ALERT – Major Radiological Disturbances in Northern Hemisphere. (October 2015)

It’s already November again…

Somewhere imaginary, high up in the Colorado Rockies, the Government of Absurdistan has unanimously voted (1:0) in favor of issuing a Radiological Emergency Advisory for the past entire month for the Northern Hemisphere, based on highly unusual data observed on the Online Radiation Monitors of the European Comission (EURDEP) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (RADNET), in combination with Nullschool Earth wind data.

What does this “alert” actually mean?  I’d say it’s nothing to get all worked up over.  This blog post contails basically nothing new:  I provide a few more examples of the apparent fact that the official radiation monitoring systems of Europe and North America, where the bulk of nuclear power pants are located* are rigged in such a way that if there actually were an major nuclear emergency, of the caliber of Chernobyl or Fukushima, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the released data anyhow.  Spikes are replaced with data gaps.

(*See my April 16, 2011 List of Nuclear Power Plants with maps, which may be outdated, since some 60 new ones are under construction, most of which in Asia…)

“Nothing to see here.  Move along.”

I made it even easier for people to ignore what I’ve pointed at many times over the past year:  This blog has been made ‘PRIVATE’ with no one allowed in to watch/read my ponderings and research since October 5th, 2015.   Haha  (If this were visible anyhow, browse through the posts if you’d like to find out when it was turned back on… I suppose).   I’m liking the ‘experiment’.  Is there any more or less of an effect on the world.  Can I assess anything else than my own state of mind?  Do I feel less ‘watched’, less ‘followed’?  DO I research less when I know no one sees my research?  (No)  So what compels me?   It’s kinda fun, actually.    But anyhow… fallout clouds and such…

Should I hold my breath?  Shall I put on a hazmat suit, all gas-masked-up, and go walk around realy fast in a center of town, acting all frantic and worried?  Stock up on sardines before their Strontium-90 content reaches some illustrious ‘level of concern’?   Should I tell people that we’re very slowly being fried and that perhaps millions of people, many not even born yet, will likely die earlier than they otherwise would, or suffer through the ordeal of healing from cancer, or live with immune disorders, heart disease, be plagued by mental disorders, or however the consequences will manifest for millions more, over the decades ahead, all directly or indirectly due to breathing bits and pieces of these fallout clouds that continue to circle the globe?  And then what?  Get stared at, for being some weirdo nerd who looks at data graphs?

The point of this alert is MOOT,  1) because it’s about the past,  2) because it’s about the future , and 3) because no one can read this anyhow (hehe). ;-)  Which is perfect, ’cause last time I took the pulse of mainstream society it was all about “being in the now” and “being happy”, or something… and there’s no instant gratification to be had with facing an issue that I estimate will take about 3,000 years to turn around.  Unless, of course, we create technologies with which the clean-up goes much faster.

Meanwhile…  in that same mainstream land:  “Lets create more” of the same insanity…

When I spot signs of data rigging or what to me looks like evidence of a major radiological event, why would I need to alert the public?   Last time I got all worked up over the cover-up of the late-November 2014 nuclear accident at Zaporizhia NPP in the Easterm Ukraine (see my documentation listed in the (Jan. 12, 2015) overview blog post, Cover-up of Zaporizhye Nuclear Accident Near-Certain), it was met a mixture of some disbelief, mostly utter disinterest (including from people with young children in Europe, whom I thought would want to know which way the fallout cloud would move so at least they could choose to keep their kids indoors on major fallout days, etc.), plus a few people whom in hindsight might have been more ‘entertainied’ than taking me seriously anyhow.  And then poof:  It morphed into a non-event, like it never happened.  Not one alternative of mainstream media outlet investigate dit further.   Like the Chinese meltdown at Daya Bay NPP in May 2010.  Which, of course, also never happened.

One of the rumored nuclear PsyOp wings of the military-industrial complex, the controlled opposition outlet and troll nest, ENEnews, appears to have created a little diversion, by way of mainstream propaganda outlet, The New York Times‘ (AP) Oct. 25, 2015 report, on an alleged nuclear waste fire incident in Nevada

LasVegas_NV_GammaSPike_Oct18_2015_ENEnewsA Radnet Gamma 5 scatter plot (showing the data points rather than continuous lines, the latter which can hide data gaps) for Las Vegas, NV shows that ENEnews plotted the data to not show the data gaps right before and right after:


