No Evil to be Seen On EPA Radnet Monitors… (Ever)

September 3, 2015  — Oh how we love pink skies

Nevermind that it could be radioactive fallout that’s turning the skies more pink than usual…

Anyhow, saw fairly widespread upticks on the NETC (one of many options to check Online Radiation Monitors) yesterday:


NETC (gamma, deviation from 3-month average), Sept 2, 2015 @ 8.25pm MDT (Mountain “Daylight-Savings–bs” Time)

An overnight Medcom Inspector Alert Geiger Counter measurement (horizontal, Beta window exposed to air flow on the down side of the GC), gave an average of 71.5 CPM over almost 10 hours overnight, completely within the normal range (60-75 CPM) here at 8,200 ft elevation in Southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley.  Haven’t been monitoring the precipitation.

The nearest EPA Radnet station, a 3-hour car drive (on clear roads) to the North-East-North shows just one giant data gap during them lovely pink-sunrise days Denver has been enjoying:

EPA_Radnet_COLROADOsprings_CO_WeekPriorTo_Sept2_2015_9pm_MDTHow caring of the US government… Making sure no one freaks out…

Related (?):

And no worries, they’ll fill in the gamma at some point.  They usually do.

I think it’s very specific radioactive decay energy levels that correspond with specific synthetic radioisotopes that trigger the automatic “data gap mode”, just like this is hinted of in the data that can be observed on the European network, EURDEP.   I think that the reason they’ll fill in most of the missing data later might be because the registered gamma dose rates at the various ranges are (probably) not all that different from what’s seen in new-normal rainout events:  caused primarily by natural radon progeny (Pb-212, Bi-212, Pb-214, Bi-214, etc.), enhanced a bit (or a lot?) by spent fuel dust and such… gently sprinkling down from the upper troposphere over the years, with the occasional pinch-hint of half a dozen synthetic radioisotopes… Something like that.  Maybe some fission fingerprints like Iodine-131 in there too sometimes…    Gorgeous pinks, for sure…

Just enough to for a couple million more cases of various cancers, leukemia, various immune deficiences, heart issues, strokes, degenerative disorders, still births and birth defects… in the next half century.   Likely to kick into to statistically significant territories after 7-9 years after the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe began.  Alpha and Beta radiation data could reveal much more, but they keep that mostly secret.   Deception is the name of the nuclear game.

See also various posts in my Nuclear Blog Post Archive, and these documents:

Hindsight will be só 2020…

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