The Chinese Meltdown at Daya Bay NPP in May 2010

November 7, 2015 – Sitting by a warm wood stove… :-)

In my recent post, (Sept. 29, 2015), “EURDEP Radiation Monitor Rigging through Systematic Omissions Continues… / + With 6 Years of Radiation Data graphed for Ritsem, Sweden / (NEW (Public) Record High reached in Sept 2015)“, I had written (as part of looking at the long-term gamma radiation record for Ritsem, Sweden):

“[…] In summer 2010, there are a series of disturbances from mid-June to early August, with two data gaps within the same period.  Some, or perhaps most, of the disturbances may be natural radon-progeny rainouts:

Ritsem_16I am convinced, however, that a very significant release of radioactive particles & gasses occured in 2010.  Given the “fallout signatures”, I suspect it happened in May or June 2010, with the consequences of that reaching ground level the following half year.

I’m not sure which accident this would have been, but I did find this possibility, mentioned in, Jan 27, 2012, The Telegraph (UK), “China denies nuclear accident”, from which I quote (my empasis added):

“[…] China has never experienced a major nuclear accident, although there have been small leaks of radiation from some of its nuclear power stations. The last occurred in May 2010 in Shenzhen in southern China‘s Guangdong Province at the Daya Bay plant, the oldest of China’s 13 operational nuclear reactors. Managers at the plant failed to inform the public of the leak until three weeks later. Subsequently, Beijing denied that radiation had escaped but it was confirmed by a Hong Kong power company with a share in Daya Bay.[…]”

If that’s the culprit, then I suspect that May 2010 Chinese nuclear accident might have been quite significant, perhaps even a partial or full meltdown. […]”

The Pulse did this report on it in June 2010, via YouTube:

In it, it mentions a report by Radio Free Asia that wrote of, “a serious leak of radioactive Iodine.“:

And that is the reason of my inquiry into this tonight.  Radio Free Asia is very much like Radio Free Europe, the latter of which broke the mainstream media silence on the Zaporizhia nuclear accident, albeit through quoting an easily-ignored Eastern Ukrainian (anti-Kiev/US junta) rebel leader.   See my post, Dec. 29, 2014, “BREAKING – Zaporizhia NPP: CIA-run ‘Radio Free Europe’ Breaks Media Silence: Donetsk Separatist Official Warns Of ‘Second Chernobyl’

About Radio Free Asia (RFA): [from Wikipedia]

“[…] Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a United States-government-controlled organization that broadcasts and publishes online news, information, and commentary to listeners in East Asia while “advancing the goals of U.S. foreign policy” […]  RFA is funded and managed by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the independent agency of the United States government responsible for all non-military, international broadcasting sponsored by the U.S government (such as Radio Free Europe), which appoints the board of RFA.  […]   It was originally founded and funded in 1950 by the CIA through a front organization called “Committee for Free Asia” as an anti-communist propaganda operation, broadcasting from Manila, the Philippines, and Dacca and Karachi, Pakistan (there may be other sites) until 1961. Some offices were in Tokyo. The parent organization was given as the Asia Foundation.   The current Radio Free Asia is a US-government organization, incorporated in March 1996, and began broadcasting in September 1996. […]”

(This blog post is left unfinished.  It happens.  Usually I just delete them, but I thought I’d leave this one up.  Maybe someone else feels up to investigating it more in-depth some day, with wind maps and monitoring data.  Sorry about that.)

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