EURDEP: Of Data Gaps and “the Sound of One Maroon Dot…” (Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland DATA)

It’s a pass-time thing.  I kinda enjoy it… cruising around EUREP and noticing how rigged it is.  I guess they must have thought we’ld never notice, or something.   There’s a lot moe to be seen than I’m pointing out.  SOme strange non-correlations between alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation, more data gaps during disturbances, and so forth.

All this is just “for the record”…   

Alright, quite often maroon dots on the EURDEP map are just high values, such as the frequently seen super-brief spikes to just below 6000 nSv/hr or to just below 600 nSv/hr, which I’ve come to see as “just a calibration”, but rather often they’re clearly NOT thát.

Take this one in Western Germany, just east of Belgium, for instance:  That one maroon dot there is right near a nuclear power plant (one of the German plants that is merely ‘scheduled’ to be turned off, but is actually still active now).  But that doesn’t mean the uptick is from that plant, it may just be one of the better monitors…


The spike is right in that area that some calibrations sometimes happen (most, however, seem to be spiking to 560 nSv/hr, or so); Anyhow, the spike is validated and is clearly part of a disturbance that goes on for several hours:


When you take the same data and graph it so it doesn’t show the high spike, but the lesser variations, you see it right away:


That spike is obviously part of a disturbance, and so that likely means that a hot particle hit the monitor.  Now the question is: WHY would one monitor spike and all the others, very nearby not give a hint of anything unusual happening?  Let’s see what the neighboring monitors show…

Some only show the slight disturbance, which cannot be differentiated from natural variation due to radon progeny, cosmic rays, Be-7, K40-soil dust, etc.  But it COULD also be something else, something artificial.  Here’s just a minor disturbance…


Many other regional monitors, however, show data gaps strikingly right during the spike time, as well as during other seemingly insignificant disturbances:MKother2 Wolken Lahnstein Bornheim Munstermaifield

Are you getting the picture?  Systematic data omission is the name of the game.  It’s the same in Russia, it’s the same in the US.

— — — ” Fiction break “— — —

Um… Dear governments working in cahoots with the nuclear mafia, err industry, I’m reporting a pothole on your monitoring network…

…Like they give a f*cking rats ass about giving a couple million móre people cancer…  As long as it can’t be PROVEN (which, to do it up to the highest scientific standards with reasonable  low uncertainty is actually near-impossible given the too many variables and various complications due to the large amount of time that passes between “cause” and “consequences”…), so they can’t be held liable, so they’re off the hook, so they don’t care.  And onward the mad machine goes…

— — — — — —

The uptick was also observed on many other monitors across Europe (see also various additional data spread through the past dozen blog posts, or so):Benedeneeuwen_NL

So, EURDEP (or the IAEA…) apparently has this so-called “data exchange platform” set up in such a way that very few spikes ever make it on the map.  I don’t know how many examples I would need to gather for it to sink in for the public and politicians who fell for the nuclear industries’ LIES, to get it that the entire monitoring networks of the industrialized world are A SCAM.  They are not meant to alert and warn people.  To the contrary: they are part of a perception management strategy to give the illusion of safety through systematic omissions of anything of concern.

Moving north on the map, from Poland to Baltic Russia, to Lithuania, to Latvia, a Swedish Island, and eventually some Finnish data, all showing the same time period:

LublinPoland OLSZTYN_NorthernPoland Bialystok_NorthernPOland Wlodawa_Poland_GammaAlfaBeta Mikolajki_Poland_GammaAlfaBeta_Oct2015 BalticRussia LithuaniaOffLine

This one data graph is a zoom-in on just 2 days:   At one of the Lithuanian monitors, they calibrated, measured for some more hours and then turned off the data flow, as the entire country went off-line on that October 14th afternoon…Calibration_normal_thenDataCUT_Lithuania_midOct2015

— — — ” Fiction break “— — —


— — — — — —

Back to month-view, in Riga, capital of Latvia: data gaps on that Oct. 14, 2015 and disturbances just before and after Oct 25, with minor spikes and correlating data gaps:Riga_Latvia Riga_Lativia_2 Baldone1 Baldone2_Latvia Latvia_

Finland often has interesting isotope-specific data:

Here’s a reverse correlation between Be-7 and Cs-137, suggesting the Cs-137 is likely in local low-flying dust from Chernobyl deposition. Be7_Cs137_reverseCorrelation_ImatraFinland_Oct2015

Two not-very-common detections of Sodium-22 (Na22), which, like Berrylium-7 can be cosmogenic (made by interaction with cosmic rays at very high altitude):Na22_October2.5_2015_Sodankyla_Finland_Cs137 Na22_detection_wBe7_Imatra_Finland_Oct2015

And that’s it for tonite…  Conclusion?  Not really…   Same old, perhaps: EURDEP is rigged to hide radiological emergencies.  We’re IN ONE.  (I’m not kidding, unfortunately…)  But I suppose they don’t want anyone to know.  Pretty freak’n incredible how the masses have been put to sleep somehow… I’m having a bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around the widespread apathy.   But then again… It’s not like I’m doing anything about it either.

Would it make a difference if I turn my blog back on?  I doubt it.I seems to have the exact same effect.  “Like, you know”, pretty much no effect…  “lol    ;-P”

It is a bit more peaceful without the trolls, though.  Thát I appreciate… :-D

— — — ” Fiction break “— — —

— — — Let’s sit down and have a little chat…— — —

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Disclaimer:  When you read this, it is likely to ALL be outdated already.


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[This blog post was originally posted “privately”, during a period after Oct 5, 2015 when this blog was not visible to the public.] 

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