EURDEP data suggests something serious happened. Aside from data gaps and data delays, highest radiation levels in at least one year observed in many parts of Europe…

Oct. 27, 2015

From ‘The Department of So What?‘, this just in:

According to this NY Times artcile (Oct. 25, 2015, “Radioactive Dump That Burned in Nevada Had Past Troubles“), which mentions an radiation release incident at the Nevada Test site that reportedly occured on October 18…   It would be disturbing if some of the spikes that occured in Europe this past week were somehow connected, but one never knows, so I’m mentioning it:

Anyhow, many record spikes precede the 18th or simply couldn’t reach Europe that fast, so we may just be seeing evidence of yet another incident, accident (maybe even a major one), or more Fukushima fallout coming down… Impossible to figure this out over dinner….   But who cares about data anyhow…  Figments of some monitor’s imagination… Are you entertained yet?    Here’s some more, ‘Enjoy!‘, and think happy thoughts while you ponder what it could posibly mean…

This week’s Gamma-T max at EURDEP shows upticks and spikes that appear to all occur in a fairly narrow time window at the end of October, with year-records being set in many places tis past month.

Some monitors sampled (data further below) include these:


  • A “glitch dot” spike of up to over +13 µSv/hr at this location in Hungary:


  • In Wick, UK, north-eastern Scotland, the otherwise usually eventless Northsea air shows this late October 2015 +0.1 µSv/hr uptick, the highest in over a year (aside from data gaps that might hide even higher spikes):


  • Highest shown value in at least one year at  Botev Peak in Bulgaria:


  • Highest shown value in at least one year at Poschiavo / Robbia SMN, in the Swiss Alps:


  • A new year-record also at this inland location in Portugal:


  • One of the most sensitive networks, that of Luxembourg, went silent after October 21, 2015, never reassuring… (48 hour data): EURDEP_Luxembourg_Off_endOct2015
  • On individual monitors it looks like this (month data):


When you look around Luxembourg, you discover that there is a reason behind this outage.  Spikes, upticks and disturbances can be found during the same time just across the border on monitors that are not as good as the Luxembourg network at showing fallout (just my impression).  On the two German monitors, shown in the composite below, you see yet another very clear example of data gaps corresponding with spikes and upticks at exactly the same time:


This further documents what I have been saying all along: EURDEP, just like the US’s Radnet, is rigged to hide radiological emergencies.   As I’ve said before, I suspect the IAEA, which was involved in writing the data processing software is responsible for this, likely in cahoots with the so-called nuclear watchdog agencies of the respective countries.

  • Meanwhile all the way south in the Mediterranean, at the lovely Cyprus monitor, a curious minor uptick in 100% artificial Cesium-137 is accompanied by a slight uptick in supposedly all-natural Radon-222…    Interesting, wouldn’t you agree?  Hm…:Nicosia_cyprus_EndOct2015)Cs137_Rn222Perhaps this could some day be part of solving the puzzle of what is coming down all over…  (Of course, the complicitly silent folks at the IAEA and their affiliated super-sentive network at the CTBTO surely know exactly what is in the air and where it is coming from… but they’re focussed on obscuring the truth, not on laying it bare.)
  • On the east coast of Bulgaria, at Achtopol, the recent spike comes close to the still-standing year-record from almost precisely one year before (Oct 2014 & 2015 side by side):


-> What stands out here, though, is that, obviously, a baseline adjustment occured.  Browsing through the months shows that this occured on November 26, 2014, right after the mid-November radioactive uptick wave that set off many monitors across Europe, and just before (or RIGHT as it happened?) the covered-up Zaporizhia meltdown.  Interesting, maybe someday?  BaselineAdjustment_AchtopolBulgaria_inNovember26.2014

  • A glitch dot of a whopping +51 µSv/hr in Halsteren, The Netherlands, just a little bit north of Antwerp, Belgium, curiously around the same time as so many other upticks across Europe…  Makes it hard to dismiss it as just an instrument error…


    Also notice that a callibration must have occured on October 22, narrowing the radiation range to a tighter line…

But who cares?  Any journalist can check these monitors him or herself and try to figure out what’s happening.  But until the IAEA tells them exactly what they’re supposed to say, these fucking lapdogs in all these mainstream and so-called alternative media are not even going let out the slightest growl or peep.  Ever.  It’s been this way for so many years.  Greenpeace, Helen Caldicott and Beyond Nuclear give their little talking points, year in year out, and somehow – I actually don’t get it – they and their supporters find this sufficient?  Nothing changes.  Decades go by.  More reactors are built.  The cover-up is all-emcompassing…  Maybe the pro-nukers don’t actually wish to wreck havoc with this planet’s ecology and… -God man… imagine… maybe they actually genuinely believe all the bullshit they’ve been fed?

Anyways…  Feels good to post this to ‘no audience’.  Imagine I freaked someone out and caused undue stress?  [sarc.]  If the origin of this spike is a new accident somewhere, if it was the innitial ground-touching cloud-spike, then data gaps will appear in about two weeks as more of the cloud will begin to touch ground level.  The acute symptoms might be called “the flu”, and the  eventually-apparent cancers, heart disease etc. won’t show up until a decade or later anyhow…

SO… Time to go shopping…  like there’ no future anyhow…

And the beat goes on…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Disclaimer: Listen to your government authority.  

I claim no expertise.  Posted for your entertainment only.


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[This blog post was originally posted “privately”, during a period after Oct 5, 2015 when this blog was not visible to the public.]

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