Nuclear News Links (@ Mid-August 2015)

[When taking a break from intensive research & blogging about Fukushima and related nuclear topics, this post may be placed as a ‘sticky’ at the top, to help you find sources that are more likely to have the latest news (see links below photo).  Newer posts may appear below this one.]

My Blog posts on nuclear issues are put together chronologically in my static page, Nuclear Blog Posts Archive (a sub-tab in the ‘Nuclear’ tab in the top banner.)

A selection of some of the more noteworthy (?) posts of 2015, thus far, includes:

Many more @ my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.   

See further below for Nuclear News Links


Crestone, Colorado (USA)

Along with checking various Online Radiation Monitors and wind patterns, the list below is where I currently (mid-August 2015) go for getting clues or finding out what’s going on at Fukushima and with nuclear issues in general.  Please leave suggestions in comments to improve upon this list.  Thanks.

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The Static page, which is the one that gets updated every now and then: Nuclear News Links (in top bar banner menu), as it was on August 18, 2015:

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nuclear-news-links!–> DISCLAIMER <–!

‘Nuclear News’ is now also a subtab of NUCLEAR in the top tabs bar.

Introduction / Essentials

Monitors & Where to :

Nuclear NEWS Links – “A quick check list” of various nuclear-situation-related information sources:

(NOTICE: Some of these do not always cover nuclear topics, but also various other  unrelated subjects.  Some of the listed sources may be quationable “controled opposition” gatekeepers, some may mix excellent information with de facto misinformation.  Some folks may go off the deep end (a wee bit) at times.  Discern for yourself.  You may want to check ’em ALL if looking for ‘news’.  Sometimes one site has the latest development ahead of others.   In no particular order:)

+ More background:

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