Nov 7 2015 – 24- and 48-Hour-Data Delay / Gaps Being Imposed in many EURDEP Countries. Cs-137 upticks in Finland

Nov. 7, 2015

Gamma-T in the past 24 hours shows that quite a number of countries are imposing a data release gap:


Ireland, most of Italy, and Romania allow data older one day to be seen, but the other ones don’t at this time.   Some data gaps are much longer; few are as long as a week.

Here’ the ones for whom the data release dalay exceeded or equaled 48 hours: Nov7_2015_20.40MT_EURDEP_Gamma_2days

No way to see what is behind the data gaps…

  • Cesium-137 & Radon-220 at Nicosia (0037 monitor) on the island of Cyprus, shows only very minor disturbances, and a data gap at the onset of November:

Cyprus_1month_Nov7_2015_Rn220, Cs137Possible: Based on the zero values, best visible on the Radon graph, and the unusually low counts around the 25th, it is not impossible that some kind of formula was applied to the data to artificially bring them down and not show what might otherwise have shown as a spike.

  • Some data from Finland (Cs-137 side by side with Be-7):

Northern Finland:

Cs137_Be7_NorthernFinlandCentral Finland:Cs137_Be7_CentralFinlandHelsinki in Southern Finland:Cs137_Be7_HELSINKI_SouthernFinland

See also the previous posts for various other detections, including Cs-134 and Zr-97 detected in Germany around Oct. 25, 2015.

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Disclaimer:  Data is just data, and most is not officially ‘validated’ anyhow.


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[This blog post was originally posted “privately”, during a period after Oct 5, 2015 when this blog was not visible to the public.]

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