And ‘WHAT IF’… What if ‘criticalities’ have not yet completely ended at Fukushima-Daiichi? , Crestone, Colorado (USA), Nov. 19, 2015

At the end of October, in my Oct. 27 post, “EURDEP data suggests something serious happened. Aside from data gaps and data delays, highest radiation levels in at least one year observed in many parts of Europe…“, in regards with the spikes in the Oct 23-27 period,  I had written (at the very end of that post),

“[…] If the origin of this spike is a new accident somewhere, if it was the innitial ground-touching cloud-spike, then data gaps will appear in about two weeks as more of the cloud will begin to touch ground level. […]”

Interestingly, that appears to be what happened, albeit more like in a week to ten days, rather than 2 weeks.  With “new accident” I meant, as opposed to it being Fukushima fallout released in 2011-2012 that is only now reaching ground monitors.  Meanwhile I consider Fukushima-Daiichi the most likely source of the recent radiation increases again. 

Maybe it’s too early to tell, but as is evidenced by much even greater upticks and unusually long data gaps, (see a synopsis of recent documentation in last night’s  !-> Nov. 18, 2015, “Recap of Oct.-Nov. 2015 Major Radiation Event. Ongoing?“, it seems this is exactly what went down in these past few weeks. 

Thus, based on observing what happened to the measurements of individual monitors over the years since March 2011, my impression is that what was released was released fairly recently, recently enough to show trace upticks of I-131, Cs-134 and Zr-97 during a 3-week period, just like (!->) in spring 2015, when véry similar detactions were made during a similarly short period as well.  The unusually high upticks of Radon-progency might very well be due to the decay of Uranium and Plutonium in the rubble the gasses are being vented from.

IF (and that’s quite the leap with so little data, but IF – big if -…) if this fallout cloud truly came from Fukushima-Daiichi (F1) every time I’ve suspected this to be the case, then… we might actually be dealing here with some kind of “breeder reactor gone wild underground, meaning that it would have sufficient density of fission material in the molten blob underground, and an -at least at times- sufficient neutron flux, to continue to create its own nuclear fuel.  Theoretically, this could go unabated ‘FOREVER’.  It is the true ultimate “China Syndrome nightmare” possibility.   Uncontained, over time, meaning decades, centuries, millenia, this will make life miserable at first (mid-21st through 23rd centuries), and if left spewing radioisotopes, it very well might eventually kill most higher life forms, such as mammals, humanity included.

Can you understand why I hope I’m wrong, and simultaneously have a really hard time “just letting this go“.  ‘Cause what if?  Seriously: what if?   That the nuclear industry lies is a given.  We know that by now…

Alright… here:  This recent letter in The Japan Times (Nov. 4, 2015) is amazing for the tiny tidbit of information it lets out of the bag (see more below this screenshot):

To quote from this letter, by Brian Victoria in Kyoto, to Olympics Minister, Toshiaki Endo – [my emphasis and excerpting]:

“[…] At this point it may be apt to recall the warning of 13th-century Zen master Dogen: “If there is the slightest difference in the beginning, the result will be a distance greater than heaven is from Earth.”

[…]  Unfortunately, Zen master Dogen didn’t explain what to do when you find yourself in a spot where heaven is already far removed from Earth — or the truth, in this instance. Fortunately, the former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata, recently proposed an eminently reasonable solution. It is time, he says, for Japan to stage an “honorable retreat” from hosting the 2020 Olympics while there is still time to select and prepare an alternative site.

[…]   Murata’s major concern, however, was not about the past but the present and future. […]  Murata’s gravest concern is a number of troubling indications of recurring criticality in one or more of the reactors at Fukushima No. 1. For example, he notes that in December 2014, both radioactive iodine-131 and tellurium-132 were reported as having been detected in Takasaki city, Gunma Prefecture.  Given the short half-lives of these radioactive particles, their presence could not be the result of the original meltdowns at Fukushima.”

If you sort through the data, as I do every now and then, you may also recall spikes in Iodine-131 in November 2014 in Europe (!!!–> See Jan. 31, 2015, “DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere.); as well as the !!!–> See, June 6, 2015, “Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopiaand !!!–> June 7, 2015,Yup… Fukushima is Still Fissioning – A Nullschool Wind Data Analysis of May 2015 EURDEP-Finland/Germany Radioactive Air Samples.).  The latest spate of peculiar detections (!!!–> see previous post and links, including !!!–> Oct. 28, 2015’s “Detected in Helsinki Finland in October 2015: Cesium-134 & 137, Actinium-225 & 227, Cobalt-60. + Detected in Hamburg, Germany: Zirconium-97.), unfortunately, all fitting with the allegation I’ve made for awhile now…

To close with another quote from that letter: 

“Murata is not opposed to the Tokyo Olympic Games per se, but finds them a major distraction to what needs to be done immediately namely, gathering the best minds and expertise from around the world and, with the full support of the Japanese government, doing everything humanly possible to bring Fukushima No. 1 truly “under control.”  This will help to ensure the Pacific Ocean is no longer used as an open sewer for Fukushima-produced radiation, and also address the ongoing pain and distress of the residents of Fukushima Prefecture and beyond. […]”

Thank you, Murata. I concur.

SO… “Anyways…”  if it truly were the case, namely that F1 is still undergoing fission events at the end of 2014, in spring 2015 and now again in autumn 2015, as I have been suspecting based on radioisotope detections at the other side of the planet during times when jet stream wind patterns could very well have delivered them thát quickly… If this truly is still happening almost a half decade after the catastrophe began (THINK !:  If it was true in Dec. 2014, there is no reason for it to not be possible in 2015!), then that implies that there may no end in sight to these underground fission-related fallout-release cycles.  A couple nuclear-industrial burbs per year, is that what we’re looking at?  The situation might truly be as mindblowingly serious as I sense it is.

In any case, I doubt a solution can be found without pacifying the very discord of deception embedded in the archetypal dynamic that underlies this situation.  

In other words:

Unless the nuclear industry comes clear and tells the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, this beautiful world may be bestroyed.  

For real.

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Added after posting:

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3 Responses to And ‘WHAT IF’… What if ‘criticalities’ have not yet completely ended at Fukushima-Daiichi?

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  2. MVB says:

    Now how about this: Gunma Prefecture, which borders Fukushima Prefecture in the north, one of the few to (limited but it’s something) publish Cs-134/137 + I-131 data of sewage sludge analysis, decided this summer 2015 to leave out the I-131 part. See FUkushima Diary @


    Gunma prefectural government decided not to disclose I-131 data of sewage plant sludge from this August. From May of 2011, they analyzed the dehydrated sludge of sewage plant to release the data of I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137. I-131 had been detected every month. 13 ~ 49 Bq/Kg of I-131 had been measured from this May to July too. In their August [2015] report released on 9/4/2015, they commented they are no longer showing the data of I-131 density. The reason is not announced.

    More news @

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