Another Round of Looking into Recent Radiological Disturbaces – 2: Focus on the Early November 2015 uptick

(Starting this latest round at 10 pm on Nov. 10, 2015))

Building further on the last post, and many before that, my impression is:

  • Disturbances that seem not per se natural have been going on for quite awhile.
  • The ones in October and early November 2015 seem to come in what seem like “3 waves”, with:
    • the first wave between Oct. 11 – 18;
    • the second wave in the Oct 23-28 period, and
    • the most recent wave starting between Nov 2nd and 7nd, and in some cases still going, with many spiking on Nov. 7 or 8.

My first question is: where did these rounds of radiation increases begin?  Did the last/current wave make landfall in Northwestern Europe, then moved south towards Turkey, to curls around the high pressure system over France, to end up flying west over Northern Africa and back into Europe by way of Spain?  Or what is going on here?  There might be lots of overlap of already graphed data.  But I’m graphing just the past 1 week data.

Starting out with marking 33 locations to graph, going from north to south.  See how far I get…  Rolling:

Europe_Nov11_2015_04.50am UTC_1weekData_Gamma Max_Eurdep_North_toSOuth_33+checkpointsIn that order:

1_Hammerfest_Norway2_Tromso_Norway3_Enontekioe_Finland4_Ritsem_Sweden5_MoIRana_Norway6_Jarnasklubb_Sweden7_Tannas_Sweden 8_Pomarkku_Finland 9_Gavle_Sweden 10_Vaerdoe_FInland 11_Ristna_Estonia 12_Visingso_Sweden 13_Jelvaga_Latvia 14_Liepaja_Latvia 15_Hallandsvadero_Sweden 16_Fino2_GermanyAlright, I gues that’s only the first 16.  Might do some other queries instead of the rest of that list.

From looking at this first batch of monitors before heading to bed, there appear alse 2 waves within with early November wave.  All the way in the far north it isn’t very pronounced.  The nation-wide data gap of Sweden makes this a tough puzzle. There are early disturbances at the very end of October, then the “first wave” of November in the Nov. 2-3 window, followed by Nov. 5+ and then a more widespread spiking on or right after Nov. 7.

Before I continue further south, I will look at the Norwegian network more closely first, as well as some monitors even further north, as well in in Greenland…

—- —- —-

GreenlandGreenland data show (graphed the past 3 weeks)

  • that the event around the 25th, which affected monitors in many parts of North America, was NOT a solar or other kind of cosmic ray burst.
  • It appeared earlier on the scene in NUUK and Aasiaat, and the spike is a tiny bit later in Qaqortoq too.
  • In short:  it has the signature of a fallout cloud so huge its movement overhead is being detected on ground monitors all over the world, including in currently frozen-over winter wonderland Greenland:Greenland_Oct20_Nov10_2015The later upticks don’t show, although there is a slight hint of some disturbances.

Far north of mainland Norway, on the isle of Spitzbergen, the Oct. 25-16 event is not visible, but an uptick period at the beginning of November is clear, with a peak mid-Nov. 1:

Longyearbyen_NorwayAlso far north, but on the Canadian site, an obscure French monitor @ Saint-Pierre-Et_Miquelon-975 shows something, but how they correlate (within time as the air moves) isn’t obvious from this:

FrenchMonitor_CanadaNorthEastCoast —- —- —–

To be continued in one shape or another…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Disclaimer:  I’m not per se “anti-nuclear”, I’m pro-truth. 

… It just happens to be that the nuclear industry is involved in widespread and pervasive deceptions.   If they had told the truth in the beginning, there would be no nuclear power plants.  The consequences for future generations are unacceptable…


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[This blog post was originally posted “privately”, during a period after Oct 5, 2015 when this blog was not visible to the public.]

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