Let’s scrutinize the data a little more…

Nullschool_Oct18_0600UTC_500hPa_WesternNorthAmFurther illustrating my now-longstanding-accusation that both EURDEP and Radnet are RIGGED to hide significant radiological events:  The Eureka, Northern California monitor shows the more significant uptics the days before and week after as well, which nicely correspond (again…) with data gaps more inland (where there’s more turbulance that mixes air layers and thus often more of an effect on ground monitors from radioactive particles that are speculated to be brought in from much higher up):

EUREKA_Oct13_26_2015_Radnet_Gamma5.6Also:  There’s no way that IF the origin were a dust cloud from a waste site fire in Nevada, that it would set off a nearby monitor in Las Vegas, NV,  ÁND, at roughly the same time also set off far-away monitors.  Like in Boston, MA, for instance.  Or half-way around the world in Europe for that matter (see more data further below).   The only explanation I have for the corresponding timing of upticks and data gaps across vast distances is that the delivery (to a ground monitor detecting something) is coming from fast-moving high altitude air layers, such as the 250-500 hPa jet stream layer.


Now, far more undermining to the credibility of ENEnews, which for whatever reason tried to link that radiation spike (which upon network-wide scrutiniy turns out to be relatively minor compared to the other two major spike times in these past two weeks)  to that Nevada incident…: Spikes around that time were observed elsewhere as well, including in places not downwind from Southern Nevada during this time period whatsoever.  Even more convenient of an omission, in many areas the spike preceded the reported fire in Nevada.

A sampling of monitors suggests that the air mass that set off the Las Vegas monitor hit many parts of the West Coast earlier.

Also gone un- or underreported is that at the time of the NYT’s reporting a far greater spike was setting off monitors across the Northern Hemishere, (Oct 24-25-26 particularly), even breaking many past-year or even all-time records.

Seattle_WA_Gamma3_Oct15_Oct27_2015 RichlandWA_Gamma2_Radnet_Oct14_28_2015

SLV_Utah_Oct13_26_2015_Radnet_Gamma5Obviously this was NOT a Nevada-local phenomenon…

The BETA data for Corvalis, OR are normally capped at 500 CPM (See data sets compiled by pinksailmatt, via Stock @ nukepro).  For the first time, however, values even higher were shown since:  this past week!  Also, note the data gap on Oct. 14 again, and relatively minor upticks in the next few days compared to the major uptick right at the time when the NYT/ENEnews article diverted attention to something obviousy unrelated…:

CorvalisOREGON_Beta_Oct13.27_2015RadnetWHat réally should have been in the news (if there was an actual free press left, that is…) are the widespread highly unusual spikes , all roughly along the northern jetstream, from the Pacific Northwest to Europe.   Will there be another mystery die-off of Saiga antellope in Central Asia next week?  Or more marine life washing ashore dead?  Will they blame “an early onset of winter”, or “unusually moist grass”, “a warmer than usual patch of ocean”?  (See my Sept. 3, 2015, “As Radioactive Clouds Drift Over Europe, Kazakhstan’s Saiga Antelope Suddenly Die by the Tens of Thousands Again… Connected?” and the June 18, 2015, “The “Mysterious” mid-May 2015 Kazakhstan Saiga Antelope Die-Off – aka “Do Not Mention Radioactive Fallout…”“, etc.

[Added on Nov. 3:] Now, if the Corvalis data is any clue, it suggests there were a lot of BETA-emitting particles in this fallout cloud.

And the following Polish data (from Lublin) gives me the impression that there was a massive amount of ALPHA-remitting particles in there as well…

This first graph shows the Change (%) in the air in K-40, Bi-214, Tl-208 and “Cosmic Radiation”,  There’s a significant uptick in Bi-214 on Oct. 17-18, and a massive spike in “Cosmic Radiation” on the 24th, followed by a data gap that last till the 26th.

LublinEndOct2015_withutTotalCountsReason I think so is a spike in “cosmic radiation”, while the neutron count (@ Oulu, see graphed below) was unaffected.  Cosmic radiation also includes alpha particles…  So perhaps alpha particles set off the cosmic ray detector, but it wasn’t due to cosmic rays…  Here’s the data from Lublin, Poland:

I would normally be inclined to consider this merely an ‘instrument error’, after which they turned the monitor off, fixed what was wrong, and turned it back on.  Except… that’s almost 2 days without data, and it just happens to be right when monitors where spiking elsewhere, or when data gaps were being inserted all over the place.  Another véry interesting aspect is the TOTAL COUNTS:   None of the shown radioisotopes, nor just Cosmic Rays can explain this increase of almost 12 million times (~12,000 %) in number of counts (like CPM).  When also graphing this, the rest disappears into relative insignificance:LublinEndOct2015_withTotalCounts

And I don’t think it was due to ‘cosmic radiation’, ’cause that would surely have affected the neutron count worldwide.  It didn’t:neutronCount_Nov3_2015OuluDataMoving along…  Back to Radnet.  [End of the Nov. 3 addition.]

