Some more EURDEP observations (March + Oct 2015) from Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany and Croatia

Just a selection of some more data I looked at, for the record:

  • Past 3 months at the last remaining monitor in Iceland:


  • Various detections and correlations at Sola, Norway in March 2015:

Sola_Norway_March17_2015_I131_Be7 I131_Cs137_SolaNorwayCoast_uptick_LLDvaluesRelevant_March2015 NearOsloNorway_I131_Cs137_MidMarch2015_correlated_soResourceExplorationUnlikely_ NearOsloNorway_Be7_K40_MidMarch2015_correlated_

  • October 2015 detections at Kotka, Finland:

HighestBe7_correlation_Th232_detection_Kotka_Finland_Oct6_2015 Th232_Na22_KotkaFinland_Oct6-12_2015 Kotka_Fin_Cs137_Be7

An unusual uptick of Bi-212 at Potsdam, Germany this past week end of October 2015:


The Croatia monitors for I131, etc. show only zero as data, but the data gaps seem to correspond with periods of slight disturbances in Gamma, most of the time:Gamma_Cs137_BatinaCroatia

  • Added  Oct. 31, 2015:

Cs-134 & Cs-137 correlated uptick in late May 2015 in ESTONIA:


An alpha spike, followed by a gamma uptick about a half day apart in The Netherlands, in Mid-August 2015::

13.14_Augustus2015_Eibergen_NL_GammaT_T.Beta_Art_12 hoursApart

A validated I-131 detection in Finland corresponding with a Be-7 uptick in May 2015:


Anothe I-131 validated detection in Finland, again correspnding with a Be-7 uptick, this one in March 2011 (may have mentioned some of these before already):March23.15_2015_Sodankyla_Finland_Be7_I131_correlatedUptick_Validated_EURDEP

Same observation in Harku, Estonia: I-131 – Be-7 correlated upticks in March 2015:


Came with a whiff of Cesium-137 as well:I131)Cs137_HarkuEstonia_March2015

Read into it whatever you like…

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Disclaimer:  I claim no expertise in interpretation over shared data.


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[This blog post was originally posted “privately”, during a period after Oct 5, 2015 when this blog was not visible to the public.]

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