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EURDEP Radiation Monitor Rigging through Systematic Omissions Continues… / + With 6 Years of Radiation Data graphed for Ritsem, Sweden / (NEW (Public) Record High reached in Sept 2015)

Alamosa, Colorado (USA) — Sept 29, 2015 Every now and then I still glance various online radiation monitors. The European Commission’s system, EURDEP, with its IAEA-written data processing software continues to fascinate… How is it possible that in a cluster … Continue reading

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Iridescent Clouds (Southern Colorado, Sept 28, 2015)

One of those “cool clouds” days… ;-)   My camera (just a cheapo pocket Nikon CoolPix S5200) sucks at nighttime photography, so I don’t have photos of the lovely Lunar Eclipse (last night). The first three photos shown below I took … Continue reading

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Remember Remember the 26th of September…

On a side-note:  What a pity:  I forgot to celebrate the 15th anniversary of an ordeal that sent me through psychiatric care units due to major PTSS way back then… Yeah, it’s been a ride alright…  SOURCE: !-> For … Continue reading

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Total Lunar Eclipse Time for Colorado Tonite (Sun. Sept 27, 2015)

In the Colorado Rockies, basically this Lunar Eclipse begins around sunset when the moon risis.  For Crestone and San Luis Valley, the precise time of the beginning, max and end is practically the same as for DENVER with the maximum … Continue reading

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NY Times Writer George Johnson: Radiactive Fallout Practically ‘Risk-Free’

Hormesis is a rare phenomenon where a plant or animal responds favorably to low exposures to toxins or other stressors.  So, a pollutant that would do harm in large doses would have the opposite effect in small doses.  Now… the … Continue reading

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Defiant Arctic Ice and some late Sept. 2015 Photos

Via remote Mifi @ somewhere north of The Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, September 19, 2015 All other photos were taken in the second half of September 2015 in or very close to the Northern San Luis Valley of … Continue reading

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Couple photos Begin Sept. 2015 (SLV – Karmapa Stupa, Crestone’s last snow spot)

Cloud Station Café, Crestone, Northern San Luis Valley (SLV), Colorado (USA) September 8, 2015.  (Photos taken on Sept 2 and 7.) See also my post, Stupas in Crestone.  Top of the 16th Karmapa Stupa: View over the Northern part of … Continue reading

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