Lovely Indian Summer. End of Sept. 2015 PHOTOS

October 1, 2015…

Needed some things, decided to go get ’em at a ‘Home Depot‘.  The nearest one is in Cañon City…  Not even 40 miles away on the other side of the mountains, but it’s a 120 mile drive to get there…  (stops not included, a 4.5 hours round trip…)

  • Pretty drive, though…

View from where I live near Crestone, Colorado, after a recent evening rain storm:

DSCN7514View from Poncha Pass:

DSCN7615From Poncha Pass to Poncha Springs on the way to Salida:

DSCN7623Entering the Arkansas River Valley just before Poncha Springs & Salida:

DSCN7631Down the canyon from Salida to Cañon City:

DSCN7685Other side of the Sangre de Cristo mountains & Wet Mountains:

DSCN7694Home Depot, end of Sept. 2015:


  • Weather

The ‘Indian Summer’ this past September has been near-record WARM the past few weeks.  Dry and sunny most of the time.   ;-)

According to Wunderground, which has the local Baca/Crestone station plugged into its network, we’ve already seen night frost 3 times this September:


I’m about 200 feet higher up on the hill in the forest, and (counterintuitively I’d say) it’s usually a couple degrees warmer up here than down below, which I suppose makes sense as it is more sandy and less tree-sheltered in the flat open valley floor.  I also get more rain and snow.  (If you go higher, it gets colder again, of course.)    Still sleeping in a tent outside, didn’t notice any frost yet…

ValleyNightTempsThat’s an annotated detail from the NOAA forecast for tonight (with temps in Fahrenheit.  32 F = o C)

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —   — — — — — — —



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