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EURDEP: Of Data Gaps and “the Sound of One Maroon Dot…” (Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland DATA)

It’s a pass-time thing.  I kinda enjoy it… cruising around EUREP and noticing how rigged it is.  I guess they must have thought we’ld never notice, or something.   There’s a lot moe to be seen than I’m pointing out. … Continue reading

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EURDEP: 48 hrs versus 1 month data: Finding the Data Outages

October 31, 2015 One of the ways to spot data delays is to view the whole EURDEP map (Via Online Radiation Monitors) with “48 hours of data” and then “1 month data” and look for the difference.  You can see … Continue reading

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US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt Sighting

On Monday, October 26, 2015, around 12:26pm MDT, a mystery plane, I later identified as probably having been a US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II flew south over me in the forested part of the Crestone-Baca area (in Southern Colorado) … Continue reading

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Some more EURDEP observations (March + Oct 2015) from Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany and Croatia

Just a selection of some more data I looked at, for the record: Past 3 months at the last remaining monitor in Iceland: Various detections and correlations at Sola, Norway in March 2015: October 2015 detections at Kotka, Finland: An … Continue reading

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“I Just Had To Let It Go…” (Watching the Wheels, by John Lennon w/ Lyrics)

Appropriate soundtrack for stepping back from actively ánd publicly engaging the show of utterly ineffective anti-nuclearism (lyrics below): Lyrics: People say I’m crazy, doing what I’m doing Well, they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin … Continue reading

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Detected in Helsinki Finland in October 2015: Cesium-134 & 137, Actinium-225 & 227, Cobalt-60. + Detected in Hamburg, Germany: Zirconium-97.

Detected in Helsinki, Finland in October 2015: Cesium-134 & 137: Actinium-225 & 227: Cobalt-60, here shown with a repeat of the Ac-225 data: + Also unusual: Likely unrelated, but noteworthy nonetheless: In Northern Germany (perhaps the only region that monitors … Continue reading

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EURDEP data suggests something serious happened. Aside from data gaps and data delays, highest radiation levels in at least one year observed in many parts of Europe…

Oct. 27, 2015 From ‘The Department of So What?‘, this just in: According to this NY Times artcile (Oct. 25, 2015, “Radioactive Dump That Burned in Nevada Had Past Troubles“), which mentions an radiation release incident at the Nevada Test … Continue reading

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