Radon-220 Spikes in Croatia: highest since records began in 2009.

It’s Nov. 11, 2015 in the Colorado Rockies…  9:45pm Mountain Time.

Internet through Mifi.

What shall I look at tonite…

Like Radon-222, Radon-220 (Rn-220) is another one that can be ‘natural’ or “enhanced natural”.  Naturally occuring as a part of the decay chain of Thorium (Th-232 & Th-228), the decay chains leading to Rn-220, http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/086.220/index2.full.prod.html also shows it can be added on by at least 4 types of Plutonium isotopes, just to pick something (Pu-228, Pu-232, Pu-236, Pu-240, Pu-244).  The end-product is, again, stable lead, in this case Pb-208.

EURDEP has various monitoring networks for the same isotope sometime, just by different names.  One, Rn-220-EEC, for instance has just these two monitors in Croatia:220_EECThe one on the right is BATINA, Croatia.

This past 1 month shows both Radon-220 and Radon-222, with what looks like significant recent spiking after a day-long data gap:

Batina_Croatia_Nov12_2015_1monthQuite the uptick of Radon-220 (top black graph) these past 10 days.  Is this unusual?  Let’s see…

This monitor started measuring at the very end of 2009.  Here’s the entire record: Dec. 2009 though Nov. 12, 2015Watch the top graph in particular, Radon-220.  See its complete decay chain @ http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/086.220/index2.full.prod.html.   (Note:  Maybe this is unrelated, but…   MOX fuel, which was in the fully-melted-down-and-out Reactor 3, as well as in spent fuel (some of which burned up too) contains Plutonium-240 (Pu-240), one of the many radioisotopes that in its decay chain passed through a Rn-220 phase.  Just a thought.)  Anyhow…

I marked the level that was never surpassed pre-Fukushima with a red line for both, starting with 2009:

12 3 45

!–> A first “highest measurment of Rn-220 since data collection began at the end of 2009” is recorded at this monitor between March 13 and March 20, 2011, clearly due to Fukushima, and corresponding with lots of other radioactive particles reaching all the way to Europe and beyond:

6By the beginning of summer 2011, the US EPA had already declared the accident basically over and returned to ‘routine monitoring’ (which is practically nothing as far as sample analysis goes).  Most of the fallout much higher up hadn’t even begun reaching ground monitors… (at least, that’s still my impression, to which this record only adds…).

Rn-220 and Rn-222 “behave” quite diferent at times, which is interesting in and of itself, I find.  Just watch them seperately.

7 17

Major upticks at the end of October 2011, early November 2011:8In November 2011, Radon-222 sees several very significant spikes:910111213In 2013, data gaps become more frequent and last longer:

1415161718Almost half the record of Summer 2014 is not shared with the public:

1920212223And then…  Right after an Oct. 31-Nov. 1 data gap:  Unprecedented levels of Rn-220 are reached this early November 2015:

24 SO… What happened? 

I have no idea what happened.

I’ve checked EURDEP enough over the past few years to notice, though, now already weeks ago (around the time of the Oct. 25, 2015 massive upticks, documented in the previus dozen or so blog posts), that very recently something véry unusual has been taking place.  A radioactive cloud that contains large amounts of Bismuth-214, Radon-220, some Zirconium-97, Cesium 137 & Cesium-134, and then some…  It’s definitely newsworthy.

Given the measurements in the United States indicate it’s coming from across the Pacific, I suspect it’s coming from Fukushima-DaiichiIf not, something extremely serious occured somewhere else.

Mainstream and so-called alternative media are completely silent.

Well, not exactly ‘silent’.  They’re making a lot of noise… but NOT about this…

Let’s look at a couple BETA & ALPHA radiation monitors in Europe… Anything unusual happening?   There’s the networks of Poland and Romania.  The Russian data is only good for the data gap record.

T_BETA_1month_pre_Nov12_2015_EURDEPThat circled monitor’s spike (mentioned before), turns out, was the highest value since November 2011:

WLODAWA_Poland_Nov12_2015_1month_Beta_AlphaHere’s two randomly picked monitors from Romania, with some scribbles (annotations) added by me, 3 months pasted together:

Oradea_Romania ZImnicea_Romania

Here’s one from Russia: “HaHa” …

Leningrad_whereEverythingIsFIneFor closing, here’s 1 month data from Eastern Turkey:

Kars_TurkeyI’m going to leave at this for tonight again… as I’ve had to restart my computer a few too many times.    Doesn’t do that when I research climate change or watch music videos or what not…

I suppose it comes with the territory:


Lightly edited on Nov 12, 2015,

…when Budapest, Hungary saw an unvalidated glitch dot of significance, after a half-week data gap, most likely merely inserted “with the best of intentions”

… for public perception management purposes…

Budapest_Nov12_2015spikeAnd the beat goes on…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Disclaimer:  I think a significant amount of my “Nuclear News” subtab links might be ‘controlled opposition’ sites. 

I encourage anyone (me, myself & I) to



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[This blog post was originally posted “privately”, during a period after Oct 5, 2015 when this blog was not visible to the public.]

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