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2 Responses to Optimistic

  1. hadia says:

    Hallo, Michael,
    the Erich Idle video in my opinion is just senseless blasphemic b…shit, not even art. Sorry.(Even if I weren´t a believing – though clerical religious- person, I wouldnt give a d…. for listenting to that. so it´s not creating optimistic atmosphere is it? Your site is to far out and informing. So I am waiting for your next nice pictures of nature and your good research regarding our actual world´s situation. btw x-cross your calendar for 23th of september, the biggest false flag to come. Follow Yade Helm and the pope in USA.
    “we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine”.also like to listen to Neil Young: “Words”.
    The ape video teaches me what the soldiers obviously have practiced too much, the ape is smart, too, !
    love your site
    hadia from germany

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