In Alaska, the “fallout pattern” is apparent 3 times, with both Fairbanks and Anchorage showing a data gap during one of the times of disturbance.:

FairbanksAKIn the past there have been better examples of data rigging through ommission there, see for instance a clear example in (June 22, 2015), “Fin Whale Die-Off by Alaska area ‘a Perplexing Mystery’… + More Data Rigging Evidence: EPA Radnet Beta radiation monitor @ Anchorage spiking when DATA GAPS @ Anchorage“.

This is the past two weeks, showing both locations’s BETA only:

Anchorage_vs_Fairbanks_AKClosest to my location, the Colorado Springs, Colorado monitor, shows a data gap on Oct. 15, and then a period of disturbances with some spikes in it from the 21st through the 24th of October 2015:


The spikes and data gaps around the 15th and the 25th appear to be the more significant and most widespread ones.  I looked back at all the data I had simply gathered in the past few blog posts and lo and behold…  Yup: It’s clear that the fallout-pattern-like disturbances that hit North America also hit Europe, and thus it is more than likely to have a HOT origin that is being transported high up, with the jet stream, only to show up on monitors where it makes ground-contact…

A “glitch dot” in The Netherlands, for example, was likely caused by a hot particle falling from jet stream height and hitting a monitor directly, while most ground monitors were not yet affected:

Halsteren_NL_glitchdot_Oct24_2015_1800_1900_UTCNow… the mystery deepens as I check more monitors.  Purely for this excersize in detective work, I’m going to assume it’s not from Fukushima and see where I arrive at (in time and space) for a likely origin…

The 250hPa airmass that moved over The Netherlands and brought with it goodies that make monitors squeek blew in from…   Oct. 24, 1800 UTC… 250 hPa…  okay… lets go just below it, still high, at 500hPa, to see the slow-downs below it better:  (Find the little green circle over The Netherlands, follow windlines upwind (going west) if you’re curious…),66.17,512That’s,66.17,512  and turned to show the Pacific (same day, no adjustments, this is just the super-simple checking to see the approximate position of the ever-moving jet stream that day.  For precision, many adjustments would need to be made.  You can use the Great Lakes as a handy reference if you want to follow the same wind-line upwind further….   Here’s the Pacific view @ http-/,56.21,512  :,56.21,512._turnedtiffI suppose that’s one way to end up in Japan…

If you take the time to follow specific wind-lines, it becomes clear that the ongoing FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI nuclear catastrophe may be the culprit.  Could be anywhere else along the path too, but’s striking that the jet stream passed over F1 again right during the period that is marked by major upticks and data gaps in the week following this having been the case…

In any case, the cause is obviously NUCLEAR FALLOUT.  Where is it coming from I ultimately don’t know.  I’m just guessing with some tools to help me guess.  Here’s some more facts to be considered:

Let’s go over a few things…  The glitch dot spike in Muehlheim-Kaerlich, Germany in the morning of Oct. 15 coincides with the data gap period Oct 13-16 found in the US.  Only jet-stream speed can deliver fallout just a day or two max apart.

Muehlheim.Kaerlich_Germany_weekPreOct2015_spikeWithinDisturbance_ValidatedSo, quickly… Nullscholl @ 250 hPa for Oct. 15, let’s say 1200 UTC… what’s along the pathways….  Same deal: slow down occured along the path in North America, and if you trace the jet stream all the way, you find that it passed over the Fukushima region that day, as well as the 3-4 days before (so, again, Fukushima being the leaking faucent from hell that it is… it’s POSSIBLE.)

Oct15_2015jetstreamOf course… This is just scribbles on a wind map…   But it did make me think it’s Fukushima yet again…   Southern Finland, the Baltics, Northern Germany certainly did see a slowdown in the jet stream those days… and that jet stream also fanned out before the US West Coast and…   The jet stream surely was blowing right over Northern Japan again back then…

It’s a bit odd to notice that apparently I feel SO COMPELLED to investigate this that it doesn’t even matter that I reduced my audience to zero… 

We know from the Polish data, shared in previous blog posts, that the 1st and especially the 3rd uptick (the latter being that on or just after Oct. 25th) had stronger ALPHA and BETA components, while the middle uptick was more pronounced in GAMMA:

Wlodawa_Poland_GammaAlfaBetawe know from German data that Bismuth-212 (on Oct 20) was probably in some of these fallout clouds:

