EURDEP – a snapshot of ongoing disturbances…

Very end of Sunday October 18, 2015 – DISCLAIMER

Maybe I should turn my blog back on… If I can’t even abstain from “this bullshit addiction” WITHOUT an audience…  what then actually motivates me to write this?  Am I trying to reach the spooks who can always see what I write regardless of the private settings?  What would be the point in that?

Anyways.  Bad habits die hard…   ;-/  It’s 11:40pm, I’m still awake and swinging by EURDEP (see Online Radiation Monitors) to see if the recent radiological disturbances had settled down.  Doesn’t look like it.  Widespread data outages and major delays, especially in the north.

Never a good sign when several countries impose a 48-hour delay in data relay…:

48hours_EURDEP_Gamma_Pre-Oct19_2015_4.40amUTCA samping of some random monitors showing the last three months of Gamma:

  • South-Western Coastal GREENLAND:

  • South-Eastern ICELAND:


  • Here’s one in LITHUANIA (northern Baltics):


  • Oslo in Southern NORWAY:


  • Vaike-Maarja, some place in ESTONIA:

Vaike-Maarja_Estonia_3mo_G_preOct19_2015 Looked at dozens of monitors more, and had 3 months of data for each ready to paste together…  but then EURDEP’s well-programmed research-delay mechanism threw me this computer-freezing tactic:

EURDEP_delaytactic_Oct2015And so those hours of work were -poof- gone.   So it goes…  It’s part of their game.   No way to even take a screenshot, I took a photo of it, shown above.

The only additional things I had saved were detections of Cobalt-60 (Oct. 10, 2015 in Helsinki), Thalium-202 (a very odd one; Sept. 7-8, 2015, also in Helsinki, Finland); and in May (2015) a whiff of Iodine-131 at the far-northern tip of Norway, not validated, but interestingly again corresponding with an (unvalidated) uptick in everyth else synthetic they measure there, ánd with Be-7, which hints (again) that it could have entered the ground level scene from higher up…:

Cobalt60_Helsinki_Oct8_2015 Thalium202_Thorium232__Helsinki_SEPT8_9_2015 I131_Be7_correlated_NV_May4_thru11_2015 No idea where those radioisotopes came from.  Not even going to guess.

The stalling tactic worked, though.   I went to bed instead.

Why write blog posts when I’m invisible to ‘an audience’…?  Hm…  That’s some freaky stubborn addiction I’m dealing with here…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —



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