Some Recent Peculiarities at EURDEP’s ‘STATION 9’ in Northern Italy

Doing laundry at the Hooper Pool, Southern Colorado – October 19, 2015

Do I need to mention the DISCLAIMER when no one else can see this?  (Just in case some day I make it all visible again… perhaps…)

Location of this monitoring “network” for Rn-(220 + 222), which also monitors Gamma, Beta-ART and Alpha-ART.  I will be graphing all 4 together for the past 1 year.

Station9_ItalyThe whole year, split in two times 6 months, each showing Radon, Gamma, Beta & Alpha, with some scribbles added by me:

Station9_italy_Rn220.222__Gamma_AlphaART_BetaART-annot2The above data graphs is shown, below, in 4 sets of 3 months so you can see the details without distractions yourself.  Commentary below each.

Staring in October 2014:


Next 3-mnth period:


  • The only notible observation here (above) seems to be the uptick in Alpha-Art (I think that means Alpha radiation from artificial radionuclides), a couple days after Gamma data is brought down to zero  briefly (which is basically a variation of a data gap), at the end of the graph above, just after April 12.  It’s too early to be connected to the Chernobyl wildfires, which came at the very end of April. (See my documentation of that in a series of posts that began with April 29, 2015, Chernobyl’s Radioactive Forest Fire. [April 29, 2015] – Location on map, Wind & Radiation Monitoring links).
  • A zoom in on the data that Beta-Uptick week shows
    • Radon and Alpha aren’t correlated here:


  • At first sight Alpha and Beta don’t appear correlated, either, but when adjusting the scales ignoring the bog spike, they clearly ARE spiking together:

AlpaBeta_weekaroundApril14_2015_St9_Italy alpha_Beta_peaks_correlateNext 3-month period:St9_all4_3-> Major disturbances at the end of May (2015), with an unusual Alpha spike.  The disturbance is followed by a long data gap in mid-June.

A zoom-in on the spike time:

EndMay2015_st9_Italy_all4The last 3 months to close:

St9_all4_4–> Lots to be seen, but the upticks in both Alpha and Beta in early August stand out to me for being the most unusual.  A zoom in on that week shows disturbances in Alpha, Beta and Gamma that week, during he same period but not correlated peak by peak.  The Beta uptick goes to near 700 Bq/m^3.  Also: just Radon 220 + 222 is clearly not the culprit of these upticks:

earlyAug_2015_St9_Italy_700BetaSPikeIt’s just documentation.  I’ll leave it that for now.

— — — — — — — — —


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