PotsdamGermany_Spike_Bismuth212_Oct20-21_2015The decay chains that show Bi-212 in  it, show a vast amount of possibilities:

Th232_Bi212But one thing is certain: there’s LEAD being added to our environment.  (Far from certain, but ‘baffling’ it isn’t being invesigated more deeply…: look up ‘lead poisoning‘ and see if you find some overlap in the symptoms of various marine fauna found dead or malnourished in  the Pacific… )

!-> Finland…:  And preceding these Oct 14-15 upticks, we have the detections of Cs-137, Cs-134, Ac-225, Ac-227, and (stragely again) Cobalt-60 during a brief October 11-13 sampling window.   IF (always a big if) these are all connected, and the 3 upticks in the past 20 days are also coming from the same source, then that Zirconium-97 detection on Oct. 25-26 is surely not to be ignored, either…

zirconium_97_detected_northerngermany_oct25_2015bThis means, given the very short half-life of Zr-97, that, with no room for doubt unfortunately, that a neutron-spewing Uranium-fission event occurred at the very most 8 days before October 26, 2015…  Could be a venting nearby?  Sure.  That’s also a possibility.  But given the timing across both North America ánd Europe, a localized source that just happened to release this peculiar isotope right at the time that much other stuff is blowing in… not as plausible, in my somewhat-biased opinion, than that it came from afar.    Is Fukushima still fissioning?  I think so.  Sometimes I doubt everything I think, so… Whatever.  But I do think there’s fission-flare-ups happening underground, and they’re venting gasses out in an attempt to keep the mess from blowing open in a giant hydrogen explosion, or worse…

(But, for perspective, I’m really just sitting in a tent in the Colorado Rockies, writing down mere thoughts on my laptop…)

What else…?

A correlated minor uptick of both Radon-222 and Cesium-137 on Oct. 22 in Cyprus could be related, but is not by itself all that special:

Nicosia_cyprus_EndOct2015)Cs137_Rn222That Cesium-134 was detected right on Oct. 25 in Nürnburg, Germany is significant, though:

Cs134_detcted_Nurenberg_Germany_Oct25_2015Note that the Bismuth-214 graph below it (in blue) has a data gap the day before.

A look at some peculiar data from Greece hints at this set of disturbances may have begun just before October…  (But, then again…., I suppose if you keep looking you find that this is all part of “the new normal” and accidents were being covered up before Fukushima just the same…)

The Helliniken, Greece monitor is obviously callibrated to be sensitive to the energy levels that are affected by sunshine: you see ’em go up and down in a 24 hour cycle.   Here’s 5 months of recent data.  All looks fine all summer:

Hellinikon_Greece_June_July_Aug_2015Then it briefly gets messy at the end of September, and the monitor turns off its data flow.  Right as it comes back online, last week, it’s accompanied by a massive spike of over +650 µSv/hr on Oct. 19, 2015, and another unusual uptick on Oct 24, after which they must have done a calibration, since the daily cycle flat-lines more-the-less after that:

Hellinikon_Greece_Sept-Oct_2015Where was the wind coming from on the spike and disturbance days?  Greece on October 19th?  Play around with it @,86.66,305

Some parts of Turkey are currently getting a dosing…

WesternTurkey_tillNov2_2015But more importantly:  Although there is still a lot of information to be found, as a whole, it’s clear (or so I fathom…) that anything that could make it undeniable that we’re IN a (long-term) “radiological  emergency” is being systematically hidden from the public through data omission, manipulative calibrations and apparent algorithms at work within the data processing software…

So the question begs:  Who benefits from having this covered-up?  Why?   

Is this an intentional slow-motion high tech extermination being carried out?   (One that wouldn’t even become apparent until a decade or many decades from now…)    Or are they basically “merely embarassed” that they totally messed up?   But if the later were they case… they wouldn’t want to continue the madness, would they?   I’m honestly at a loss for what could possibly motivate them to hide the data.  It’s not that by hiding data they’re preventing the consequences of the pollution…      I mean…


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Disclaimer:  Data sourced from government or other official sources NEVER suggests anything of concern might be occuring.  When in doubt, check with the government agencies to reiterate that too you.


If you are viewing this page on any website other than it IS plagiarized.  Please let me know.  All content is copyright © Michaël Van Broekhoven, administrator of the Allegedly Apparent Blog.  Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of that content owner.  For more details, see my Disclaimer, Share Policy and Fair Use Notice  If you wish to reproduce any of my content in full or in more than a paragraph or quote, please contact me first to probably obtain no such permission…

[This blog post was originally posted “privately”, during a period after Oct 5, 2015 when this blog was not visible to the public.]

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