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Bi-214 : U-234 Ratio Change in Lithuania EURDEP data… 2013-2015: Atmospheric Uranium On the Rise

Hope you  all had a wonderful Solstice and wishing all a most lovely ‘return of the light’ for us Northern Hemishperians.  –  Dec. 24, 2015 – This blog post adds to a growing list of documentation that shows that radioactive … Continue reading

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Paris Attacks Part of a Gladio-style False Flag Strategy of Tension ??? (And other bits and pieces. A mix.)

“What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?” ― George Orwell, in the novel, ‘1984’. [NOTE: This blog post … Continue reading

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Did Solar Storm Set Dozens of High Voltage Transformers on Fire across Northern Hemisphere?

Made curious by a comment under a Polish article, (Dec. 20, 2015), Po awarii w elektrowni atomowej w Rosji wybuchła panika [which Google Translate makes this of: “Panic following the accident at the nuclear power plant in Russia” ], I … Continue reading

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ALPHA & BETA Radiation Data Graphed for Mikolajki, Poland (EURDEP, 2007-2015) + other radiation observations…

December 20, 2015 – Highly unusual blog traffic from Northern Europe… I’m interrupting the “radio silence” this blog has been in for most of the past few months to show some data (that, as per my DISCLAIMER, you may interpret … Continue reading

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