——- Over And Out. ——-

Nov. 26, 2015

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This blog is now merely an Archive.


All independent reporting, documenting of radiological events and commentary has been suspended.

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8 Responses to ——- Over And Out. ——-

  1. Guest says:

    Sorry to read that you’re folding up again. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thought you might like to read this document which found re-suspension of radionuclides at Fukushima (this time in August of 2013) but it gives credence to your research that Fukushima could very definitely be the source of recent detections around the world: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.est.5b03155

  2. John says:

    Wether ridiculed, scorned, buried and mourned,
    truth and love will remain. Let it never be thought,
    what your efforts have wrought, shall ever be in vain.
    With that light in your heart as a beacon,
    may your passion forge-ahead,
    and your resistance never weaken.

  3. femalefaust says:

    For truth is not made by that with which its adorned;
    & what was lost Love can regain. Or so I was taught:
    but so long to have fought, so deep goes the pain,
    though I write I must question the reason:
    and what is to be had therein. As you have set about:
    The outcome will determine the within from without.

    thank you John, for the inspiration, the poetic scaffold.

    and of course, thank you, thank you, Michaël.

    may we not falter, there are tough times ahead.

  4. femalefaust says:

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    i think i understand, perhaps, ‘why’ you are doing this; and although i do not think it must needs require such sacrifice, the philosophy is sound. as to the logical consequences – there is no categorical imperative. the ideas i have had remain within me, that your departure is foolish, or criminal, or that it deals a blow to the very side you support. (i refrain from saying ‘appear to,’ that is but the sophist in me, i know it is not true). i realize, now, that these are only my opinions, that they are right only for, and perhaps relevant only to, me.

    took me a moment.

    find what you seek out of life, may it bring you joy.

    may i add: i am sure i will not be alone in missing you.

    Daß deine Feder sich nicht übereile!
    Ist es der Sinn, der alles wirkt und schafft?
    Es sollte stehn: im Anfang war die Kraft!
    Doch, auch indem ich dieses niederschreibe,
    Schon warnt mich was, daß ich dabey nicht bleibe.
    Mir hilft der Geist! auf einmal seh ich Rath
    Und schreibe getrost: im Anfang war die That!

    — J.W. von Goethe,
    Der Tragödie erster Teil

    Love is the law, love under will.

  5. Just Me says:

    I meant to ask you this sooner, before you went “over and out”, and I hope you’ll answer this, even though you’re “over and out.”

    You mentioned in another blog that you suspected Enenews of being PsyOps.

    I really wanted to know why you think that as I’m not pleased with the amount of trolls on Enenews that are not banned even though they say terrible things about other posters at Enenews. And I can’t understand why this is allowed…

    • MVB says:

      Please quote and link to what exactly I “mentioned in another blog”, so I can look back at the context it may have been said in.

      As for a blanket suspicion that “ENENews might be PsyOp”… Of course I don’t know. How could I know? ENEnews hides behind annonymity. (http://fauxcapitalist.com/2011/04/03/who-is-behind-enenews-com/comment-page-1/)

      Its emphasis, though, leans heavily towards omitting nuances, resulting in a tabloidesque vibe. That in itself I find a red flag for an issue as important as Fukushima.

      And the troll scene… I’m not sure who’s a troll and who isn’t. Every now and then it’s obvious, and it is indeed odd that obvious trolls and disinformation agents would be allowed to continue posting their distractions and comment thread disruptions. But the less obvious ones may ultimately be the more troubling ones, as they manage to come accross as genuinely interested in the truth of the matter, and give the (sometimes false, I think) impression to be trustworthy. Later they’ve often revealed themselves to be trolls themselves. Or at least so it appeared to me. It would take me many days of going back through threads to point out the impression that grew on me over the past two years.

      I wonder if ENEnews may be a data mining operation for the study of how open online discussions can be steered. And even as it looks otherwise, may just be gathering information (IP addresses, writing styles, discussion dynamics, etc.) for public perception management purposes. But I don’t know. I don’t comment there anymore.

      I was a bit late to the ENEnews scene. My suspicion arose in spring 2014, with an article about elevated radioactivity discovered in seaweeds by a student and blamed on Fukushima fallout, http://enenews.com/award-winning-science-project-finds-high-radiation-levels-seafood-purchased-canada-many-samples-actionable-level-contamination-incredible-discovery-unexpected-be-lurking-canadian-waters-belie I went to the main source used by ENEnews for that piece, metronews.ca, but failed to have my comments shown there, when I tried to point some things out. I was also unable to track down the school or student, almost as if the story might even have been fabricated (but I don’t know if it went that far). Anyhow, as per my comments in that thread, it’s long known that Kelp can be very high in potassium and thus an elevated radiation measurement of kelp in itself actually says nothing whatsoever about its possible contamination. Even pointing that out (in comments and to ENE directly) did not result in even a nuance footnote. Thus they just send traffic to an article where comments questioning the alleged were not permitted, apparently.

      The weirdest part, I found, is that nearly all anti-nuke news outlets simply repeated the news (a la Radcast https://www.radcast.org/brownwyn-delacruz/ … or Kevin Blanch @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJPnGJQHpLo , etc. …), all without ANY questioning. That I point out why the conclusion is premature witout additional data was appreciated by a few individuals, but had zero effect on these “alternative news” outlets. I find such lack of care for whether or not one is basically misleading the public highly suspect. That’s only when I began to look more closely at the comment dynamics and omissions of nuances.

      There’s a lot more to it. Some of it is also touched on in Hattie’s piece, https://hatrickpenry.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/approach-infiltrate-influence-sabotage-patterns-of-deception-in-the-alternative-media-and-anti-nuclear-movement/

      Perhaps you were referring to a comment (on page 1) in that thread where I first voiced my suspicions: http://enenews.com/award-winning-science-project-finds-high-radiation-levels-seafood-purchased-canada-many-samples-actionable-level-contamination-incredible-discovery-unexpected-be-lurking-canadian-waters-belie/comment-page-1#comment-502008

      “Do not rule out the possibility that even some (or all) of the news sources you’ve come to like could be part of a well-disguised nuclear “controlled opposition”. Deception has been the MO of the nuclear industry from its inception.”

      I stand by that. Anyway…

      • hadia says:

        Michael, I would like to thank you for all your informations, although I couldn´t always go conform” with them. But you kind of were a teacher to me, because one really can get a lot of additional knowledge on your site.

        Needless to say that I am sad that your side is “shut down” now.. can fully understand… And if I permit my phantasy to emerge, I see radioactive fallout coming down as white little spots on your website orrrr? You did forget the chemtrails,hh!

        One of the biggest instability in humans´ demands for true information are -in my view- willingly spread disinformations. So sometimes – especially if one is not a native speaker- misunderstandings could occur.
        Though I am not a scientist (only studied 8 semesters of human medicine and then quit) would like to point out anyway that I always fully comprehended your posted articles etc. and appreciated your replies.

        But also: just because something is strange doesn´t mean it´s wrong and sometimes the most bizarre theories confirmed themselves to be true…What annoys me is this: sometimes bloggers, (like also in Enenews) behave a little too arrogant and have created their own ” chat-corners”. To me also sometimes the question arises if these News blogs were a data mining operation!? I think it should be allowed to ask unimaginable questions- thus to gain new knowledge. quod licet iovi, non licet bovi.
        I wish you all the best and plz stay healthy.

  6. MVB says:

    ;-/ I suck at quitting this blog…

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