewing bits and pieces that caught my attention way back then.   But, albeit merely in my rather irrelevant armchair opinion, a presidential candidate who doesn’t have as part of his campaign promises to do everything in his or her power to investigate the war crimes committed during the current and previous couple administrations isn’t worth even considering voting for.  Bernie isn’t even running on that promise.

” […] the following individuals should be investigated for their role in the conspiracy: Acting CIA General Counsel John Rizzo, Head of the Justice Department OLC Jay Bybee, OLC Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, the person identified as ‘CTC Legal’ in the Senate Summary, CIA Director George Tenet, National Security Legal Advisor John Bellinger, Attorney General John Ashcroft, White House Counsel Legal Advisor Alberto Gonzales, Counsel to the Vice President David Addington, Deputy White House Counsel Timothy Flanigan, and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice,” the report states, in addition to CIA psychologist contractors James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen who devised the program, proposed it to the agency and helped implement it.  Bush and Cheney should be also investigated for their roles in approving torture, it states. […]”

Human Rights Watch to Obama: Prosecute Bush officials for torture, Dec. 1, 2015

Anyhow…   Perhaps my preferences are antiquated, but I’m of the view that a government should not be indistinguishable from an organized crime cartel.

My impression is that if Trump were to win, the ultimate outcome in domestic and foreign policy would most likely be just as moot and disasterous as Hillary’s victory.   Trump would unleash more of a Berlusconi-style theatrical media show of colorful distractions to hide behind; while Hillary (Did she already get the job, or do we have to wait a year for the supposed “election” results?) will simply keep Empire on course, more-the-less in an Obama-style.   A contemporary Thatcher of sorts…  Wall street will love her like they love Obama.  The most likely course of this show seems to me will be this: if Trump doesn’t get the Republican nomination (which would practically mean that Hillary would win), so, contrary what he’s claimed, he’ll run as an “Independent” at last minute after all  (which, also, would practically mean that Hillary would win as it would split Republicans).  Bottom line: just like I said long before Obama’s first term was out that he was selected for an 8-year term (having very little to do with elections), I’m of the view that Hillary is next in line, and this time they’ll play the “OMG First Female President” card.  And ultimately it means NOTHING.   Just like everyone “against racism” fell for the crafty Obama deception, most people “in favor of gender equality” will fall for the Clinton Deception too.  And when the dust settles, it will be obvious that ’empire’ kept on roaring on the course set out decades ago.    Anyhow…  We’ll see.

 What else is up? 

Given the insanity afflicting political leaders all over the world, when I hear of some theory that sounds a bit “out there”, I won’t dismiss it off hand without giving some elements in it ‘a fair hearing’.  Problem, of course, with this attempt at not coming to conclusions too quickly is that I end up walking around not quite sure what to think of anything.  WOrse, sometimes I come to conclusions vastly different from my mainstream friends.  ‘Cause, unfortunately, a lot of TV-watching ‘ordinary folks’ appear to still have a hard time accepting that ‘false flag’ events may be far more common than previously believed.

!!!–> Some very good background is provided by this RT report:

Take the Paris Attacks and the subsequent Brussels Lockdown.   I came across some allegations about the Paris Attacks having been yet another false flag operation?   Politicians in office wouldn’t be the ones in the know per se, it could have beeen pulled off from a higher organizational (or entirely seperate with very limited overlap with intelligence agencies), -no idea – but the idea that there’s more to it than some radicalized disgruntled youth going on a well-coordinated rampage… I can’t rule it out.

See also:  “Paris Shooting: 10 Ways It Looks Like a Hallmark False Flag Op


What if some sort of new “strategy of tension” – FOR REAL- has been developed, but rather than Left verus Right wing, it exploits fracture lines along ideological and racial lines?  For what purpose isn’t clear to me yet, but the possibility is not something I’ve managed to just shove aside as nonsensical.

I found this BBC Gladio documentary (partial / cut short) interesting for background, including on the Bende Van Nijvel activities (in the second half).

Also highly recommended:

More information can sometimes be found in the videos and articles found via the Corbett Report.

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


“If they fool me once, shame on them; if they fool me twice,…”

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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13 Responses to Paris Attacks Part of a Gladio-style False Flag Strategy of Tension ??? (And other bits and pieces. A mix.)

  1. amiko says:

    Hi Michael, just dropping by to wish u a happy solstice/holdays/ new years.

    I’ve been mia in communications due to a really tight deadline ( have to report like every 2 hrs) but today is a bit quiet.

    Very curious to know if u think Leningrad was a release, or a non event.

    Strange repeat if Dec 2014 ( Zapo )

    Warm regards,


    • MVB says:

      I think there was a release, but one that did not affect monitors much beyond the plant area. I checked around, and “unfortunately” the wind blew more into Russia, where monitors show data of day averages, not minute or hourly averages. SO the detail is lost and almost nothing can be seen from the Russian data to begin with. Monitors, however, were not turned off directly downwind, at least that’s my impression from the ones I checked. The networks have lots of holes. If it were as bad as Zaporizhia a year ago ( the correlation then was spot-on: ), that accident only showed very clearly on very few monitors, after which it was more of a blur. So, of course I can’t rule it out. If there was a plume and it touched down, then it touched down where there were no monitors, or there’s a data gap. I only checked ‘at a glance’. In my armchair opinion… I don’t think it was much worse than what’s released during a messy refueling or so, or other so-called “routine” stuff that I wouldn’t call “a non-event” myself, but that would be considered that by nuclear industry insiders. I just didn’t see anything that fit what I’d expect if it were a big deal. That was only my impression from a quick checking, though.

      The upticks I’m noticing, however, such as the recent blog post with Polish data ( ) shows the trend OVER THE YEARS, with even the Polish uptick also found on many other monitors throughout Europe (1) preceding the St. Pete’s accident, and 2) some not being downwind at all).

      A few folks have pointed at it as if it might have come Saint Petersburg, but that’s not my impression when superimposing wind data from Nullschool. My impression is (unfortunately perhaps) that the European upticks are usually “jet stream delivered”.

      When checking monitors, it is always a good idea to not only check downwind from a suspected source, but also upwind, ’cause when a pattern goes far upwind, it almost certainly came from somewhere else entirely.

      Monitors @

      I also didn’t notice anything unusual from the recent scrams of Belgian nukes.

    • MVB says:

      Happy Solstice / holdays / New Years to you as well!

      • bo says:

        Thank you so much, Michael.
        I wrote to some Russian tweeters who told me there’s ZERO murmur on social media about St Petersburg in a panic. Actually if u read the articles closely, EXPRESS reports ‘some people living near plant fled to St Petersburg’ – then, Daily Mail inflated that story into ‘Russians are fleeing St. Petersburg!’
        I saw one tweet that went ‘Russians don’t trust official information from government’ then another tweet picked that up and rephrased that ‘Russian government is hiding truth of massive release!’….
        All the articles point to some people purchasing iodide pills in a panic, but that’s different from government DISTRIBUTING pills (as was rumored in Zaporizhia last December).. number of people purchasing pills could have been one person, or many people. If I went to go buy iodide pills today, someone can write a sensationalistic article: ‘People in Northern Hemisphere are buying iodide pills in a panic !’ No?

        Will write more soon.. I just returned from a zero internet area and just catching up.. xo

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