Matt Kahn: The End of Victimhood. (Video w/ excerpt)

+ “A nuclear reflection” added at the end.

[23:41] “[…]  Because… Here’s where we really start to understand by what I mean with ‘the end of victimhood’.  Most people have a very misunderstoo idea of victimhood.  Most people say, “If I’m not in victimhood, I’m not victimized.” Right?  And then people say, “If I’m not victimized, that means adverse things don’t happen to me.”  But that’s not true.  And I guess it depends on how you define ‘adversity’…  But everything is an oportunity for you to kinda go beyond your comfort zone and to be put in situations that help you grow.   But ‘victimhood’… Let’s define ‘victimhood’ really quick.  If I can give you a new paradigm, a definition of victimhood, it will blow all of this old stuff out of the water:  So…

Victimhood is not a matter of what happens to you.  It’s not a matter of if people are nice to you  or not, it’s not a matter of if people listen to you or not, it’s not a matter of if people are respectful to you or not. 

Now as I say in a lot of videos, and as I say every time I teach… because every time I teach I always want to offer you the most groundbreaking but socially responsible teachings in existence.  I never want you to take what I teach and think that it’s an excuse to stay in abusive relationships.  So if you’re in a situation where you’re continuously physically abused, it might be a sign to put yourself in a better circumstance where you can be respected.

[25:00] But I’m talking about on a social level where you go to work, or you’re with certain friends, and, you know, with people in the world and you have to learn to energetically hold your vibration.  And just start to see that the world you see that you’re afraid of is only as scary as your ability to be shut down by their powerful energy of negativity. 

And the way that we went off the rails in the old paradigm, that was the completely the wrong direction, was that the positive people were trying to convert the negative people.  Positive people don’t convert negative people.  Positive people are the ones that use their interactions with negative people to raise their own vibration, and in response the negative people will over time  begin to change.   […]”

It gets better:  Watch/Listen @

[33:40] “[…] The Love Revolution is not just about loving yourself in private – That’s part of it – It is literally learning how to, as a heart-centered being, deal with the energy of this planet, and you are the one who can shizzle or hammer away at the patterns of victimhood, and you are the ones that help break the cycles of abuse by how you treat other people.  And as you play that role with other people, the cycles of abuse end in your life. 

‘Cause so many of us are só heart-centered, wondering why everyone else isn’t playing on the same team, right?  ‘Cause all these other people are giving you a chance to step into your light.  And in helping to break the cycle of abuse in their life, you’re ending it in yours. 

When you start living this way, you don’t have to do all this energetic whatever to try to not manifest negative things.  You don’t manifest adversity when the cycle of abuse has been broken in your field.  And you break the spell in your reality by breaking it in others by how you respond to them.  Otherwise we sit around as spiritual beings going, “yeah, we’re all enlightened, but what about these unconscious things, what about these egos, what about this darkness, and it’s light versus something else.  There is nothing else.  There is just the light of truth transforming reality through acts of love to break the cycle of abuse to those angels who forgot who they are. […]” [34:14]

SOURCE: YouTube Channel True Divine Nature  [h/t Cindy]

The above video was published on Aug 28, 2015, excerpted from an “Illumination” CD available at  More info @ &

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Afterthought:  A “nuclear reflection”…

To quote, “So if you’re in a situation where you’re continuously physically abused, it might be a sign to put yourself in a better circumstance where you can be respected.”

So… Hm… I’m not sure I’d describe Pro-nukers per se as “negative people”…  ‘Psychopaths’ seems a more fitting for people who were okay that over over 2,000 nuclear bombs were detonated on this planet (between 1945 and 2013), or who approve(d) the over 400 meltdown-capable fission reactors spread over the planet, of which a half dozen, if not more, have already melted down, sending vast quantities of radioactive fallout into the biosphere.   We can definitely say these psychopaths are altering the radiological environment to make it more “continuously abusive” at the atomic-molecular level.  Só much in fact that more and more peoples’ bodies’ self-healing capacity fails to fully heal the damage the toxins and radiotoxins unleashed over time.

“Thanks, Nuclear.  … But I’m really sorry, I’m at a loss for compliments…”

Chernobyl legacy Photo by © Paul Fusco Click image to see more of his work at Magnum Photos

Chernobyl legacy…
Photo by © Paul Fusco

See more of the nuclear industry’s awful consequences in the documentaries:

And documented in studies such as:

I get Matt Kahn on a personal level, and resonate with this spiritual warrioship paradigm, and I suppose I can see that we’re getting a véry strong signal that we absolutely must put ourselves in a better circumstance where we can be respected. 

But even in my most optimistic estimation, the misguided nuclear era could only be brought to a peaceful ending over the course of about 3,000 years.  It will require a complete transformation of civilization, probably needing to start with the semiotic architecture of money.

Perhaps related: 

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